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Monday, November 26, 2007

My hols?? vry boring!! nothing to do but work. Meeting stuff, piano and so on. this year's holiday is so boring. is the worst among the previous year end hols. i really need something to do with, i dun wan my hols 2 be meaningless. 2day was kinda tiring, piano class in the morning, n i have to start practicing d exam pieces, runsing lerr coz it's nt ez. But i still love piano. Then watched some DVD, tv shows and so on. I've been listening to music for the whole afternoon, it's really enjoying. I love one of The Click Five's song, Mary Jane. To me, it's really touching. Then do diz n dat, played da comp. so u c, my hols is totally boring. i miss school. n i'm wondering y they end the school so fast?? No chance for us to enjoy. I still rmb we were watching movies, playing cards and games last year. Really miss my friends, Christine & Jessie(my lou po's), Daphney, Florence, Fiona, Say Wei, Wei Nian, every1 in 2br..............
I'm going to Genting next week!! Yay, i've been waiting for so long, my last visit was d begining of d year. I'm going with my cousins, so we r so gonna have fun. N we're gonna play mahjong and cards all nite long!! of course we're gonna play at d theme park oso la. I got something to suggest that u must do while u r in genting. Have a teh tarik at da coffee shop of the hotel(either highland or genting). It's really nice. My cousin sis love doing it. Though d price is way higher than normal teh tarik. Just can't wait to go there.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Getting tired

Girl Guides!! Girl Guides!! Girl Guides!! Everyday!! There must be a thing to do with girl guides everyday. Have to do the logs, tests n so on. Really tired, n i gt flu. We had pekhemah test today. Was kinda fun. N melayan tetamu test as well. Really cool man. But really tired. I just wanna sleep when i came back. But i get up when i heard Click Five's song. I really like them these days n i don't know why?? Though it's been a time since their 2nd album release. But i still love the songs like crazy. Love Kyle the most. He's so cute!! I cant go for their showcase on yesterday. Because, girl guides. Have to wake up early for the test, argh. Is free admission i think. At HardRock Cafe. And today, click five perform live in a TV show in the morning. I cant watch oso, because of?? Girl Guides again!! My mom watch it, n she say it was so nice!! eh, even my mom oso say nice, for sure it's really cool!! At least i watched them in quickie. They r really cute guys man. I love the songs in the new album. Really nice. But i still havent buy their album. No money lerr.... Thank God tomoro there's noth to do with GG, but still hav 2 do the log book. Anyways, Love The Click Five forever!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Loud!! Concert

Taman S.E.A form 2's

Esther, Erin. Hilary & Me (William behind)

Hilary & Me

Esther and Erin (E*2)

Esther & Me

LouD Concert!! really Fun!!
D-destiny !!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Living Out Your Destiny

Just came back from Loud concert at DUMC church with esther, erin, hilary, william, carena n.......... It was really a cool concert. Learnt a lot from d concert. N have a lot of fun as well. Juwita Suwito was the guest in the house. Her singing was totally nice man. Then, we prayed n prayed n prayed to God as he will help us to fulfill our dreams and destiny. I really wanted somebody to show me the way n giv me confiedence to fulfill my dreams. And today i know the person is gonna be God. Honestly, i'm really a person who is searching for directions to fulfill my dreams. I prayed n prayed n prayed for so many times, hope that God will tell me where to step up. And i don't really c God is telling me something. But i guess today in DUMC, God wanted me to come to this event. To learn about it. And i believe God will help me to fulfill my dreams from now on. I would like to thank God who gave me potentials. N i sort of trying to make use with it. Thank God for everything.

Friends Forever

Friends Forever
(Wei nian, Me, Daphney, Say Wei & Jessie *bad quality pic*)

Yesterday was the last day of school. School was totally fun!! 2BR became a casino. Everyone were playing with cards especially prefects. Sum of use were gambling including me. I lost 5 bucks!! argh!! But it was really fun!! When it's almost 5. Everybody started to cry. I'm really sad this year. n i don't know y?? i hugged my friends. it's just like we won't c each other again. N i realized 1 thing, they r really friends that i love n they r really important to me. I'm gonna miss them. Friends forever!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

A Happy Birthday!!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday,
without presents,
but it was the greatest bday i ever had!!
Thanks to all my friends. Who sang the greatest bday song i ever heard in my life. Thanks to christine. jessie. nicole, fiona, daphney, yin yinn, wei yuen, wei nian & xing yao for that dance.......haha, though it's a performance. they did vry well!! they rocked!! Love u guys man.

Love Nuffnang


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