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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Food Journal (May & June), Part 1 - Korean Food long never blog about food edi...(Thanks to A-Level exams)
Just realize my phone has so many photos of food I ate in the past 2 months
and most of them, are GOOD! It would be wrong to just delete them, so yeapz, gonna share it here.
For the 1st Post, I'll share some Korean Food that I tried recently...

I'm a big fan of Korean Food, seriously!!
1. Seoul Palace @ 19 USJ City Mall
It's been a while since the last time my family had Korean Dinner. and you know la, Korean food is not exactly cheap...Then I saw this deal on *eyeslightup* Asked my mom immediately and she said "buy la". At first we were quite worried larrr, so many things for RM88 only, "Maybe it taste bad?" But the food totally proved us wrong, we LOVED it! My parents prefer this one more than Daorae.

Anyways, the deal consists of
2 sets of BBQ : We ordered a Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) and Chicken
One Dolsot Bibimbap
One Samgae-tang
One Kimchi Jigae
Side Dishes

We ordered extra: (coz daddy was in good mood haha)
One Pa-Jeon

Yummy side dishes, all refillable :D
beansprouts and the salad (white) were good!

Pa-Jeon aka Seafood Pancake
Love the texture! Plus the taste of squid and spring onion with the fragrant scent of eggs, yummy.  

Bibimbap! (Mixed Rice)
I like how they topped it with raw egg.
My brother was abit worried that it will be raw, then we did an experiment.
We pushed the egg to the side of the bowl, an it becomes cooked, almost we had to mix it fast so that the rice is coated with the egg :D 
anyways, I like this one too! At first I thought the hot sauce will be too spicy, but it was just nice! Didn't make me sweat or anything...the veggies were crunchy. Full of flavor. Love it

 So sorry I didn't take any photos of the BBQ, it was so nice that everything was gone in couple of minutes.
serious, no joke...
anyways, both pork and chicken were nicely grilled.
tender and juicy. but chicken has more flavor compared to the samgyeopsal(without any marinating)
the sauce were good too.

Samgae-tang! Ginseng Chicken Soup
hmm, this one is okay, very strong chicken soup taste, pretty good, the rice inside was also very good, but personally not a big fan of this... 

sorry LQ photo
Kimchi Soup
this one is a bit too spicy, but i guess it's meant to be that way
spicy but still have a tinge of sweetness of the veggies
not bad

Green Tea

In conclusion, I love the bibimbap, BBQ and the Pa-Jeon...
Normally, this would have cost around 150 bucks...
Thanks to the groupon, i get to eat something nice at a much cheaper price!!
Hope the groupon will be back soon!! Actually even it's 150 bucks, it's still pretty worth it.
Go try!!

Seoul Palace @ USJ City Mall
1st Floor, Lot F31, 
The 19 USJ City Mall, 
Jalan Kewajipan, USJ 19, 
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Phone: 03-8025 9805

2. Kimchi Mom @ Lowyat
This is where you get cheap and yummy korean food...yay!!
I was with Sheauwen @ Lowyat to buy phone cases and then we found this korean retaurant at one corner of Lowyat. The price was okay, so we decided to give it a try. and yea, we became regular customers after that hehe...

 Rabokki! Ramen + Dokbokki(Spicy Rice Cakes) RM12.90
This is my fave dish! The sauce is moderately spicy. The rice cake is soft yet chewy! and the noodles, super nice, not too soft, perfect with the hot sauce! There's vege and an egg as well. This dish makes you really full, totally worth it.

Dolsot Bibimbap - RM13.90
Also not bad, again, the sauce is not too spicy, and yes I think nothing can go wrong when you mixed all the yummy crunchy vege with yea, it's yummy! well I would love it if they serve raw egg hehe :D

Cheese Dokbokki - RM14.90
Ordered by Sheau Wen
This is seriously good! The super strong cheese scent and the sweet sauce was a perfect combination. Such a good twist!! The cheese scent is not too-over, it's just it!

Ramen (RM9.00) 
ordered by Sheauwen after her Cheese Dokbokki lol
erm, i think they use chicken stock plus kimchi to make the soup
so yea have a very strong chicken soup scent and sweetness plus kimchi's sourness...lots of veggie!!

hehe....Sweet Fermented Rice Drink - RM 3.50
It's like barley, but a much sweeter and heavier version
I ordered two cans of it lol

Anyways, in average, the food are all good, I tried their Kimchi soup and Kimbap (sushi roll) yesterday(thanks to sheauwen and daniel) before going to Redbox Lowyat with My friends. Both were good as well.
The price is considered really cheap and it taste good!! Really worth it!
by the way, they serve 2-3 side dishes as well. The salty anchovies are nice!! 

Kimchi Mom @ Lowyat Plaza
LG-023A, Lowyat Plaza
No. 7 Jalan Bintang, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang Central,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Next one, 
3. Ko Hyang @ 1 Utama
okay, after eating Kimchi Mom's Dokbokki, I was craving for more and my cousin was eager to try it as well. Then we saw this Ko Hyang in 1u, and ordered one Dokbokki to share. Sadly, it's nothing compared to Kimchi Mom's

Dokbokki - RM14.90
It's the rice cakes and veggies only, without ramen, yet it cost more than Kimchi Mom's
personally, the sauce was way too spicy, even my super-good-in-spicy-food cousin thought that it was very spicy!!We were sweating mann...
and the rice cakes, I think they didn't cook long enough, it was too gummy. My cousin say it's like chewing gum! honestly, my jaw muscles were working hard to chew it.

But the service was good larrr, they gave to sets of side dishes and two seaweed soups eventhough we ordered one dish only. Yes, i cant imagine what's gonna happen if there's no soup lol, my tongue would have been on fire LOL. The side dishes were okay, love beansprouts. Soup was good too.

well, I guess if the Dokbokki is slightly softer it would be very very good despite the spiciness.
if you want to order, ask them to cook longer...
well, I would still love to try out other dishes from them...

Ko Hyang at 1 Utama
LG116, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Ko Hyang OS :

Friday, June 29, 2012

Post Exam - Malacca Trip

Okie okie, Went to Malacca with my college-mates on Monday and Tuesday, as our after-exam-stress-release+bonding-trip hehe So glad that so many of us turned up. Had lots of fun and intesresting moments LOL.  

 Love this people! I'll miss you guys forever!

So... we took a Transnasional bus to Malacca in Monday morning, from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan
Guess I was too excited, I think I annoyed other bus passengers
we reach around 10.30pm. And took cab to Jonker street right away.

Wasn't sure where to go, and it was we walked along the Jonker street and window-shopped around. There were plenty of shops selling all kinds of things, from bags, to clothes, to local products. and the best part course, is the beautiful and nostalgic buildings. 

1. Geographer's Cafe
It was raining really heavily...then as we walk up, found the famous Geographer's Cafe. Since there was nothing much to do, I suggested to just have a tea and wait till lunch hour. Honestly, that place is a really good Chillax spot.

My Earl Grey Tea!
Totally Refreshing, after all the walking. 
Cost around RM 6. (couldn't remember)

Very tourist-sy
JinYun had a Coconut Juice. LOL 

 SheauWen's Vegetarian Tom Yam Bihun
It's not bad at all, just that I'm a Malaysian and I know what real Tom Yam is.
This one is way less spicy and less sour-ish, probably made for the foreign tourists. 

Chicken Satay and Chicken Bites for Brandon and Jiachee
well it's actually good, but nothing special. But still worth trying. 

I know you are hungry, go eat now! :D

There was still time until lunch hour. Then genius Brandon took out his awesome Monopoly. I repeat, awesome! okay, maybe i should call it new generation monopoly. 
Yesh, not the old school monopoly that used cash(fake money) but this time, CARD. my goshhhh
Never played Monopoly in such a tidy-form before. and the Upgraded Bank Machine is just so yeng larrr....
No need for old-school mathematics to add or minus cash. 
Had lots of fun. 

The place was really really nice. Quiet, cozy, air conditioned. Food was actually nod bad. Service also very well. Price, quite reasonable for such a good environment. Got Wi-Fi summore!
I heard that it's more like a pub in the evening, quite a happening place. 

Address :
G e o g r a p h é r C a f é
83, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
Tel: +60 6 281 6813 Fax: +60 6 281 6613

2. Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball Shop
Next Lunch Time @ Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball Shop
Chicken Rice Ball is Malacca's specialty and you must try it if you visit to Jonker Street.

Love the place, looks historic and ancient but yet there's air cond haha...
Very good experience. I must mention it was crowded! Must say Thanks to SookChing who went there early to reserve tables for us and we get to seat together in this special room.  

Chicken Rice Balls
I thought it was good. But I must say the rice, (just the rice, not rice balls) is so much better than rice balls.
anyways, I can't really say whether it's exactly delicious, coz i've never tried other Chicken Rice Balls before.
Chicken was okay so-so only. Compared to the ones I had in PJ, the chicken does not have much taste, texture is also not that good. But please, I'm not saying is totally bad, it's still yummy. The rice balls and rice is definitely worth trying :D 
Price, around RM7 per pax, quite reasonable. 

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls
468 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
06-283 4751 

Next, on our way to Check-in our Motel
so sorry to my friends for taking them to the wrong way lol, walked so much and sweat so much...

Photos all taken by Daniel Boon

Yay, Check-In Motel Sayang-Sayang.

3. Lao Qian Ice Cafe
After taking some rest in the motel, 
went out again and had Tea Time @ San Shu Gong's Lao Qian Ice Cafe 
Famour for their Durian Cendol and Iced White Coffee

The boys lining up to get some drink.

Durian Cendol for Sheauwen (Rm5.80)
A bit shocked by the taste at first lol, but it gets better, really cooling and yummy. 

Iced White Coffee for me (RM 5.80)
Nothing's better than a smooth-creamy-icy coffee after being in the hot sun for such a long time.
Really love it, felt energized after drinking it. It's quite big, I asked to "da pau" and the person was kind enough to help me transfer the drink into a nice paper cup.

Jinyun's Kopi O. Hot Kopi O.

Sat down and rest, and then chat with the girls abit. 

After that, photo-time

sheauwen's epicness haha

btw, San Shu Gong sells all kinds of local products, packed nicely which are great as souvenirs and gifts.

Lao Qian Ice Cafe @ San Shu Gong
33, Jalan Hang Jebat, 
75200 Melaka.
Contact Number: 06-282 8381

After our tea time, we had our second free activity time.
For this session, we explored around the Christ Church area, or I call it the Historical Trail. 
From Christ Church and The Stadhuys all the way to A Famosa

 4. Christ Church + Victorian Fountain

Hehehehe....Shades gang

Glasses gang 

@The Stadhuys

I must say Christ Church area was extremely beautiful, If you turn 360 degrees, every frame of view is beautiful.
Yea that's one of those moments where I have an inner shouting : Malaysia is so awesome! I love Malaysia.

5. St.Paul's Church
walked up the hill to see this massive, brick walled, old and ancient building against a beautiful blue sky.
Pretty amazing because it just look so old, and i cant help but to feel how amazing this building survived till this era. I could imagine how all the people were inside, saying their prayers while looking out to a beautiful view.

6. A Famosa
Next, walk downhill to A Famosa
Yea I didn't bother to take photos of A Famosa lol, coz I've seen this building many times including in magazines and books. Really had enough of it lol.
Instead, all we cared about, were the bombs LOL

7. Trishaw + Maritime Musuem
Then, saw those pretty trishaw, without much thought, we stepped up to the trishaw and had a tour around.
The trishaw ride costs RM25 per trishaw.
Well, expensive I know, but think about the people cycling the trishaw. I felt like I did something good to them by giving them a job LOL. I must say they are really friendly. I felt a bit bad at first coz you know larr.....I'm like an elephant you know...kesian the pak cik who had to bear all the muscle, 25 bucks, worth it!
The trishaw travelled from A Famosa towards the Maritime Musuem. Stopped there and allowed us to take several photos. and then back to Christ Church.
Along the way, you can see the beautiful streets of malacca, and what's best, you feel the the natural cool breeze as you pass by the riverside. Awesome experience, the pak cik's were really friendly, apparently one of them is 90years old HOMG.

8. Dinner @ Ole SayangIt's 6pm, and we took cab to Ole Sayang Nyonya Restaurant.
My fave restaurant which i have to visit whenever I go to Malacca.
we celebrated Pauline's Birthday at the same time.:)

 Yianyeen, always ready for the camera. 

清炒番薯叶 - Stir Fry Sweet Potato Leaves 

Spicy Kangkung - Thumbs Up!!! 

Sambal Udang and Ole Sayang Bean Curd 

The Must-have Chicken PongTeh 

I forgot to take a photo of their Otak-Otak, must mention is because it's so so nice!! I like how some of my friends were surprised by how the otak otak looks as they thought it should be those wrapped in banana leaves. 

 Yesh, rice!! To boost our energy after so much walking. 

Restoran Ole Sayang
198-199, Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka 

9. Taming Sari Tower
After buying some bread, walked to Taming Sari Tower which is next to Dataran Pahlawan.
Admission was RM10 for MyKad holders.
Pretty cool experience, my first time at a revolving observation tower. Pretty night views, the sea, the lights. Yea you'll realize there's not many high rise buildings in Malacca, which is the reason I love this place, you can look up and see the sky clearly. I think coming here at night is the best!

10. Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup
After that, took cab to Ban Lee Siang for Satay Celup
I was super super tired, so didn't take much photos.
Had my fave You Zha Gui and Cockles. Yummy arrrr!!
Plus the herbal tea (凉茶) was also very very refreshing!!!
I must say, the satay sauce for this one is better than McQuek, of course it is, Ban Lee Xiang is so well known. It was a monday night yet the place was so so crowded that we had to seat at the back of their restaurant, yes, behind the kitchen lol.

See how much they eat, you know it's really good and really worth it. They charge at RM0.60 per stick. 

Restoran Ban Lee Siang
45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,

That's the end of Day 1, went back to our motel and rest. I said rest, coz we didn't really sleep actually LOL

Day 2

11. River Cruise @ Malacca River
in short, 2nd day was a bit messed up because of our awesome Malaysian time system. Nothing from websites and brochures were right. The brochure says open at 9, but go there "10 baru buka ohh" then 10am go there "11 baru buka ohhhh" ....yea bcoz of that things got very messy and unhappy

anyways, our original plan was to go for the River Cruise, which is suppose to be open at 9am, thanks to the not-updated tourist brochure. so waited only to realize we came too early, there wasn't much to do, so we hanged out at the riverside (infront of Casa Del Rio) and took some photos. If the river wasn't that smelly, I wouldn't mind staying there longer to listen some good music to relax myself.
Thanks to Brandon's Tripod, we get to take a photo when there's literally nobody around the riverside area. 

I know, Sheau wen's epic-ness again!

Me Love this photo. 

My Ji Mui's in MCKL 

12. Nadeje Mille Crepe + Shopping @ Makhota Parade
After that, went to Makhota Parade for Mille Crepe. Before that, I thought Nadeje was at Dataran Pahlawan, and all of us walked there, only to realize it's opposite. So sorry to my friends who had to walk extra miles. Anyways, we reach before Nadeje open, so went shopping @ Makhota Parade. Yes, i guess we are the first customers of the day.

When Nadeje opened, we went in right away haha....first customers again...and yesh the long awaited Mille Crepe!!

"Swept" all 6 flavors like a boss haha
Malacca : I guess they used Gula Melaka for this one, taste sweeter
Rum and Raisins : Awesome!! Totally amazing, the scent is just so good. Bittersweet.
Green Tea : Anything with green tea can never go wrong. Love the light taste of green tea.
Original : hmmm....nothing special, but must praise the cream, the texture is really good. 
Mango : yeshhhh one of the best! I think crepe is always better with sour stuff coz afterall it's a the sweet and sour taste, feels very fresh and yummy.
Praline Lover : A really good one, I've tried chocolate flavored crepe before, and it tasted too...HEAVY. This one is just nice, with a light texture but strong scent of cocoa, super nice larr...cant stop eating eat.

My faves : Praline Lover, Mango and Rum and Raisin
Hope to try more flavors in the future.
The crepes cost RM9 to 9.90. per piece.

Nadeje @ Makhota Parade
Lot G23B, EG4 & EG5. Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade,
No. 1, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka.
Contact Number : 06-2843469

13. Lunch @ Jonker 86

Walked back to our motel and checked out. Wanted to go to Jonker 88 for lunch, only to realize that it's closed on tuesday. so no choice, went to Jonker 86, which is right next to Jonker 88
guess I was too hungry, didn't bother to take any photos

Picture below for reference :

Source : Jonker 86 Facebook

That's when i realize I didn't take any photos of the food, and my friend says : then u shud take what happens after to show how good the food is.
But anyways, the food wasn't bad, but not very good either.
Asam laksa, does not have much sweet scent of fish. Onions and cucumbers are also little. Nyonya laksa was like non-spicy curry laksa, guess they put a lot of coconut milk/milk, coz it has a strong milk taste.
Then Cendol, also so-so only, too sweet, without the rich taste of Gula Melaka. 
I guess Jonker 88 would have been better. 
Anyways, the price was really reasonable.
RM4.50 each for Nyonya Laksa and Asam Laksa
RM5 for Large size Cendol

Jonker 86
86, Jalan Hang Jebat

14, Calanthe Art Cafe

After that, went to search for the Calanthe Art Cafe as our resting place before heading back to KL

This place is also famous among tourist as it serves coffees from 13 states of Malaysia.
The place is cozy, and yes air cond!!! Felt alive after all the walking and sweating.
Plus the place is beautifully decorated, with wall paintings and cute items.

Wanted to try their Green Tea Coffee but it's served hot.
I was already sweating, so no choice, ordered an Iced Cappucinno.
Perfect! Totally refreshed. Almost gonna ask for a second cup.
Cost Around RM8.

Sheauwen's Ice Lemon Tea.

Then stayed there and rest until 2.30pm. Really great place to sit back and relax. 

Helpful and friendly waiter helped us take this photo. Thankiuu very much!!!

Calanthe Art Cafe
11, Jalan Hang Kasturi
Contact No. 06-292 2960

15. Jonker Gallery
Next, pass by Jonker Gallery
and bought the famous 60's Ice Fruit Tea to quench our thirst. and window shopped in Jonker Gallery.
The shop is nicely decorated, very classy, selling all kinds of souvenir, t-shirts, hats, bags, baskets etc if I had more money, I would have bought a lot of souvenir!
Yum Yum!! and cute bottle
My friends say I can find this in KL. Where?? I want summore!!
By the way, 3 bottles of fruit tea costs RM10

Reference Photo:
see, the cute lil fruit tea stall in front?

Then, took cab to Melaka Sentral. 
Then there was some problems with our bus ticket.
Apparently they had re-sold our tickets to other people, ending up with two tickets for the same seat in the bus.
Yea...all of us were pretty mad, I guess the person in charge was frightened by 21 of us and immediately arranged a bus specially for us. Sounds good huh, but the bus was like, I don't know old, hadn't-use-in-3-years, all the bus's head rest was damaged and etc etc....but Thank God we arrived to TBS safely.

So that's the end of our 2 days trip.
Here's some extra shots...
At the Motel
btw, the motel was quite good. Air cond, water heater, are all working well. Clean place, clean shower room. Just the fact that bathroom is shared is a small minus, but other than that, everything seems to be very very good.
Go to Motel Sayang Sayang's FB page to know more:


Yes I go to Malacca quite frequently but my parents never allowed me to walk on my own but at the same time they are not willing to accompany me :( I had been waiting for the day I could just walk around in Malacca and take loads of photos of this historical site. and Thanks to my classmates who made this dream come true. The trip became 10 times better than what I hoped.
After so much planning and discussions, I thought the trip was really fun and I hope my friends enjoyed too. I am glad that we were able to visit so many places and try out so many things in such a short time. 
Of course, having 21 person in a trip is not an easy thing when it comes to coordination. Transport was a big issue since we didn't have any car, then everyone had different opinions and suggestions, I really thought it's gonna be a bit troublesome. But the best thing is that everyone was so helpful and willing to sacrifice. They didn't question much about our plans and didn't mind to walk more than 1km back to motel when we were all so exhausted. I really did enjoy despite all the walking. Learned so much about each other and really hope that our friendship lasts forever. Will miss you guys! Love you S1103B

Other than that, I really learned a lot from this trip. Malacca is a truly inspiring don't you think. Looking at the aged buildings, worn out pavements, used ships and tricycles, thinking that 600 years before, this place transformed from a woodland to a international port. Imagine how quickly developed the place was! All the efforts, ideas and money that has been put in. All these really inspired me to work hard, so that I could create my own world and I could be in the place that I want to be. Who knows? maybe I can build a JW Heights or JW Healthcare Group :D

Love Nuffnang


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