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Friday, March 02, 2012

Our Beautiful Night - MCKL Cotillion

QT just ended!! Now got time to upload these photos.....
Yeap, one of our major college event. Orientation Ball!
The theme was Cotillion.
Had a great time with my friends, enjoyed the performances!! Everyone looked LOVELY, everything was just.....beautiful! Really, the setting, the awesome music, your college mates, their laughter....

All their beautiful faces.....will always remember :)

Love the mood of the place!

Beautiful Corsages

Food!!!! From salads to desserts!! But honestly, not really nice...

Brother times....

Photo with our lecturers....

The Boys

all My Ji Mui!!!
My gosh so glad to have all these leng lui's to be my friend :D

Funniest Bunch of People hahahah

The Couples :D

And Finally....a photo of us :D
Bye bye JW Marriot

Must Thank Zhi Kai for giving us a lift that night!! And isn't it awesome that we didn't go to any wrong way at all!! and safely arrived home!! Gotta Credit your Driving Skills mannn....
and Thanks to Jennwing and Michelle who guide us out of the busy city centre after the ball. 

So.....what else...hmmm some random shots of the week :

Tea Time at Pannetone Restaurant at KL Sentral with SheauWen
really cool place to just enjoy and talk
Had Cheese Brownies and coffee... Total : RM6.80
Pretty Nice.
Look how big the coffee cup is!!....super long nvr see coffee serve in large cups edi..*satisfied*
Brownies served warm, love the soft texture.
Sheauwen's Brownies taste quite good as well. But erm, sheauwen said she went to toilet after that LOL
They were having tea break promotion, order a slice of cake and add one buck to get a coffee/tea.

Pannetone Restaurant
Unit 7B, Level 1, 
KL Sentral Station
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Love Nuffnang


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