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Monday, July 21, 2014

I Miss Makan

random post
Currently back in Singapore, preparing for the coming FOC.
After two months of break, coming back here really felt weird haha..
Really miss home now...
Miss how I can just run to the fridge and hunt for food...
Miss how I can just lie down on the couch for one whole day...
I know everyone says this but...MY HOLIDAYS IS REALLY TOO SHORT!!!
blame it on the working haha...
made me so stressed out and didn't really get to rest :(
alrighty, enough with the whining...

gonna share some photos heheh...

All cooked by me!!!
No joke!! and still got more that I didn't take photos of...
One of the best things during holidays
Experimenting with the kitchen!!
My favorites will be the Lala Soup (Top Left) and Kimchi soup (Bottom right)!
Others are like 红烧肉,TomYam Fried Rice, 宫保鸡丁,奶油鲍鱼菇,Kimchi Pancake etc
Love my kimchi pancake oso
super crunchy haha...
yeap wanna say thanks to all the web recipes available online! Cooking wont be this easy without those guidelines!!

 Aside from all the cooking, of course there's eating out!!
Malaysia food rocks arr!! Gonna miss all these!!

alright alright....time to 收拾心情 and work hard for the upcoming camp!
Praying hard that everything goes smoothly!!!
Thanks to the friends here, at least I don't feel that emo when I come back hahahah....

KK time to work....will try to update if possible
still got a couple of cafe hops to post about :D

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Absolute Thai & Ooh My Gas @ The Gardens

Super short review, more like photo sharing
I don't have enough photos to make a full a review but I really wanna recommend the food from them haha...
so this was quite some time ago...
Outing with the 38 girls again haha..
Had lunch at Absolute Thai
well I haven't change my phone at that time, so I was counting on the girls to help me take pretty photos of the food, but turns out she deleted the photos after a few days omgggg haha

Love the ambience at Absolute Thai, contemporary and chic.
With lots of art works on the wall and there are all sorts of exotic ornaments used to decorate the restaurant.

anyways...the food!! So I'll just list down what we ordered:
1. Grilled Chicken RM29.90
It's no ordinary grilled chicken, they probably glazed the chicken with some sweet honey garlic sauce and there's 3 types of chili sauce to pair with. Giving a super appetizing flavor. The chicken itself is tender and juicy, the sauces spice up the flavor. Love this one!

2. Spicy Seafood TomYam RM14.90
Nice!! The soup was actually a clear tomyam soup unlike those super thick and creamy ones. Sweet, sour and spicy altogether, and it's a "rice-thief" mannn taste awesome with plain rice. Wish they'd given more soup.

3. Thai Ice Coffee RM10.90
I was curious, what could be so different with Thai coffee, well the trick is.... evaporated milk!! and I mean it was loaded with evaporated milk!! It gives a very nice milky flavor and balance off the bitterness of coffee, leaving only the coffee's aroma. Those who don't like bitter coffee can try this!

4. Green Tea in Pot RM8.00

5. Steamed Rice RM2.50
The waiter will actually come to you and serve the rice, so don't hesitate to ask for more if you think it's not enough coz, when you ask for extra rice it actually means an extra serving, and they'll charge.  With the tomyam, there's no way you can settle with your normal serving of rice, you'll need more heheh...

The only photo I have
yeap you can pretty much see everything we ordered on that day
Really Like the grilled chicken!!!

Absolute Thai
Lot T219, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Opens daily from 11am to 10pm
Tel: +603 2287 7708

Yeap we enjoyed our lunch!!
and got to see bumble bee summore heheh

Had our sweet treat at Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
we ordered Rise and Shine -- RM 12.90
which is a super refreshing flavor of orange and mango!
Love the sweet and tangy taste.
There's also some almond cookie bits to add texture to the creamy ice cream. 
btw it was actually quite cool to see the staff preparing the ice cream, with all the white smoke popping out
Maybe this is why N2 Ice cream is so instagram-worthy

OMG! Paradiso
Lot T-202A,
Level 3 The Garden Mall,
Mid Valley City Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet Hut Desserts @ SS2


Just a short post about a dessert shop that I really like recently.
Thanks to super freaking hot weather, I've been constantly craving for icy stuff to cool myself down. Usually I would have bought myself an iced coffee, or maybe order an ice-kacang. But what dad and mom recommended was a new thirst-quenching experience.

Sweet Hut SS2

A dessert shop that offers a wide range of sweet treats at an affordable price. The shop was very crowded and it gets a bit too noisy at times which I don't really like. It's not entirely the cafe's fault coz there's always a few jokers who talk and laugh like they're speaking to a deaf person. Anyways what pissed us off more was that all the items that we wanna try are sold out. We got a seat anyway, so it's not exactly nice to just leave. Instead we decided to try some unique treats from SweetHut.  

Fresh Milk Oreo Crunch Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding -- RM11.90
This is one of their bestsellers!!
The milk ice melts in your mouth like ice cream but does not leave a heavy taste on you tongue like what usually ice cream do. Basically it's just a burst of milk's natural taste without the creamy sensation which makes you feel sick after a few sip. Anyways, if you pair the shaved ice with the pudding, the shaved ice melts around the steamegg-like pudding, adding another stream of sweetness to the pudding. Love this dessert with both taste and texture! awesome thirst quencher!

Peanut and Almond Soup -- RM6.50
my mom wanted to order their bestselling Black Sesame soup but it was sold out, so we decided to try this one. The peanut soup is served blazing hot while the almond soup is actually served chilled. So yeap when you mix both of them, it gives two layers of texture yet one complete taste. I hate almond soups coz they have this medicine-like flavor (maybe it's just me) but the aroma from the peanuts covered the "medicine" flavor, while the almond gives a subtle sweetness and refreshing taste to the slightly creamier and heavier peanut soup. It just goes really well, to my surprise.  

Sweet Hut Caramel Pudding -- RM4.50 
The same pudding with the shaved ice one, but with a strawberry on top. 
This pudding is great by itself.  It slides smoothly on your tongue and has a beautiful flavor of both eggs and milk. Yummy. 

There's still loads of desserts on their menu, from oriental to western ones like cakes, tongshui, creme brulee, pancakes etc Really impressive menu. Wish I could go back there again to try out more. 
Go the their website to have a look at their menu!!

Sweet Hut @ SS2
No.66, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/67,
47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Check out their website for the location of other Sweet Hut branches!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Girls Day Out : Tous Les Jours

Here comes part 2 of our girls day out at downtown Bukit Bintang
after the super filling lunch at Mr. Dakgalbi, we kinda shopped around, just to burn off some of the calories before we pursue something more sinful....desserts!

Tous Les Jour @ WOLO Bukit Bintang

This super pretty bakery-cafe within the bustling shopping district. Perfect for people to take a break after all the shopping or maybe just a weekend tea time session with the family or friends. I really love the interior, the cafe spans over two floors with brick walls, double-storey windows, and you can't miss the super sized chandeliers, giving the perfect lighting to set the vintage yet urban mood. I never been to any foreign countries, but for some reason(maybe quite a lot angmos), it does felt like I'm in a foreign country's cafe. But it was super packed though, I guess it's because we went in at the peak hour which is 3pm,  the crowd got smaller as the evening approaches. 

The ground floor is the bakery where you can pick and order your cakes and pastries. The display is really pretty, it was meant to be like a french boulangerie. To my surprise, the pastries and cakes are not as expensive as I thought despite being a cafe situated in a major tourist area. You could have easily spent more than this if you went to any of the recent hipsters cafe in KL.  

Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake Slice -- RM8.00
well I guess it's been a while since I last had something simple. With all the recent craze for cheesecakes, mousse cakes, icecream cakes etc, spongecake was almost forgotten
But this simple one with super light tasting whipped cream and caramelized strawberry will be something that you'll miss.
Like the soft and fluffy texture of sponge cake and the sweet and sour strawberries 

Tiramisu Cup -- RM8.90
I thought it taste okay only....just very smooth and mild aroma of cheese and coffee blended together when u take a scoop from top to bottom. 
Macarons -- RM4.50 each
We had blueberry and chocolate flavor ones. 
No need me to tell u which color is which right haha
The blueberry one is better since the taste is not that heavy and overwhelming
a little bit of fruity taste to pair with the sweet almond meringue layer. 
chocolate filling was abit too sweet as the macaron itself is already quite sweet. 

It was a super hot day, after all the walking under the big sun, we all ordered cold drinks. 
From left to right
Caramel Latte -- RM9.00
Mocha -- RM10.00
Cappuccino -- RM9.00
Like the cappuccino since it's not that sweet so it's something that could neutralize all the sugar from the desserts. 

To be very honest, I think the cakes and drinks are quite tasty but not like superb, maybe I didn't order the correct thing. Was thinking whether it's worth it to spend this amount, but yes it is, coz the ambience is really great. Really felt relaxed and it was great to chat with friends and of course, with this beautiful setting, of course gotta take insta-worthy photos la!!

Anyways thanks to my two friends who brought me here to enjoy a fun Sunday afternoon...

Love the pretty chandeliers

Enjoying the view of the busy Golden Triangle. 

Anyhow, there's a lot to offer from their menu
Will definitely come back to try some of their savory/mains and also pastries...

Tous Les Jour
126, 126A-C, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur. 

Check out TLJ's website for the location of other TLJ outlets!

Okay la, gonna end this pose with SWAG
okay sorry, SWAG was the wrong word
Love Bruce Wayne 
Superman Mou Ngan Tai hahahahah

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Girls Day Out: Mr Dakgalbi @ Bukit Bintang

Today gonna teach you guys some korean-yo, and also eat yummy food-yo, 
Learn it from our teacher
Mr. Dakgalbi @ Bukit Bintang-yooooo

Hehe finally something special from the usual BBQ that we have at korean restaurants. This shop at BB specializes in this korean local cuisine name Dakgalbi. which is actually chicken strips marinated in hot sauce and pan-fried with crunchy veggies like potatoes, cabbage and onion. 

I remember Dakgalbi can be BBQ-ed oso, but this stir fried version gives a stronger sensation with all the sizzling spiciness. Slightly more tender and juicy chicken compared to BBQ version which is more charred. 

look at all the veggies!!!
by the way that's 2 serving
Each serving of Mr.Dakgalbi is RM19.00
It's the most basic version, with only the chicken and the veggies, you can add on beansprouts, octopus or seafood. 

Our groupon does not include any noodles or rice, so we had to add on. 
Ramyun -- RM6.00
Fried Rice -- RM6.00

Seafood pancake, included in the groupon. 
Not exactly nice, too much flour, sorry to say but I think mine is better haha...

with the springy Ramen stirred-in
Owh I forgot to mention there's 2 refillable side dishes and soup, they also provide fresh lettuce for wrapping. 

After you pretty much finished what's on the pan, the waiter will pour in a portion of rice with seaweed and use the left over veggies, chicken bites and of course the sauces remaining on the pan to make a fried rice!
Goshhh i really recommend you guys order this fried rice, it's like the rice just picks up all the essence of the veggie and chicken, the rice is warm, crunchy and sweet, and once you chew it, the flavor of the hot sauce pretty much just burst out, it's an addictive taste. 

Will definitely return to this place, can't forget the awesome hot sauce. And I guess it's something you should try other than the usual korean ramen and korean bbq. Guess the korean culture is really making a scene in Malaysia, first there's BBQ, then BungeoBang (fish shape bread), then there's Pat Bingsu (red bean ice), and now this. Can't wait to try more. By the way, if you're K-Pop fans or Running man fans, the restaurants has a tv that plays only korean shows and a wall with runningman host's autograph lol..

Jimui's of the day....

Mr. Dakgalbi
No. 61, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

Btw....since the shop is situated at Jalan Bukit Bintang, while we were eating, can help but to notice many "ladies" outside on the busy street of BB haha
  Stay tuned for Part 2 of our girls day out!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Cosan's Coffee @ SS15 Subang

Part 2 of TGIF with the chui shui buddies...
Coffee talk at SS15
Saw a beautiful photo of this cafe on internet and I knew I must come here once. Thanks to Gavin, driver of the day hehe, I was able to step outta my usual PJ Damansara niche and visit the vibrant and happening SS15 area. It's friday night so you can imagine how jam packed the place was. We, okay I mean I, was too kiasu that we couldn't find parking and ended up parking at a super far place. Walked quite a distance and on the way, realize there's loads of coffee shops in SS15, almost every 20 m can find one. Most of them look really pretty and I even thought that maybe we shouldn't go so far for the one that I want, but once we found it, I knew it was a wise decision to choose this cafe. 

Cosans Coffee @ SS15

This stylish hipster cafe will definitely be one of the best hang out spot in PJ. It has every elements that youngsters nowadays like, graffiti, artsy, vintage, chic and classy. 

The cafe consist of a indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor seating area covers along a lane beside the shop, I never been to NY but it kinda look like a cozy coffee shop that I saw in US TV series haha, probably due to the red brick walls, wooden tables and chairs, and graffiti. Heheh for some reason, I really like the NY-ish main entrance. (Photo above)

The NY Broadway-ish Sign board

The place was really crowded! we were sweating from all the walking and wished we could sit inside, but too bad, we got no choice. Our seat was good enough coz it's outdoor and we can talk as loud much as we want :P

Hot Mocha -- RM13.00
Very rich and slightly creamier texture than other mochas that I had. Nice aroma and it's not bitter at all. The serving here is definitely bigger than other coffee shops, which explains the higher price. 

Premium Hot Chocolate -- RM12.00
Nice, moderately sweet with rich cocoa flavor. This is for non coffee drinkers.

Affogato -- RM13.00
hehe fave of the day! In love with the super aromatic and rich espresso that instantly fills my whole head when I tasted it. The amazing thing is, it's not bitter at all! I mean it's not the irritating type of bitter. Just the insanely delightful aroma of coffee. Now kinda understand why people like espresso. Anyways, the sweetness of ice cream comes after that, adding texture and also tones down the slight bitter aftertaste. 

Complimentary water served

I don't know how many times we refilled the water. And the fact is there's 5 of us (Tingwei and Leon joined in later) and we only ordered 3 drinks. 

And there we enjoyed our Friday night, saying goodbye to assignments and work, temporarily haha...
Talked about all kinds of funny stuffs, and u see la u see la, how they can just sit around a phone and main until so happy! 四个人围着一支手机玩小绵羊的游戏。笑一下,喊一下,骂粗口一下LOL

very grateful to have them after my stressful week...

Photo with Daph
haizzz wanted the guys to take photo for us, but damn funny, they were scared of cockroaches on the street and don't dare to take photo for us. OMGGGGGG 世界变了!

yeap da outdoor cafe area that I really like
but we didn't sit there coz it's kinda hot 
unless u ordered something cold. 

My photos didn't really show how pretty this place is larrr
But once you're there, you'll love it. It's really the perfect place to chillax, chat, watch the people walk by and enjoy a nice cup a coffee. I think it will be great to come here at night. 

Cosans Coffee
No 30, Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya, 47500
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

There's another outlet at Solaris Mont Kiara, check out their website for the exact location:

Work Must Be Fun

time for a break from all da yummy post heheh....
It's July omggggggg
sorry please let me omggg again
Gonna go back to Pulau NTU soon TT.TT

Having mixed feelings now....
2 months was indeed too short :(
Gosh now the thought of working so far away from home haunts me all the time...
no more long holidays, no more spontaneous, "想回家就回家" trips back home
no more home cooked food haizzzzz

kk back to the topic haha
so what I'm up to these 2 months?
erm most of the time...working!
Yes yes yes!! For the first time I had a regular work! Though I'm only a temp staff la, but it's a full time job after all. My job is a rather simple one, Mon to Fri, 9 to 6...Yeap had a taste of being a white collar. and to be honest, I cringed at the thought of living like this for at least the next 30 years.And the thing is, my job is actually not that boring, but still, to go to a same place, doing the same thing everyday is just....

Well please I mean no offence or insult to hardworking white collars who work regular hours everyday to survive in this reality, in fact I thank you all and salute you guys for the effort.
My point is, through this work experience I realize, if it's going to be the same thing for the next 30 years, you really gotta choose what you like. 

I know some of you will say, what u want and what u need usually won't come in a package, especially when it comes to Fun and Work, (or Fun and High-Pay) these two never really seem to fit in together. But now I think it's really important to try everything you can to get a balance of both. If you had a high pay work but you're so sick of it/ or too busy/ or don't enjoy it at all, these negative energy will really cling on you and suffocate you eventually, inside out. 

You only live once.

The phrase that's keeping me alive and moving all these years. And after I worked, I realize this word should always be in your mind when it comes to any choices in life, especially job choices. Makes me think harder on what I want and how much I need to pay for it.

KK forget the emo part, just wanna share with you guys some interesting sites that I found regarding fun work place...

The List of Best Companies to work for in US 2014

A website that reviews company's working environment

Top 10 companies to work for in Malaysia

An article of Google's Office Googleplex!

World's coolest offices!! OMG I want those with a slide

In case you don't know what job you like, maybe you can consider any job in one of these companies above. Gosh I wanna work in Google!!!! omg omg omg hahaha
Photo Credits to their owners.

Hehe kk hmmm what else from my work experience.
One thing that kinda make me regret is I didn't really get to mingle with the people in my office. Yes for the first time I'll admit I was being anti-social. Sue me. Well I would say I was too shy and being the first time working in an office, I really had no idea what kind of interaction I should have with my colleagues and my boss.Okay I don't even know whether I should call them colleagues haha, coz I'm a temp staff afterall, and our work path barely cross each other since I only do one thing, which is telemarketing. We don't have much topics to talk about and I'll be gone in like one month time. Other people in my office are like mostly analysts, then some finance and IT people who sit around me, then there's HR and sales people.
I sort of have this mindset that my boss, IS MY BOSS, and I should be scared of him and I should talk to him like how we talked in the interview LOL and in fact I think of all the other permanent staffs like my superior/lecturer, I was too scared to speak casually to them since they are all elder than me. So yea, if I had a second chance, I will probably act like how I usually am....38. Now things are too hard to be reversed coz there's not much time left, and the people there are pretty used to me being an anti-social I suppose haha....better not surprise them now.

So yea, that's another important factor in a happy work place, the people around you!

Btw photo sharing....hehe Job Perks...
5-star buffet at Shangri La hotel
Yea sue me for acting like a kampung girl who never eat buffet before. But it was real long since the last time I had buffet and in fact, first time at 5 star hotel. Well not all the dishes are good larr, but some are rather unique and yummy.

Let me list out how many types of meat are there in this plate haha
Clockwise from 9 o'clock
Salmon, Beef with sausage inside, Pepperoni and Ham, Smoked Duck slices and Chicken Drumstick.
I love the braised beef with sausage, super tender and juicy. Duck slice was also awesome, with a thin fatty layer and chewy meat. 
The orange color pasta on top taste terrible, probably forgot the salt.

Desserts! Wuaaa check out the Blueberry Cheesecake with the Shangri La chocolate tag LOL
anyways they taste okay larr...I like the Chocolate Puff with Mango Cream inside. 

and a cup of coffee to complete the day.

selfie at the lobby, with the maze garden behind me. 

Okay enough about work.
what else about the sembreak? Well as you can see from my previous posts, met up with friends lorr...
and of course one of the best part of sem break FIFA WORLD CUP arr!!!!!

Haizz I thought I'm not that much of a football person, since I didn't watch any football match since the end of previous world cup. But when I watched one of the matches again, omg the spark for world cup ignited liao!!! Haizzzz but damn sad I have no Astro at home. Can't go out to mamak coz it's too late and my parents don't allow. and the even saddest thing, I can't even watch the ones showed on TV1/TV2!! Omg fml seriously, coz my TV has only the Hypp TV channels as we don't have the antenna. OMG damn emo, got TV oso cannot watch. I think it's due to some conflict of interest, Hypp TV's TV1 and TV2 will show something else when a match is being showed live on the usual TV1 channel.   

btw, just read about Neymar's injury, OMG gonna cry liao :( he's like my favorite player. haha yea I'm one of those girls who watch football partly because of the lengzai's haha... well There's still Germany team hehe and Messi and Van Persie haha.... anyway, I feel sad for Brazil, Neymar was pretty much everyone's target during the matches. 太厉害也不是好事。Hope Brazil will still play well when against Germany. 

omggggg My favorite players and their sons!!!!
Cute daooooo!!!!!!
Messi's son is sho adorable! Like mini Russell from Up. These two confirm lengzai's in da future haha omg this photo can make me scream for hours. 

 hmm that's pretty much I can talk about now...
more updates soon...

heheh selfie

Love Nuffnang


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