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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chef Low Organic Kitchen

My goshhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Sad, my blog kena frozen for so so long without me realizing it. Probably because I've been kinda lazy these days....serious, sem 3 is the time to feel Lazy All Time....always feel like skipping class nowadays....
well, I havent been dining out these days, so didn't have much yummy stuff to share....
but just recently, went to Organic Kitchen @ Boulevard 10 for dinner. All I can say is, special, pretty and delicious!!! 

Crystal Jade Roll :D with Passion Fruit sauce...Yum Yum :D
The seaweed roll is really crunchy and tasty.
Sauce is awesome!!

Healthy and yummy Fruit Tea

Lotus Root with Pine Nuts

 "Gu Lou Yok" aka Sweet and Sour Mushroom
Crunchy, has a very sweet taste, probably due to all the veggie(pepper)...

 Asam Fish
Yummy asam sauce

Ginger Tofu
this one is quite delicious, it doesn't have the strong spicy ginger taste
Just a mild scent and sweet taste. Tofu texture is awesome!

Really Like the place....many many mirrors LOL

Chef Low Organic Kitchen
C-G-43, Blok Camilia, 10 Boulavard, 
Lebuhraya Sprint
PJU 6A, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

 Went to Starbucks with Cousin the following day!! It's been a while since our last Starbucks Date haha....
Tried the Valencia Frappuccino!! I'm pretty sure it's honey on top. Love the taste!! 

Our Starbucks Tumbler!!

Love the new 1u Old Wing Starbucks!! A really really quiet place to chillax and also, in our case, study :D

Chatime-ed with college mates on Friday...
We are probably the noisiest people in the entire TimeSquare Building haha....

Yea, meet my friend Daniel :D

QT coming.....i think i will only blog 2 weeks later....hope there's more to share by that time...bye bye :D

Love Nuffnang


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