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Monday, August 16, 2010


I had the one of the best days in Form 5 last Saturday
hehe..... It's 联欢会 baybeh!!!!!! Apparently known as Chinese Society's Installation....LOL
Okay maybe I should use Chinese in this post, but I changed my mind after I was stuck with the 1st sentence for 10 seconds....
Yes, it was the best 联欢会 ever!!! Had loads of fun, and this year is more memorable bcoz we - the seniors a.k.a the old ones - are stepping down...
I thought the event was just gonna be like any other year, but the fact is, it was more emotional and things are crazier...

before I start : My lovely Juniors, I love you you you!!!!

1 & 3. The opening ceremony of the event...
instead of cutting ribbons, they let all the guests poke a balloon and TA-DAH!!!
2. Our beloved President, Jin Chuen 郑谨谦's speech, I know the 蜘蛛精 very annoying...
4. Modern dance by Ori-Ori Crew (forgive me if the group name is wrong)

There was games and other performances by our awesome Singing Competition Winners like Wey Yinn and WeiShuen...but we had to prepare our dance so we left after the games....
The games were, pretty much CHEATING-BASED games...
had loads of fun cheating... LOL!

hehe...Backstage Poser Moments....I was insanely a POSER that day and so does others! Yes, the guys invaded the girls' performer's room...LOL

Before The performance, My hands were shaking, I mean really really shaking. I've never been that nervous before, not even when I sing. We were calming each other down but yet feeling so gan-jiong at the same time. We even sang, just to calm our nerves LOL, then I realize all these happened because this performance is something important to us. It's our effort, our teamwork, and our friendship. It's for our beloved juniors, our awesome seniors and also our teachers. This is the last day we call ourselves b.o.d's. Yea, I seriously didn''t want to screw this moment. 
But, still i made I few mistakes LOL, you'll know what i meant when the video's up... =)

And next, we had presents-exchange ceremony between the new b.o.d and outgoing b.o.d. and the juniors sang a song for us, 你们是我的星光。

Throughout the whole song, memories were flooding in my head. 
All the times we sat down and think about our activities, 
All the times when we accidentally LAUGHED TOO LOUD during a meeting and others started shoo-ing us...
All the crazy talks during b.o.d meeting...
All the moments when we suddenly burst into a random song or a laughter...
I really didn't know how much I love Chinese Society's B.O.D until the moment they sing this song.

Sorry for the LD-ness...

Helped the juniors to clean up after the event.
Well at first we were reluctant to clean up coz we've done enough of all these in the past few years and in fact we retired. But after all the things the junior did for us.....we were super-super helpful LOL!!

The Presents from the juniors
They are seriously trying to make me fatter. Hello? Buy more for yourselves la kay? You guys are all so SKINNY!!!!! Eat more Chocolates PLEASE??


That's the song that we sang for the juniors at the end of the day LOL!!

Thanks for everything you guys did...
联欢会 was the best gift you guys can ever make for us!! 

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