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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Went to ou yesterday......
wif florence, zhi zheng n zhi zheng's friend....
i'm so sry i cant rmb his name,
i think is han qiang or sumthin.....
daphney n khin xian were supposed to be wif us,
but daphney teoh zhi xian msg-ed me at midnite
n says she cant go.......
sumthin turned out......
so of coz khin xian nt goin oso lorr......
i had cn society meeting in d morning at mcd,
daphney din show up oso, she say she'll b comin de....
duno what happened to her.....
den we were talkin bout de events la.....
n i'm really high on dat day......laugh a lot.....
then shi min says bcoz munling is nt here so i'm vry high
i think it is, coz i'm scared of munling....=)
den florence came to mcd,
then my mom sent us 2 ou............
we went to collect da tickets 1st,
then looked for presents 4 li ching, sze ting n yew leung,
we bought all da presents at mini toons,
then we went 2 d arcade,
n we saw so many taman sea ppl at da bowling alley
n we saw yew leung,
then i went over there n say, eh i bought ur present!!
then, played at d arcade, until 1.30 sumthin
then zhi zheng n his friend came
then we played snooker, (i sucked in da 1st game)
thks 2 his friend, belanja-ed us
it was already 2pm n we havent buy our food for the movie,
after buying then we went in n da movie had started.....
well we missed a little bit oni.....
yes, we watched 10,000 BC

erm.....diz movie.......still ok la,
i love all da settings,
vry nice n impressive
da storyline also nt bad lo,
but i expected more,
da movie ended b4 4pm
then went for snooker again
the guys belanja-ed 2 games,
had lotza fun.........but
on da 3rd game, i belanja them
then, zhizheng use da stick 2 push da coin in,
n dat thing didnt came out
which means da ball came out forever
n it was an endless game
we played until cannot tahan
then went back at 6 sumthin......
n datz all 4 da day.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Interact's Orientation 08 (1/3/08)

Yes, it was the orientation day yesterday.
Reach school at 6.45.
Saw Christine n Wei Nian edi.
Then i have to change my clothes,
n da staircase was locked n we have no way to go to da girl's toilet.
N guess what, i changed at d Anjung Muafakat since it was super dark.
Plus there's no ppl rite??
Jessie changed there also.
We registered. Me, Christine, Jessie, XingYao & WeiNian r in da same group. It's da Green color Group.
N this group was the Fastest to finish da Games.
But.........we had da Lowest points. Sad........
Well da games, what i can say is Cold!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^"
Got water, ice, plus Rain!!
Gt eggs n worms summore.
To me da games r still okay.'s expected.
No suprise. Eggs, worms, water, ice, flour & water balloons.
We keep kena splash by da seniors with egg water.
Disgusting weih. N our hair were like soooooo stiff.
Then WeiNian helped us to wash our hair.
Changed clothes. then cleaned up la.
I think da most intersting part for da whole day was....
Daphney & Khin Xian...................
Went home. N i'm kinda suffering.
I gt really strong headache.
Thank God, i'm okay now.
I'm nt sure we r consider as an Interactor now.
Hope i'll be.......=)

Love Nuffnang


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