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Friday, March 11, 2011

Before and After.....

whoopsie.....sorry for the short term MIA =)
Really malas these days....
anyways, the day I've been waiting for came!!
Yes, finally did hair rebonding.....after so many years of waiting and begging my mom
well if you know me or you have seen my photos
My hair was never in good shape....
frizzy, coarse, puffy, brittle
My mom kept complaining about how terrible I look when I leave my hair down....
She calls me "lion head"

So went to this salon at Taman Megah, SS24, V Dream 
The first few question that my stylist, Joyce, asked was :
When was the last time you cut your hair??
Did you ever cut your hair??
Have you always been having serious hair loss?? etc etc etc.
I'm grateful that she didn't say things like "Your hair looks like a broomstick" or "Do you even own a shampoo and a comb?"

Turns out that my scalp has more problem than my hair...
she did a scanning for me
Gosh, my scalp was RED, some parts have clogged pores
and I never noticed that...
According to her, I have Very Sensitive Scalp, my hair was too long and too puffy for me to cleanse my scalp thoroughly, that's why the center part of my scalp have serious scalp problems and needs to be deeply cleaned and cleared.
So other than rebonding, did a scalp treatment as well....

In total, I stayed in the salon for more than 4 hours.

See the difference??

Bought a scalp shampoo and a smooth conditioner.
Haha....finally I own something from Schwarzkopf (I never know how to pronounce this)

Yea....I'm still trying to get use to this new look...
never see my hair this smooth
My mom said I look totally different, even my mom needs to get use to my new straight-smooth-silky-tidy look. 

I still like the change anyway...
Never dreamed that I will look this way =)

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