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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Christmas :D

Yeap exams are finally over!!!
In a blink of an eye, one sem gone just like that.
Time to partay, no la jk oni, have lots of plan but partying is not one of them.
Anyways just wanna share some photos that I have during this Christmas Season. 

First two photos, well I made use of some pictorialization tools
Photos taken at 1 Utama
don't u think the colors are beautiful? and after the editing, it gives a very lively mode haha

The Gift Redemption Cart at 1u, with Color Pencil effect. so cute right?? :D 

Here's a photo that I'd taken in KLCC
One of the carolers is my friend hehe
long long time no see friend

 yeap, met up with Jinyun and had a coffee talk with her
missed her so much
Don't you think it's awesome to meet up with a long time no see friend and start chatting about our past, present and future during this Holiday season is just amazing?

Next, Sing K session with friends at The Gardens
this was right after my exam ended
was thinking of going with the whole class to celebrate our end of semester
but too bad most of them couldn't make it
anyways, I'm glad i still have company hehe
Sang like there's no tomorrow LOL
like open concert summore hehe
The Classmates 

With the princess 

With the Ge-Ge
yea, all my classmates are princesses seriously hehe 

With the housemate!!
I'm gonna miss her

Time to Shine :)
@Paradigm Mall
Told myself that I really can't miss this Disney Cinderella Themed Deco in Paradigm
so yea, I gave up shopping in 1u and chose to have a glimpse of this place instead.
well glad that I wasn't disspointed
Really beautiful and magical.
Take photo non stop
Too bad i didn't bring DSLR :( 

I believe Cinderella is the most envied princess in the world
Fairy Godmother, Talking and Singing Mice-Birds Army and a Prince that fell in love with her at the very first sight, more importantly, a King who insisted to look for her no matter what.

 The Carriage

I like the fact that everything is in blue!!!
So my place weih!!! 

Of course I won't leave without a photo!!! :D
look so yellow here haizzzz bad skin

and a selca hehe

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Towards the end.

okay, i think mentioned in the last post that I wont blog anymore, not until my final ends....
but as u can see, I nvr follow whatever i said type haha
turns out there's still some time to write something before this blog goes to the arctic hehe

just wanna say...OMG THE YEAR IS COMING TO AN END!!!
forgive my omg-ness, it's just so hard to believe that time passed so so fast
it seems only yesterday when I was still siting in MCKL classroom with my beta-ians, singing songs like nobody's business while lecturer was teaching infront. We talked about where and which uni we will be going after this and everyone will end up saying "haiya not sure la!!! still got a long long time maaa!!!" but blink many of us already started our uni course, our crazy journey at the Ivory Tower...
and then another blink, it's week 6 oledy!!!
all my days were filled with classes, assignments, midterms, act-nerding, fishing during lectures, daydreaming during tutorials, but glad to say, I do have a life in uni haha...thanks to my bunch of classmates and housemates who always keep me company :D

Met a primary school friend of mine on Wednesday, goodness i have no idea how long we didn't contact each other!! and trust me it felt like she was another person haha, but either the girl before, or the girl at present, she's still awesome haha ok i'll admit she's even funnier now, glad that God made us meet again in UTAR :D can't wait for our next outing hehe

ok now, just wanna share some photos that I'd taken on thursday, where me and my bunch of classmates went to Pavillion!! Fun outing haha, good food, awesome company, what more can u ask for?
snapped loads of some photos at Pavillion, beautiful Christmas Decoration this year! The lights were amazing.

Hou Leng arrrr!!!!

Beautiful Carriage

Xmas Lights!! wow Christmas is near!! 

Polaroid with the buddy.

Princesses in my class
I'm such a lucky dwarf with 7 princess hehe :D

Too bad the guys were very shy, din have any photos wif them LOL
Mission Spotted : turn the guys in my class into camwhores haha
I will accomplish it very very soon!

okay some selca LOL

yay, after exams will be Christmas!!! have loads of plans
but i needa stop thinking about them, gotta concentrate on studies first
hope i can do well :D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Relax before the First War starts....

It's amazing how time passes, really. No wonder they always use the phrase "in a blink of an eye" LOL 
My gosh it has been a month!! 
Thought time would slow down like nobody's business when I first came.
But turns out there's really no time to lose mannn
I think I really have to master the art of time management.

okay, at this very moment, I'm stuck again. This situation always happen whenever I didn't blog for weeks and have too much to share. It's so much that I really do not know where to start and more importantly, where to end. 
well i guess I'll just use some of the photos I have to do all the talking hehe

Basically, my birthday was on the 1st, which was one week plus ago. Dad and mom wanted to fetch me home to celebrate my bday since I don't have class on Thursday. But I don't really wanna mafan them la, bday no big deal wert...So I stayed at my hostel and it was my first bday away from home. glad that I didn't have to be alone hehe. Before midnight, cousin asked me out to Secret Recipe and treat me a Tiramisu cake, Happy me haha...Sweet treats are my fave hehe

Flat white coffee at Secret Recipe. Pretty right?

Then went back to hostel. waited till midnight and there, the housemates wished me haha. And the best part, I had my first 2 bday red eggs. yeap, I never had red eggs on my bday, I always ate them during others' bday. so yea, was kinda shocked that Candy can really stain 2 eggs in like what, 10 minutes, idk LOL

here they are....
the helpful and funny housemates LOL
learned so much from them :D

By the way, that was midnight. In the morning, took bus to times square yay!! I've been waiting for so long to get outta Sungai Long finally dream come true. Had a great day shopping around and eating around with the classmates hehe....and the best-est part, the search for the named-timessquare-but-not-at-timesquare bus stop haha...well i think i wont share the incident here, i shall leave it as a inside joke between me n my classmates haha.

felt like some tourist that day, probably because we were in a bus full of  foreign workers, totally forgot that we're still in KL lol

Then, went back home on friday, lots of surprise haha
was searching for my glasses in my bag, only to find one mysterious looking bag and also an envelope LOL
turns out that Sharon and Kaixin bought me presents and card. LOL i rmb how i felt that time, totally unbelievable haha...I thought Sharon was joking when she said she bought my present yesterday and I thought Kaixin was really buying a card for her another friend haha. Surprise daoooo I msg-ed them to thank them. Turns out they were surprised by how LATE i discover the presents.. "Didn't you check your bag???" haha thank you so much dear ones hehe...
then I remember the present that my college bestie gave me one month earlier.Opened it up, only to find this awesome looking CN Blue Ear Fun album. I swear I was shouting with joy!! Next moment I was going to cry. I really don't deserve all these awesome gifts larr....really dunno whether I shud keep them. Anyways called the college bestie and "boiled phone porridge" for like 2 hours i guess. Missed her so much.  

I'm a happy girl. The crown necklace was from Vince hehe. and the pouch, earrings, from Sharon. I'm such a lucky girl to have these people.

Of course, even luckier to be part of my family hehe
daddy mummy bought a cake for me and brought me to dinner weeee
German Blackforest from Cake Sense

Western dinner @ Tram Car
will write a review when I have time...

okok....uni is gonna be busier but i shall assume it will be even awesome-er!!
meet my roommate Candy haha
photo taken on "knock shirt day"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Coffee and Spice Company @ 1 Utama

After Aeon reopened at old wing, I always pass by this cozy coffee shop right at the entrance of Old Wing.
The place look, expensive LOL despite the nice ambience, I've never really wanted to dine there. Then there I was, jalan-jalan-ing after some shopping, then saw this big poster saying Tea Time Set for only RM5.90.
Okay aunty mode on edi LOL had a closer look and realize my eyes read correctly hehe...
So basically, I ordered a Set A, which consists of a Blueberry Tart, Durian Tart, Siew Mai and Earl Grey Tea. All these for RM5.90++ u tell me, "dai" or not?? The place has Free Wi-Fi too.  

Oh forgot to say what coffeeshop am I talking about
It's the Coffee and Spicy Company

Blueberry Cheesetart and Durian Tart
Cheese tart was nice, but the durian wan, homg, it's like it has a rock durian candy inside the tart...
Super hard, cant even bite through.   

 Earl Grey Tea
Always the favorite :D

Siew Mai
quite delicious, i think it's made of fish because it has a consistency of chewy fishballs. Delicious. 
actually there's other types of siew mai which u can choose from, got vegetarian one, mushroom one and etc 

Something extra that I ordered
it costs RM4.50
I know, slightly expensive, but it taste good!
Crunchy and fragrant. Love the flavor of spring onions and shrimp.  

while waiting for my dad to fetch me and brother..... 
I didn't read freakonomics because I'm taking Glocal Econs
it's just a book that I found in my brother's room, seems interesting hehe...

KK i'll try to update with more food posts :D
hopefully can introduce more food from Sungai Long hehe

The Coffee & Spice Company
Lot G118-G119, 1 Utama Shopping Center,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 47800

A Good 3 Years to come....

yeap it's already week 2 of my Global Econs Degree in Utar
well, so far so good i must say
till now, I already have very cute and helpful classmates and also awesome and fun housemates
I'm really grateful
well I must say the life I have now, seems very different from before
people I meet, things to say, work to do...everything is just so...not-what-i-expected LOL
well of course I'm not complaining, I knew it's meant to be like that right? To learn new things and adapt to changes (or make others change, which is more like my style LOL) one way or the other, the process wont be easy I suppose, but yet I'm still excited for the things to come, the changes that will happen hehe
In simple words, must add oil lo...I'm sure that more input, gives more output hehehehe :D
I really miss my college though, I really miss how crazy I can be when I'm around my classmates, all those times where we can just sing in the class when the teacher is busy writing and also 38 and sakai around the college as if we're in our own world. I really did took things for granted I guess, now I really treasure all the moments I had with my collegemates...
Okay I shall be positive, maybe it takes a little bit of time to reach the optimum level LOL
anyways, here's some random photos that I have from the past 2 weeks...

From top-left :
A Photo of a tissue paper note from my roommate lol....i just find it really cute so i snapped a photo haha
Steamboat with my housemates!! Actually I'm also surprised by the fact that we actually gotten so close in just 2 weeks time. 
BBQ party hosted by the PMP Programme at Cypress Condo's Poolside weee
Clock at my hostel, look at the time, FYI it's in the morning, I took this photo after a long chat with my housemates hehe....yes i'm just surprised by how long our conversation was. 
again, Photos from BBQ party, had a great time and met a lot of new friends, FUN.

One of the best parts in the last two weeks
Pasar Malam!!
Went to Sungai Long's with the classmates
and also Taman Connaught's Long Long Pasar Malam with KaiThorng, Jinwen and Kaixin.
Must say thanks to Kaixin for driving and also safely sent us home LOL
Food Hunting at Connaught
well there were suppose to be more photos but I was just too busy eating and didn't bothered to take all photos hehe
Had lots of fun that night hehe... 

LOL meet my first classmate in UTAR aka Stinky-Tofu-Fan
i'm grateful to have her, thanks for always walking with me to uni and have lunch together
I hope we'll get closer soon :D fast fast unleash your 38-ness larrrrr :P

so far, the girls in my class are really awesome people, so cheerful, funny and helpful.
I hope we can do more things together next time, not just studying, but maybe hang out at some other places :D

my roommate and housemate : awesomely-awesome haha
until now i still cant believe how easy we got along
my roommate is a very cheerful and funny girl, in fact very talented as well, I'm always impressed by what she does..
My housemates, glad that they are all Econs student, all so helpful and friendly
honestly you guys made my dream come true, the dream of having housemates that I can talk, chat, ask, and laugh with...thanks for being so friendly, I hope I didn't give any trouble to you guys, and If i did, thanks for understanding and forgiving my mistakes :D

OKOK, midterm on tuesday omg...
please i dun wanna fail maths, I WILL CRY, no joke :(
die la, i feel very giasu now LOL
maybe bcoz all the midterms will be part of the final score sigh
another thing that i needa get use to...
have to change my study pattern edi :( 
unlike a-levels, the trials-get-F-oso-never-mind exam :P

Monday, October 15, 2012

First day

I think I wanna pull back what I've said before, about not being able to blog as much....
turns out that I'm really bored in the hostel. Got nothing to do so I decided to share some photos here....
Random ones hehe
anyways it's first day of degree....had 3 classes today(suppose to be 4), from 8 to 6 phewwwww
well the classes were okay, marketing was fun...but i guess I was abit too tired so I couldn't really concentrate. 

anyways met my roommate yesterday. Her name is Candy, i know, sweet right lol. Turns out that she's also a very cheerful and outgoing girl, hope we'll know more about each other soon hehe. Yesterday was my first night in Sungai Long, spent the night at mamak with some new friends lol, i know, one of the must-do when u r in University hehe...
Met my coursemates today, everyone looked lovely hehe, my class is quite small, but i guess it's better right?? anyways can't wait to know more about them weee...

kk here's some random photos larr...

 Yeap, I set up this wardrobe all by myself hehe
i guess I was just too bored and didn't bothered to ask for other people's help, I shall just waste my time by doing this hehehe...
yay my skechers!! super light weight i tell u!! really love it.  

shopping at daiso, despite being RM5 for ever item, I still spend quite a lot lol...
the things they sell are just amazing :D 

 credits to the brother. His photo when he was using my phone in Australia. Pretty weih...
The gifts from the brother...kangarooooo n kooooalaaaa
cute daoooo!!
haizzz wednesday got muet speaking test, hope that I wont screw up larr...
kk need to sleep edi bb

Love Nuffnang


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