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Sunday, September 15, 2013


I guess I shouldn't complain about being bz since most of my friends here are a lot more busier than I am haha...anyways, I'm having fun so far :D Thanks to lot of people...but of course, the pressure is building up as week 14 gets nearer...okay doesn't sound like me, to worry about week 14 while it's just week 5 haha...but yea, really do feel the competition over here...not that i giasu, but...if i dun giasu my 3.5 confirm gone...thanks to the bell curve thingy...

anyways, cut those complaints hehe, time to share some photos
Just wanna say thanks to all the friends and seniors here, who put in a lot of effort to keep us happy :D

So where to continue? After mortal instruments hmm....*glancesatweeklyplanner*
Let the photos speak for themselves....

31st of August : Merdeka Night by Malaysian Students Association
another bonding event for Malaysians to gather up (not really celebrating merdeka tho haha)
Good food, awesome company, and interesting performances and programmes.
Credits to Chong Kok Chan

 Lots of Kacha Kacha moments
Credits to Lam Bo Xiang

 Fave photo of the night
Credits to Lam Bo Xiang

It's also MSA Main Committee's installation as well...
Credits to Chong Kok Chan

so many pretty babes hehe

The following day, OG Lunch at IKEA, Queenstown!
weeeeee, my meatballs omg!!
IKEA Food here has more variety i guess, but the place is much more crowded and limited. Love the IKEA back home, with super large tables and wide windows, spacious, and cozy.
Anyways, enjoyed the food and also the free flow coffee.  

Credits to CengYew

Must show this photo, thats how we ordered our food LOL
two trolleys!
Credits to Ceng Yew

6th of Sept : Rotaract Installation Night
yeap, can't believe I still get to continue my Interactor journey over here. 
hope it will be a very fun journey :D
basically everyone suit-up hehe...
 Act-Pro Shot

Credits to Rotaract Club of NTU

with my dear coursemates
Credits to Limin

After installation, went to the AWEZOMME Mid Autumn Festival
organized by the Chinese Society of NTU
one of the best things that happened ever since I started uni-life
Love the atmosphere of the event. Is like going back into the past, where you play with lanterns and the people you play with are your closest friends. Thumbs up!

 My favorite photo @ Yunnan Garden
a place with all the ancient Chinese monuments and sculptures
Credits to Limin

 photo with the Fictional Characters
Credits to Limin

Placed a wish at the "Wishing Pond"
Credits to Limin

 LOL Photobooth with ancient costumes
Credits to Limin

 Amethyst again :D
Credits to Wenfang

More Amethysssttttt hahahahaha
Credits to Wenfang

met the Seaparkian :D
Credits to Wenfang

Craziest Supper Session, which ended at 4 in the morning omg...
Credits to Wenfang

Following Day, Assignment Day and also dinner with da friends...and a walk at Singapore's Pasar Malam @ Pioneer

Love the Claypot Rice!
Credits to Yvonne

Covered Pasar Malam, kinda diff from the dark pasar malam back home
I heard that pasar malam here is seasonal. We were lucky.

Quite a variety of snacks!! But too bad I was already full.

Sunday, OG Steamboat with the Amethyst-ian
Awesome time to battle for enjoy good food and funny jokes with the friends...
Watched Inception and Russell Peters
Credits to Joseph Thong

Our famous All-In photo :D
Credits to Michell

wow time passes really quickly, 2 more weeks till the recess week, and half semester is gone! Just Like That! Well for now, I think it's quite good that I'm busy, at least I won't feel lifeless hehe...
A Big Shoutout to people who were with me throughout these few weeks, especially these two girls :

Thanks for always being my lunchdate, dinnerdate. and even going back to JB with me just to withdraw money. And also thanks for listening to all my nonsense, crap and sometimes stupid words...I really appreciate what you guys did for me. Will try my best to do more for you all. :D
Love you two!! :D

Quiz and midterms coming up. Hope I'll be able to do well. :D

Monday, September 02, 2013

Movie Review : The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones

Weeeeeee first time watching a movie in Singapore's Cinema
excited? yes LOL
not because it's d first time, but more because of the movie that I was gonna watch...
I heard the books are awesome. Considering the fact that for the past few years, all the books you find in Popular or MPH are so twilight-ish...(house of night, vampirediaries) it's so hard to tell what books are yea, this book must have it's charm to be so popular among all the vampire-werewolf-immortal-fantasy books galore. I downloaded an e-book of City of Bones, but totally forgot to read it and before I realize it, it's already showing in theaters haha....So yeap, since I know how reading the books will actually destroy my opinion of the movie, so I might as well watch the movie first and decide whether to read the books.

Watching the trailer, it does show a lot of similarity with recent popular teen fantasy movies like twilight, beautiful creatures and etc.  But the movie certainly is much better than expected. 

The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones

Basically, it's a story about Clary, discovering the truth about herself and also her mother who was kidnapped in the beginning of the movie. She realized she's actually a Half-angel, Half-human, aka Shadowhunter who hunts demons down. Trying to save her mother, she gets help from Jace, also a Shadowhunter and was brought to the headquarters of Shadowhunters called the Institute. From there, she realize her mom's disappearance is related to a mortal cup, one of the mortal instruments given by Angel Raziel. So yea, the movie tells the journey of her finding the cup and saving her mother from villain Valentine.

Cast: (left to right)
Lili Collins, Robert Sheehan, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Jemima West
Loving the cast, probably because I haven't read the book haha...
so far, I really like Lili Collins, so pretty. Looks somehow fragile but yet untouchable.

I think this movie is quite good, and interesting. Well it has a bit of everything. Fantasy, myths, action, romance, friendship, adventure and comedy. Trust me, some of the lines are damn funny...I kinda agree that it sort of like compiles all the best things from other teen movies, it has Harry Potter's magical world (The Institute looks like Hogwarts, the mortal cup with special powers, the villain),  Twilight's romance and supernatural creatures, things like that. But I guess the main character Clary is the special one, a half angel, fighting evil, finding her own destiny, independent, brave, smart. But again, I haven't read the book, maybe there's more to her and other characters as well. Jace was also quite cool, loves himself too much i guess, but still very powerful and attractive. Certainly the storyline is kind of cliche, but it has a lot of interesting elements larr, the rather modern yet dangerous underworld, with all the werewolves, demons and vampires, witches and warlocks. The weapons, the mortal cup, the stele and runes. It's also packed with action scenes, lots of fighting, vampire smashing and demon slaughter haha...making every moment of the movie worth watching. I was texting my friend in the cinema, and I end up missing out lots of things haha...And not to forget, romance! Erm, when it comes to romance I'm certain that the book will be better, but from the movie, it's quite sweet larr...not too cheesy. I like how Jace looks at Clary.  
anyways, despite the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat, there are a lot of details that I didn't really understand. Probably need to read the book to find out. You might not fully understand the whole story. 

Smoking hot casts :D

Anyways, it's still a nice movie larr...anticipating the second movie!
meanwhile, I should go read the books haha...
anyways, erm, to me, you can't really compare this to Twilight larr...
It's rather different, this one is more of an adventure. Twilight is still awesome to me haha...
But if you have can, do watch this movie, very interesting and unique. Funny as well!!

Ratings : 7/10

Movie with dear Limin, Theodora and Cristina. 

"ma, I went for a movie with two exchange students, one from Romania and one from Italy."
and there comes my mom's shocked face haha
yeap, one of the best things from NTU, get to know people from all over the world. :)

Love Nuffnang


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