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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Can't Help Myself At All !!!

2day, noth stranged happened. Juz run my life as normal. I don't know why i get moody these days. Maybe bcoz of da wheather. Well, my mood changes according 2 da wheather. Sumtimes i was juz thinking, many thing changed!!!!! My family, my frendz n of course myself!!!! Y humans in diz century only could c our bad things instead of our good stuff?? It was juz like, the onli spot on a piece of white cloth was seen by ppl, but they didnt know there were 99.9% of da cloth was white!!! I'm so confused!! Secondly, y our image 2 other ppl could possibly been changed easily in a short while? Things shine at first. As time goes by, it will be dull n being ignore n necglate by others!! I can't help myself at all!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm so jealus u larr!!!!

2day, juz stay at home n do housework onli lah!!! My bro went out n celebrate his birthday wit his frendz. Actually his birthday is at 21st of May. Bcoz of da stupid exam lorr, he can't celebrate on time. Diz evening, when i was helping my mom chopping onions n garlics, suddenly, my tummy hurts. It's so painful!!!!My mum said my face has turn white, even my lips!!! My parents r more frightened than me!!! Hahaha, i think diz is bcoz of yesterday's teatime-Air Batu Campur n Rojak Mee. My mum asked me 2 take medicine. The medicine sux!!!!Afterdat, my painful tummy was released n every thing goes normal. No longer, my dad fetched my bro back I was so suprised dat he had lotz of plastic bags on his hands. There were 2 SPEEDY plastic bags, 1 NORMAL plastic bag n a BILLABONG plastic bag!!!!. Then, he told my mum, his frend gave him BILLABONG T-SHIRT (4 me, quite expensive in my country, n i can;t afford 2 buy)n asked my mum 2 wash da clothes. I was so shocked dat he could get such expensive present from his frend. After dat, my bro n i went upstairs 2 play computer. He say his frend bought him a FINAL FANTASY ADVENT CHILDREN CD n a JOLIN TSAI'S NEW ALBUM DANCING DIVA!!!! Well Jolin is my bro's idol. FINAL FANTASY was my bro's fave game. N another 1 is a cute n funny hanfon holder. I'm So jealous on him larr!!!!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why stupid thing keep coming out in my life??

2day, didnt rain. happy, coz i didnt get scolded by my mom 2day. Haha, stupid things keep soming out in my life!!!! When it was 11a.m. My mom asked me 2 prepare sum fruits 2 eat. Fruits hav skin, of course u hav 2 peel it. When i was peeling it, suddenly, funnyly n stupidly, i peeled my own skin instead of the fruit's skin!! Funny or stupid huh?? My hand juz had a white wound, after dat, it bleeds. Horrible, so painful!!!! Even i can't wash or bathe my hand!! My mom gav me a gel 2 apply, n then wrap it with a plaster. After that, my mum, bro n i went out n took our lunch. Da meal was delicious(diz sentence was nonsense). When it was tea time, my dad bought sum snack 4 me, once i'm washing da plates. DA WOUND HURTS!!!! dad help me 2 wash lorr. I beg him 2 wash da dishes after da dinner. He agreed. Bcoz of the injury, i no need 2 wash da dishes. But it also make me suffered!!!!! At last, sweet dreams n hav a nice day!!!

Hi every1

This post is just 2 let ppl noe hu i m. KK, my name is JIA WEN. I'M FROM MALAYSIA,Selangor,P.Jaya. I'm borned at 1st of november 1993, dat means i'm 13 yrs old rite now.I'm studying in a secondary skool named SMK TAMAN S.E.A .I'm a chinese. My fave color is SKYBLUE. I live wit my loving parents n a cute, funny,silly n weird bro.4 me, having frendz is juz my life's most important thing. Without frendz, i might die. But i'm not dat kind of ppl hu can speak very well. So...sumtimes i accidentally hurt my frendz. MY FRENDZ, if you c diz post, PLZ FORGIVE ME!!!! But, if u wanna be a friend of mine, plz add me!!!! My email is .Was it a little bit special?? My intrests are music, travelling n trend. Music, is important 2 me, i think so do u all. Travelling actually is not really an intrest, is my wish. Coz i never travel with any transport accept car. I hope dat i can travel da whole world once i grown up. Trend?? HAhaha, i luv trendy stuff, especially cellphone n note book those IT products. But i can't afford 2 buy these. If u hav da same intrest wit me, remember 2 add me n be frend of mine!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


2day, my skool celebrated teachers day. So "malang" dat the present dat i wanna giv 2 my fave teacher was been spoiled by "someone"?? It was really boring during d assembly, the "ppl" were telling those boring speeches. After dat, we gather @ da hall, da performances were GREAT!!
But i didnt finish watching. 2day, i forgotten 2 bring da clothes in while it is raining. So.... i got scolded by my mom, of course. I felt very sry 2 her. PLZ FORGIVE ME MY MOTHER!!!!! After dat, i oso forgotten 2 take my shoes 2 wash, coz it is wet bcoz of yesterday's rain. Finally....GOT SCOLDED BY MY MUM AGAIN. Aiyo, i oso dunno y i can do such silly things. After dat, i went out wit my mum 2 get some snacks 2 eat. but bcoz of da rain(AGAIN, like yesterday) we didnt get anything.2day, i realize dat, I'M SO STUPID!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hahaha......1st time post.2day,the rain makes me sad, sorrowful, finally...IT MAKES ME WET!!!!! Juz finished my exam....well the results, u can juz get it how bad was it from the 2nd sentence of this blog. So far... i got highest in my maths which is 91.5. But 4 u all, u will think it is bad, rite?? 2moro, my skool celebrates teachers day, i dun noe should i go or not?? Looks like it is boring, coz of those speeches from the teachers,principal. But i heard there will be sum performance, i think not bad la....Well....i oso got scolded by my stressed mom, coz my maid has gone...dat means she hav 2 do thing by herself la...but i can understand how was her feelings although she keep scolding me.... hope her stressful look will disappear,n get lost in diz world 4ever. Its been ages i didnt go out n hang out wit my frends.....but i'm not a mall maniac. Juz hope i can hav a day of break wit my frendz. Hav a nice day n sweet dreams.

Love Nuffnang


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