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Friday, December 31, 2010

Primary School Class Gathering

Time changes everything.....
Well, went to my Primary School's Class Gathering on Wed, can't really call it a gathering since only a quarter of the class attend. But I'm still glad to be one of the quarter. It seems kinda strange when I see everyone of them, probably because we didn't see each other for too long, almost 4 years, really didn't know what to say at first. Primary school's memories die hard but humans change over time, i think I've changed too, seriously didn't know what is right or wrong to say during that day LOL But the mood seems to be less awkward when we started playing games LOL there's a lot of laughter. =)

Special drink that we made for the game.....
I lost in one round and tried it, it's not that bad, taste like almond drink =)

Had my lunch over there and I must say Fullhouse's spaghetti is really really nice but the soup was kinda disgusting, maybe too much water and corn starch or flour, I don't know, but it's just too watery lol.

I'm really looking forward to our next gathering and hopefully there will be more people and more fun!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Backpack Travelling @ KL

Yes went for a One-Day tour around KL with my friend Miu on Tuesday
It was really an awesome day, walked a lot and laughed a lot =)
Most of the photos here belongs to Miu...

Okay so here's the full story :
8.15am @ Kelana Jaya LRT Station - Took LRT to KLCC Station

8.45am @ KLCC Station - Start to walk towards the Twin Towers and passed by KLCC park

Reached the Skybridge entrance only to see this sea of human waiting infront of the ticket issuing counter and the line was already closed. Can't believe it, I thought the internet was boasting about the crowd at Skybridge but obviously, this is REAL and OMG there's so many people. Shouldn't have underestimate it.

Kinda shocked after seeing the crowd. So changed our plans and bought tickets to PETROSAINS.
Had breakfast @ The Food Court of Suria KLCC before entering Petrosains...
The food court is really clean and the place is also quite comfy.
This breakfast cost only 4 bucks and u get to have a nice view......WORTH IT!

NEXT : Went to Kinokuniya, The largest bookshop =)
If I have free time, I would have stayed their for the whole day coz there's so many books to read....

Time to go Petrosains
Ticket Price - RM7.00 for Youth
It's my last time getting a Youth Price LOL

Thought there's nothing much to do but surprisingly it's really really fun...
It seems to be like walking through our Bio, Chem, Phy and Sejarah Textbooks
The Dinosaur song was super addictive LOL
There's this Helicopter Simulator thingy, where you have to get the boarding pass and wait at the boarding area. The best part was the Hurricane chamber thingy. Totally left me breathless and now I know how scary a hurricane is XD We were shouting in the chamber and the people outside must've thought that we're idiots LOL

After that, took LRT from KLCC to Dang Wangi Station
from there, we walked for around 4km to reach the Main Gate of KL Tower, another 1km to reach the entrance. Super tired, lactic acid spilling everywhere haha....

Went up to the observation deck
I've been here before, but coming here for the 2nd time is still very fascinating to me.
The view is totally awesome!!
Then went to the Animal Kingdom and also tried the F1 simulation which are included in the ticket package.
Pony ride is also included, but obviously that's just for kids =)
I totally sucked in the F1 simulator, i finished at the 6th place a.k.a the LAST.

Took a cab back to Dang Wangi station coz I can't afford to walk anymore.
From Dang Wangi Station, took LRT to Pasar Seni station
The Beautifully vandalised walls along the Klang River a.k.a the BIG DRAIN

Had our lunch at Marrybrown at the street right next to Pasar Seni station
then walked to Petaling Street

Saw this Guan Di Temple

Then walked towards the BLUE Central Market
There's lots of cute and cool items over there and the price is very affordable too.

Then, from Pasar Seni station, took LRT to KL Sentral station
And from KL Sentral walked to the Monorail Station at Brickfields.
Then from there, took monorail to Bukit Bintang Station

The Golden Triangle of KL
This is like the place that I've always wanted to take a picture.
I always call this place "The Big M place" hehe
Took a break at McDonalds, the seats are really comfortable (probably because i was too tired)

Then walked along Jalan Bukit Bintang
went into Lot 10 first

Next : Fahrenheit 88

Love the clothes at UNIQLO
definitely will go there again!!

and Finally : Pavillion KL

 Jalan-jalan-ed at Parkson
Had dinner at Food Republic a.k.a the Foodcourt
 Jjang!! Korean mixed rice
totally delicious, if they serve the egg raw then it would be better i guess.....

Then we were thinking of going back to PJ but it RAINED!!
I was kinda miserable coz I didn't know what to do. Then we tried different pathways but none of them can be used without getting ourselves wet. So bought a disposable raincoat and walked across the Chilly Bukit Bintang street
And yes we managed to reach home before 10.30pm
I was really tired but had a really really awesome day.
It's like my 1st time backpack touring, I guess I'm now a big fan of backpack travel. Really thank my friend Miu who accompanied me and was making me so happy. 

Here's some Selcas and Random photos....

I must say during this journey, all the people we met are really kind and professional especially the staffs at KLCC and KL tower, must give some credit to them. But the only thing that should be improved is the transport and also the roads. All the pavements are pretty much dented and they are in bad condition. Hopefully the next time I come it will be brand new =)

hehe actually there's too much to write about this day, too much that I don't really know what to write now. So forgive me if you don't understand what i'm talking about =)

Monday, December 27, 2010

SNSD'S Seohyun and CN BLUE'S Yonghwa relaased "Banmal" song!!

Love them soooooo much

I think my fingers are tired now, cause I hit the replay button for like (N)th times today....
Really Love this song and I wanna share this beautiful song with everyone especially SONES and BOICES!!

I've been watching WGM because of this really cute on-screen couple
Yonghwa <3 Seohyun a.k.a Goguma couple
After 10 months of couple life they've finally released this really sweet couple song called "Banmal" which means informal language in korean....

It was one of their mission in WGM to write this song and post it on Youtube
Song by Yonghwa, Lyrics by Seohyun & Yonghwa
Performed by the Goguma Couple!!!

Well this video is from their official channel so it's not subbed, the subbed ones can be found on Youtube too but please watch the original one before watching the subbed ones kay!!

I must say the melody is really sweet and beautiful. Yoong must've got a lot of inspiration from Hyun. After watching the subbed ones, OMG my heart melted and I was like "Awwwwwwww, soooo sweeeeeet" and I kept smiling to myself LOL!!
I think the main reason for why I loved this song so much is because the song is just so REAL.
From the lyrics and the tone of the song.
Everything comes out from their heart.
It's really beautiful.
Although I love this couple soooo much but somewhere deep down in my heart always think that they will still break up once the show ends.
But after listening this song, I think I kinda believe they have the heart for each other, really hope they will be together forever LOL

Anyways, I just wanna share this cute song with you guys, I'm sure many of you will be touched and will like it too. Gosh somebody needs to stop me from hitting the replay button!!!!

FYI: this video got like 16 Honours already and the comments are flooding in at every second. I think the view counts are jammed now LOL.....

Love YongSeo!! Sones and Boices, let's make this video reach million view count!!!!

The cn subbed version =)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Who Are You to call Black Eyed Peas STUPID????


Happy Christmas Everyone!!!!!
I'm stuck in house, mummy says it's TOO BLOODY-STRAWBERRY JAM outside to go out.....
so as usual spent my time fb-ing and watch some videos on YouTube

and for the first time, I MET A person who kinda pissed me off on  YouTube...

I was watching this video of a Performance by G-Dragon, TOP ft Bom from 2ne1

They are awesome isn't it???

So I left a Comment (The yellow highlighted one):
see what the "edwardismylove" commented.....

In case you can't see,
Edwardismylove replied me :
You are so dumb, you are really really dumb
and the fact that you don't know gd&top are members of bigbang and park is by herself...LOL


I was cursing infront of the comp
and I talked to my brother right away cause I don't think I can tahan anymore
I was gonna burst if I don't say this to someone.....

I told myself to let it go, 
but seriously I can't accept the fact that he/she calls people dumb 
and called a world-class super star stupid without looking in the mirror

I was actually waiting for him/her to reply.....

At least I know I'm not alone...
Really wanna thank these people....
My Reaction was "Ha!!! See?? OMG that means you just said that your Awesome 2ne1 is working with STUPIDS??"

I have no offense with this "Edwardismylove" in fact I understand that he/she is just like any other fans who tried to defend for their idols. 
But don't you think it's too much to call people dumb just because of a simple opinion?
I mean, It's not like I compared them to some suck-ish band.
I compared them to BLACK EYED PEAS!! These 4 people have toured around the world!!
and you call me dumb.....
And and how can you call an artist stupid??
They've wrote their own song, created their own music and performed for us
even if they suck in academics, do you seriously think they deserve to be called stupids??
I guess you didn't check the dictionary before you use the word....

You can say that BigBang or whichever-Idol-you-love is better than Black Eyed Peas cause that's your opinion..... But don't call them stupids when you don't even know who they really are....

Again, I love BigBang, 2ne1 and Black Eyed Peas and will always be a fan of them =)

Merry Christmas....

Friday, December 24, 2010

There seems to be a lot of things to do, but Why isn't it happening??


Oh Gosh it's sooooo pretty,
I really love it when it's X'mas seasons
the reds and greens and lights are just mesmerizing....
But I dunno why, I'm not really in Christmas Mode this year...

Went to OU yesterday and I must say the Decoration was MUCH MORE THAN AWESOME.....
Really did impressed me,
I think they were playing Beauty and the Beast's Tracks and it's just soooo cute and totally lighten my mood...
I was suppose to search for Christmas Presents yesterday but almost cried at the end cause I couldn't find what I wanted....

I thought it would be easy to find but let me tell you,
I searched at Memory Lane, SJ, Parkson, Jusco, Lovely Lace, InQBox, Homing, etc etc etc....
Found nothing....seriously nothing......
not even close....
I was planning to buy Fabric Paints at Craft haven but the paint cost more than the towel LOL...
and The paint will fade if you wash it with Softener, (How can I towel be washed w/o Softener??)
actually I saw there's one at Aussino, but I'm on a budget so couldn't afford to buy it....
If I bought it, my parents would have scold me back for wasting money.....
haiz.....I was really down....
okay I'm sort of crapping here....

anyways.....For now, I think nothing's more important than having your family with you on Christmas....that would be an awesome gift right??
I'm gonna change my plan, maybe cook or bake something....=)

So pretty =)

Bought this eye mask, I dunno why...
It's not like I dont have enough sleep but my dark circles just dont wanna go away....argh
I like what it says.... 
爱美就是要   耍心机 <3

Ate pretzels and see what happened.....

Hehe painted by nails in blood red....

Something from SNSD
They are so cute <3

Love Nuffnang


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