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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Donutes 多那之 @ Puchong Jaya

Just another chill out place to recommend
Was with my parents that day, came back from dad's hometown, thinking of having afternoon tea.
Then I remember this bakery that I always pass by whenever I come to Puchong, turns out it's also a coffeeshop as well. The dine-in area kind of resembles Starbucks, but there's a bakery that showcases a wide range of pastries, breads and cake. And trust me most of the products are not something you can find somewhere else. The cakes display made me scream, all of the cakes looked pretty and special. 

By the way, behind the bakery is the beverage counter, facing outside (separated from bakery), similar to Starbucks. They only use paper cups for both hot and cold beverage. To dine-in, we have to place both our drinks and food order at the bakery's cashier, and get the receipt to self collect our drinks at the beverage counter outside. 

兵庫元町 (Motomachi) -- RM6.60
super fluffy, smooth yet dense cake with light tasting whipped cream
and the best thing is, the fresh strawberry goes very well with the cake, the sweetness from the cake neutralised the sour strawberry. Nice. 

Angel Cake -- RM3.60
Their MUST TRY item
it's super soft mini chiffon cake with a tiny little tinge of citrus that enhances the flavor and texture of the chiffon cake. So it's not overly sweet, has a natural taste. 

Hazelnut Tiramisu Latte -- RM8.50
rather bitter and acidic one, I kinda stopped drinking after half of the cup
but it smells really good, with the hazelnut aroma. 

great place to rest and relax

Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking 多那之
No.8, Jalan Kenari 6,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
03 - 58807038

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Marché @ JEM

Post-exam night out with the girls...
What to instantly relieve all the stress piled up after burying myself under books for the past few weeks? Table of Delicious Food and Best Friends :D

Well me and Limin already ended our exams two days earlier, but Jingyi and Yvonne ended their exam on that very evening. Me and limin were suppose to arrive early, but due to our lack of luck with buses haha, the other two arrived first and helped us queued for at least 30 minutes!! So yea, you can imagine how famous this restaurant is...

Marché Movenpick @ JEM
This restaurant already caught my eye when I first came to JEM, 4 months back, when I just arrived in SG. Probably because of its pretty and home-like ambience. I remember there's one outlet in The Curve, which many of my friends praised their delicious dishes. Jingyi suggested this place to dine out, and I second her! Can't wait to try out this place.

simple menu with only one page!

oh yeah...happy faces with our food hehe...

Our drinks, recommended by the hostess as there's a promotion
Appletiser -- SGD5.90 FOR 2
apple flavored sparkling's great to have this when you are taking in heavy flavored food like pastas
tangy and sweet

We ordered two pastas and one pizza :D
it was more than enough for four of us!
their pastas are served with crunchy and juicy Portobello Mushroom and chewy Garlic Flatbread
oh and there's a chunk of Boconcini cheese which adds a mild salty and sour flavor! Like!

Spaghetti Carbonara -- SGD15.90
Love this creamy and cheesy pasta
the texture it's not too thick, and the flavor sort of melts in your mouth
Spaghetti was chewy and complements the texture of slightly crunchy bacon strips

Customized/Do It Your Way Pasta -- SGD19.60
So we decided to have a Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Button Mushrooms and Tiger Prawns
I loved it so much
for some reason, I'm really a big fan of aglio olio pastas lately, probably because I love the fragrance of olive oil and garlic, and also the chili flakes that spices up the whole pasta. For this one, I'm really satisfied with the delicious balance of all the ingredients, not too dry, not too greasy. Sweet fresh flavor of prawns, juicy mushrooms... And they give a decent amount of tiger prawns!!

yes you can choose how your pasta is being made!

Roasted Chicken Pizza -- SGD20.90
best pizza I've ever had!
Check out the toppings!!
It's all fresh ingredients and all the flavors of the veggies just go so well together!!
The tomatoes give a sweet and tangy taste, while the onions and mushrooms gives a crunchy texture, and also the roast chicken's flavor was savoury and rich.  
The crust is super crunchy and it kind of absorbs the tomato juice when you bite through it, awesome flavor!
Wish I knew better english to describe this!! Will definitely come back here to have this again!

oh yea, there's a need for an extra stand to serve this rectangular pizza hehe..
and the waiter cuts them into pieces right before us
by the way, good service from the crew!!

Awesome food, and of course awesome friends to talk with and even better, Happy Mood since we just finished our exams :D Everything just taste much better haha...
Had a really great time with the girls, we were talking about how relieved we were, our plans for holiday...etc etc...they never fail to make me laugh and cheer me up.

I think it's a really great place for friends to gather up and have food therapy together hehe...

Love the green and warm, and home-like environment.

Marché Mövenpick Jem
50 Jurong Gateway Road,
#01-03, Jem®, Singapore 608549
Phone: +65 6694 2501
Fax: +65 6694 0884

For full list of Marche Outlets, go to

Friday, December 27, 2013

JB Cafe Hop: Carffee @ Taman Molek

Final stop of my Cafe Hop in JB
Personally my favorite coffee among the others

Carffee @ Taman Molek
the cafe is situated on the first floor of a corner lot. It has a more lively and bright environment compared to Liberica and Just Want Coffee. It's more like a place for a bunch of best friends to gather during weekends to chat loudly and hyper-ly with. Aside from a variety of coffee served, their menu has a wide range of main course and desserts as well.  

their "transformer" menu

Coffee Solves Everything :D

Macadamia Latte -- RM11.90
love this! though It's a bit sad that I couldn't taste much macadamia
but the coffee is just so smooth and I really like the balance of bitterness of coffee and sweetness of milk
love the aroma...

Iced Cafe Mocha -- RM15.00
Yum! more towards a sweeter version.

Iced Caramel Latte -- RM16.00
This one is really smooth as well...
love the strong caramel flavor

great time to hang out with my dear cousins and update each other about our lives and plans
wish we could do this every week

the smoking area...

conclusion, i really love the coffee!! though i prefer Just Want Coffee's ambience.
and i think this cafe has an advantage since they offer main course as well.  

51-01 Jalan Molek 2/1
Taman Molek
81100 Johor Bahru

Day out with Girls at City Square JB : Tang Tea House 唐朝

went out for our long awaited karaoke day!!!
Just wanna sing our hearts out!
Yvonne and Jingyi came all the way from singapore to JB early in the morning just to sing k hehe
went to Neway at City Square
It was a sunday, during lunch hour, so it costs around RM20 per pax...
One lunch set and one drink included. 
I think it's really worth it though we couldn't sing long, coz if you go out to the mall to eat, it's around 20 bucks as well, why not go sing while u can eat and drink as well? total deal!

check out our food mann
they even give free soup
not bad!!

had so much fun singing with d girls, the k room seems to be the crazy box for all four of us...
insanity and 38 overload hahahaha
okay it's time to say...
what happened in the room stays in the room :D

After singing, we shopped around an area called Innercity
with lots of trendy boutiques offering cheap and fashionable apparels
so much to choose from and I just wished I had more cash with me  

anyways after some walk, we decided to grab a bite at Tang Tea House 唐朝 which is super highly recommended by my JB friends. and you know what you're friend said was real because it was so crowded, took us some time to grab a nice seat. 

TomYam Pot (from one of the set meal) -- RM12.50
look around the restaurant you can see almost every table has one of these...
we ordered two of them, one with seafood and another with chicken
the soup is awesome!! sour and sweet at first followed by a sharp spicyness
can be abit too spicy though
however, the soup is a total RICE THIEF!!!!
btw there's glass noodles, tofu, and lots of veggies as well.

Yau Zhar Guai with Mayonaisse and Chicken Floss -- RM7.00 
this is one awesome snack
crunchy on the outside yet soft and chewy on the inside
together with the saltiness of chicken floss and mayo
this is one awesome combination!!! Thumbs up!

XO Sauce Petai Fried Rice -- RM12.00
my favorite of the day
super fragrant and slightly spicy that tinges your tastebuds
and super crunchy petai and anchovies 

Tang Tea House 唐朝
13 & 14, Level 4,
Johor Bahru City Square, 
Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 
Johor Bahru,

extra shots hehe...

hehe happy day with the dearest...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

JB Cafe Hop: My LIBERICA Specialty Coffee @ Taman Molek

Third station of my cafe hop in JB
My Liberica specialty coffee @ Taman Molek
I would really call this a coffee shop because it seems like a place for coffee-elites to hang out at those high bar stools with beautiful and contemporary wooden and brown furnishings.
We went there in day time, stepping into the shop, it feels like people are there to have their daily dose of caffeine and also just talk in a slow and relaxed manner...
It's really amazing how different coffee shops give off a different feel. 

My Liberica is also known for its specialty in variety of coffee beverage. 
The company also plants its own coffee beans...
anyways, the cafe serves cakes and also teas aside from coffee. 

Hot Mocha -- RM9.00
Heavier and stronger bitter aftertaste 
both from coffee and cocoa
very smooth milky taste as well...

Mulberry Tea -- RM7.80

Iced Caramel Macchiato -- RM10.00
like this! Love the mildly sweet but very rich flavor of caramel

Tiramisu Coffee -- RM9.80
Just as the name suggest, liquid form tiramisu but of course, not cheesy
creamy and rich coffee flavor

Oreo Cheesecake -- RM7.50
nice! creamy texture with sweet crunchy base

Photo from
The first four seats from the left is exactly where we were seated at
To be plain honest, it felt a bit uneasy to sit there LOL
(probably the reason why we didn't take photos haha)
wished I can speak Coffee haha then I guess sitting at the bar would somehow seem cooler as you can actually talk to the barristas about your preferences and even ask for customized coffee

2nd visit:
Original Latte -- RM9.00

Rose Latte -- RM13.00
it's a taste i can never forget and hope I could go back for more.
Sweet and Bitter in both taste and aroma, great combination!

My Liberica
73,Jalan Molek 3/10,
Taman Molek, 

Love Nuffnang


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