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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shimino Crepes, Bentos and QBean

Yay, finally have time to dine out :D and try out new food weeeeee :D
went to One Utama last Thursday with Vince
I didn't go to ou for a quite a long time, so the place look really new to me, and somehow very fun to shop around. But my main point of the day is still FOOD. heheheh
Went to Jusco and omg that place is like heaven mannnnn, all the food, from Japanese food, to donuts, to breads, to beautiful deserts, crepes, cream puffs etc etc ETC tempting, I could stay there and eat forever, well if I have the money :D
And one of the best thing they have is the Bento aka Lunch Boxes. I shall add, Yummy and Cheap Bentos. There's so many to choose, from seafood, eel, chicken teriyaki etc etc, and they are all freshly prepared, that's why they all taste great!! Other than that, tried out Shimino's Japanese Crepes. Gawd, it's so yummy!

Shimino Japanese Crepe No.2 -- RM 9.90
We ordered a savoury one. There's yummy and crunchy veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, ONIONS!!!, and corn. and also has a yummy Chicken Strip and egg slices. All inside a delicious sweet crepe. 
Super Yummy, but u need a big mouth haha :D

Seafood Bento -- RM 6.80
Yummy rice with crunchy deep fried fish fillets and octopus. and there's some onion, carrot, peas and long bean. Quite healthy don't you think?
and It's delicious!!.  

Basically, our lunch was just awesome! but it made us really full, so have to jalan-jalan to digest it. After that, I was craving for bubble tea but we're already in Phase 2. So there's no way we'll walk all the way back to phase one to get bubble tea right?? then we saw a shop named Q Bean. well it sells Soya Bean drinks with some twist. Well it look interesting to me, so yeap, ordered a Soy Milk with my fave Yam Flavor. 

Green Tea Soy Milk and Yam Soy Milk --- RM3.90 each

It's not what I expected. It's very creamy and has a very strong soy milk taste with just a lil' bit of yam flavor. Which I really really like. The green tea wan is even "cooler", it has a yummy scent of green tea, but not too over and the natural sweetness of soy milk makes a good combination. Love it, both yummy and healthy :D

Yeaps, had a great day, window shopped around, saw many nice clothes and shoes which kinda killed me coz i couldn't buy TT.TT Then the old wing's ground floor has all the cool Halloween stuffs. I was playing around with all the hats, bloody arms and bloody legs. Then went to the Jukebox (opposite of the cinema) to sing K. We sang three songs only, but it was FUN haha....totally shouted our hearts out when we sang Bleeding Love muahahahahah

Felt like digging the eyes out of his hand :D

 All photos belong to Vince, all taken by her NEW Samsung Galaxy S2
which I can never let it go whenever she comes to my house....
 Happy Halloween XD
enjoy the Pumpkins

time to get back to normal TT.TT byez

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Woohoo!!!! but just for another month

weeeeeee :D Trials dah habis!!!! I'm back to my site mannn, but just for another month oni, december have to prepare for the REAL exam and also have to sit for SAT 1 and 2 in dec and jan. TT.TT Exam exam, again exam, feel so lifeless :(

anyways, the past few weeks was really tiring, I studied till 2am almost every night and end up getting mild cold, my nose was running like crazy....Didn't study well, I think I'm gonna lose my scholarship TT.TT

haiz in simple words, studied but didn't really studied :( here's some random photos that i took during exam period...

My lame Biology Drawings....

This is my favorite haha....How Microorganism travel into your body.

Next, Chem Lab Experiment... Silver Mirror Test
Cool right???

This song is so freaking catchy!!!!!
sang this the whole day and i'm now learning the dance moves...
I love everyone of them!!!! They all look awesomely beautiful for this comeback.
I think the most stunning wan is Sunny with her short hair.
yea i love everything laa, their clothes, their style, their shoes and of course their hair!!!
Many of them are having straight hair, so I was kind of inspired laa, went to cut my hair, hoping that it will grow longer. :D

GG rocks!!!

hope their US debut will be a great success!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

People Inspire People : RIP Steve Jobs

Just a few months back when my dad was reorganizing his office, he brought this back and me and my brother were like *O-shaped-Mouth*, and we started asking him "why did u bring this thing back??? Throw it away laaaaaa!!!!" But what we didn't know at that time, was that this machine is actually one of the revolutionary creation of Steve Jobs. And now, I finally understand why my dad refused to throw it away, not just because the fact that this Macintosh Plus is still working, more because of the idea and creator of this.

The Macintosh Plus Computer
which is first released in the year of 1986
Don't you think this small Lil' Computer look cute???

I was reading the newspaper on Friday where all the papers where reporting about Steve Jobs departure and also talked about his success story and creations, then I saw this very familiar looking monitor which is actually one of the ten greatest creations of Steve Jobs and realize that I actually have one in my house LOL and yea, It's the Macintosh Plus Computer.

My dad was really reluctant to throw this away, in fact he was defending it as if the Mac is like his baby when we asked him "why didn't you throw it away??" My dad has been dealing with computers for more than 20 years, and I guess that's why he knows the value and also the meaning behind this creation. When I asked him about the Mac yesterday, he answered with a smile on his face, "Yes, that is an Original Macintosh Plus" and PROUDLY STATED " It's Still Working wan lerrr!!!!"

You know I saw so many people, especially all the Apple Users were posting their photos of their iPods, iPhones and iPads, showing their appreciation. I don't have any of them, that's why I didn't feel as Sad as them, but after realizing that I have a Macintosh Plus in my house, I think this Macintosh Plus will be a better inspiration to me, a reminder to the person who created it, and also the efforts, the determination, the courage he has.

I never really know what kind of a person Steve Jobs is, but after reading all the articles, I felt nothing but Impressed by his hard work and his way of thinking and also his attitude. He is a CEO that involved himself in the stages of production of a product. and he's a very successful entrepreneur as well. My mouth was wide open when I was reading his articles. *O-Mouth*

Now I truly feel sad that he's not here anymore. It's a big loss. But I'm sure his story will be a great inspiration to others, I'm sure those who are inspired will also be someone like him in the future, and this will definitely make the world a better place.

Thank You Steve Jobs, You are truly an Inspiration.  

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Heartstrings OST-Because I'm miss you MV Eng Sub

From the Korean Idol Series : Heartstrings

Longing, I am Longing for you,
Because I'm Longing For You ;
Missing You, I'm Missing You,
Because I'm missing you...

Love you Love you,
I love you;
Sorry, I'm sorry,
Can You Hear Me Now???

Love this song's lyrics and also the melody of the chorus. It sounds like as if the song is written from true experience, as if it's really a confession. Always loved song like these...

and BTW, Yonghwa Your Voice Rocks!!!

Love Nuffnang


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