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Saturday, January 28, 2012

KL Explore Photos

 woohoo, my exams are over....REAL JOY HEHEHEHEH
anyways, wanna share some photos from my jalan-jalan KL one day trip
yeaps, 14 hours of walking, no joke, really felt like a foreign tourist haha...
and realize that KL is a really beautiful place, many fun stuff to do, one day is never never yea this is actually our 2nd trip, continue from 2010's trip.

Syok ah!!

1. The Petronas Twin Towers
so, one of our must do mission is to go to twintower's skybridge, we thought that it's free admission and there will be super a lot of people, so we woke up at 6 and reach there about 7.30 something, only to find out that they actually charge 25 bucks for entrance this year. No wonder not many people were waiting when we reach. So yea, wait till 9 something and we were guided to the SkyBridge.

yea though it's RM25, but once u step on that bridge, you know it's worth it!

ooops, i haven't mention who was my jalan-jalan mate
yeaps it's MIUYINN!! thanks for doing this again after one year!! 14 hours of walking would have been horrible without you!!

At the skybridge, you could walk along and have a nice view of KL with all the floor length glass windows.
I don't really know how to describe but being at the skybridge made me feel like i'm walking on clouds (okay I don't mean I'm stepping on something soft, but you just really feel the height)

Other than the skybridge, we went to the 86th floor as well, which is 2 stories away from the highest point. 
and it's really cool to see how cars and buildings look like legoland to me.
There were also models of the twin towers, the history, a town miniature of KL and an interview with Tun.Mahathir. There's also an interactive screen that scans the QR code on your ticket and shows a 3D graphic of the twin towers. You can hold the ticket as if you're holding the twin towers in your hands.

Next, took the train to Masjid Jamek. and our real WALKING TRIP started!
2. Merdeka Square and Sultan Abdul Samad Building
the weather was lovely and we were lucky that there's no events going on at the Merdeka Square
Ran around the huge green field like kids.

Cant help but to feel how enormous this place is!

Pretty Place, Loads of Foreign Tourist

Pitcher's Plant fountain :D

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, really beautiful place, awesome architecture. To me it looks like it's a perfect blend of both eastern and western architecture. Strong and unique identity don't you think?
Random fact : the clock was working!!

Next, right next to the merdaka square, infront of the Kuala Lumpur Library
3. KL City Gallery
it's a new attraction...
there's a small exhibition about history of Kuala Lumpur followed by a gallery showcasing all the craftworks from ARCH. There's a wooden replica of the Abdul Samad building, be amazed by the detail and precise execution of the craft work.
You can buy ARCH souvenirs, collectibles and books at the gallery.
Also, you can get a lot of tourism information at the reception. Get the red color KL guide if you can, it tells you all the places that you should go. 

All hand carved! Amazing!!

Next, walked across the street to
4. The Textile Museum 
which is quite a new tourist site as well.
It's a very interesting place. If you think you know a lot about textiles and clothing, you are wrong! Totally amazed by all the textile collection, from traditional and functional ones to modern and fashion ones. From production, sewing techniques, material, function and characteristics, a great deal of knowledge is waiting for you.
The best part is : Admission is FREE :D

But I must say, that place is abit creepy, because the setting it's kind of dark. I know they are trying to give the "very high class" feel, but that place is kinda empty and quiet, so u cant help but to feel a bit scary....
especially with all the look-so-real human models
yes I have a phobia for models because I always think that they will suddenly move and talk to you....i know, coward me. 

Anyways, other than visiting the exhibitions, we walked around and have a good view of the internal architecture of this historical building. I must say the windows and archways are so beautiful and elegant.
And I really love the white and brick red combination, looks elegant and vintage at the same time. 

Next, walked along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin on our way to Lake Gardens

Passed by the National Mosque and went to the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial as well.
Admission is free for the memorial. But no photos allowed :(
well it's like a more interactive and interesting history class over there, lots of documents related to his work and photos.

passed by the National Planetarium as well. That's a replica of the Stonehenge.

Lunch : At Hornbill Reastaurant, @Bird Park
Biggest mistake that we made that day
Food not nice, expensive
All I paid for was the Air-Cond

The place did look nice, wooden chairs, old school lamps and batik table cloth.
But one more thing, the Bird Park awful smell. I should have seen that coming, there's a really nasty smell, probably from the birds who are free to fly around restaurant. 

5. Orchid Park
almost died from walking up the hill. Imagine the 3pm sun on top of us, almost wanted to give up.
But it was worth it once u reach there. I was greeted by all the colorful orchids. Really nice place to relax, plus, admission is free !!! woohoo
Well orchid is not the only thing over there, there were other plants like the pitcher's plant, ferns, bonsai and many more. There's plenty of benches where you can sit down and relax while appreciating the beauty of orchids.

Pretty view and many fountains

6. Hibiscus Park
again, almost died on our way up. Seriously burning hot. Honestly, didn't see much hibiscus plant, more like a green garden. But also a good place to relax, if the sun is not that hot.
There's a small garden with benches and beautiful columns that form a walkway which had all the hibiscus plants twined around it. Very beautiful.

We took a one hour nap on the bench over there....

It was really hot, but suddenly, it look like it was going to rain. 
so we didn't even go to the Lake Gardens and walk straight to the National Monument.
and yes, it still rained, heavily. TT.TT

yeap we wore our yellow raincoat(we were smart enough to bring raincoat this time) and walked up the stairs to see the monuments. Only had this photo because I cant risk my DSLR. 

it was raining heavily, in fact it was the day when KL was flooded. Yea imagine how heavy the rain was. we've got no choice but to wait until the rain gets abit smaller. Our next destination is Bukit Bintang. But sadly, the monument there got no bus at all. seriously, we waited for so so long. Didn't see a single bus. so plan B was to take a cab. And i don't know why on earth those taxi drivers didn't want business?? I mean, it wasn't only us who were waiting for taxis. Non of the EMPTY taxis stopped.....and there were many who were waiting for taxis as well, it was like a battle!! felt so helpless and almost wanted to cry and call our parents to fetch us LOL
But we weren't going to be that weak, what can rain do to us? and how long could a rain last?
Thank God, one taxi came and send us directly to Pavillion for RM9. well i think it's consider okay la, coz our original plan was to go back to a train station and take the monorail, it would have cost around RM4 per person.  

7.Bukit Bintang - Pavillion
Our mission was to go to every single shopping malls at Bukit Bintang and take photo of their Christmas Decoration. Yes both of us are big fans of the beautiful lights and cute decorations.

walked around in Pavillion and had our dinner at Food Republic.
Same thing as last year, bibimbap :D

The Buddy Bears


went to the malls like Fahrenheit 88, Sungei Wang Plaza, then walked to Timessquare as well.
Sungei Wang Plaza

 Had Krispy Kreme doughnuts before we leave...

Yeaps, really really tired....but it's really really fun. we salah jalan, extra jalan, then explored some new and interesting place. KL is really really beautiful at night. Here's some extra shots....

Jalan Bukit Bintang


Fahrenheit 88

Sungei Wang

Times Square

I love KL so much!! Cant wait for our next trip to discover more interesting places!!

Our previous KL Trip in 2010

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