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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Christmas :D

Yeap exams are finally over!!!
In a blink of an eye, one sem gone just like that.
Time to partay, no la jk oni, have lots of plan but partying is not one of them.
Anyways just wanna share some photos that I have during this Christmas Season. 

First two photos, well I made use of some pictorialization tools
Photos taken at 1 Utama
don't u think the colors are beautiful? and after the editing, it gives a very lively mode haha

The Gift Redemption Cart at 1u, with Color Pencil effect. so cute right?? :D 

Here's a photo that I'd taken in KLCC
One of the carolers is my friend hehe
long long time no see friend

 yeap, met up with Jinyun and had a coffee talk with her
missed her so much
Don't you think it's awesome to meet up with a long time no see friend and start chatting about our past, present and future during this Holiday season is just amazing?

Next, Sing K session with friends at The Gardens
this was right after my exam ended
was thinking of going with the whole class to celebrate our end of semester
but too bad most of them couldn't make it
anyways, I'm glad i still have company hehe
Sang like there's no tomorrow LOL
like open concert summore hehe
The Classmates 

With the princess 

With the Ge-Ge
yea, all my classmates are princesses seriously hehe 

With the housemate!!
I'm gonna miss her

Time to Shine :)
@Paradigm Mall
Told myself that I really can't miss this Disney Cinderella Themed Deco in Paradigm
so yea, I gave up shopping in 1u and chose to have a glimpse of this place instead.
well glad that I wasn't disspointed
Really beautiful and magical.
Take photo non stop
Too bad i didn't bring DSLR :( 

I believe Cinderella is the most envied princess in the world
Fairy Godmother, Talking and Singing Mice-Birds Army and a Prince that fell in love with her at the very first sight, more importantly, a King who insisted to look for her no matter what.

 The Carriage

I like the fact that everything is in blue!!!
So my place weih!!! 

Of course I won't leave without a photo!!! :D
look so yellow here haizzzz bad skin

and a selca hehe

Love Nuffnang


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