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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNY bits

Happy CNY

can't believe i'm doing this now
while all assignments and mid term revision are literally lining up....
anyways i still wanna share some photos from CNY

this year, well, due to my dad's condition, we cant go back to Johor to celebrate cny with my relatives, it's like the 2nd year already :( I know CNY is not exactly super fun for me, but still, missing the oppurtunity to meet up with my cousins is just pure painful to I really treasure the times where we use to gather on cny eve, eat lots of food, and all the young children will sit in one table, adults on the other....then later we'll play cards, gamble

anyways, here's some photos, random order hehe

 1 Utama's CNY Deco
HK Style
which i really really like
the details, the overlapping neon signs, makes the place look like a bustling street

Photo with the cousin...who i spend most of my cny shopping time with


Got an unexpected visit from cousins on the 2nd day of CNY
apparently their travel plans canceled so they had time to visit our house
so yea saw my grandma, aunties n uncles, n my precious cousins hehe
chat n play
receive angpau summore
hang out at the playground as well

Next, on the 4th day of CNY
met up with my college friends in KL
had a crazy awesome day
first we went to Petaling street, Guandi temple
then had korean food (again) at Lowyat
next, Sing K at Neway
omg CNY K box rates was like head chopping TT.TT
but we had lots of fun anyway
then jalan jalan at Pavillion
@Guan Di Temple, 关帝庙

 Guand di temple was really crowded
so many people came forward to pray
really can feel the CNY heat hehe
lots of tourist too

Polaroid at Pavi
love the ang ang beautiful lights 

Watched Taxi Taxi with the cousin too
quite an inspiring movie
basically it's about how reality changed a person's life, n how it forced us to give up our dreams
but we should not give up no matter how
there will always be a way. 

Had starbucks while watching the movie
good combo hehe

Starbucks CNY snake sleeve

Love Nuffnang


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