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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hello Dear Ones and Sweethearts!! Merry Christmas!! Hope you guys are having a great time!
I'm off to Bukit Tinggi woohooo!!! Can't wait to see the beautiful Christmas Lights!!

Once Again!! Happy Christmas :D

This is really yummy, go try!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


at the Johor Premium Outlet

Like what I'd posted before, I was away from home and stayed at Johor for a one week holiday. Yeaps, to me, holidays doesn't mean going to some nice tourist spots, as long as I don't have to do house chores and have good food to eat, it's called a holiday for me!!!! :D and yes, last week's holiday was awesome!!

Well to answer the question of Why I suddenly have a holiday? well it's because my relatives and cousins came to visit. Brought them to jalan-jalan at 1u.


 Went to OU to jalan-jalan

 hehe cute cute joseph....okay cannot call him cute anymore, this boy is a grown up now :D

 Another mission was to bring them to the arcade LOL

Went to Kayu for supper and this is like the second time that I bring my Johor relatives to eat Roti Tissue. And I LOVE their reaction when they see how long the thing is hahahahahahah 
Photo Credits to Joseph

and so the following day, went back to Johor!! woohoo!!

Me n Grandma :D

I told myself that when i got nothing to do, I'LL STUDY!! but not really when you have Mahjong plus 4 kaki's in the house!!!  Even when we dont have enough kaki's, I got Astro channels plus Singapore Channels waiting for me!! my goshh.....all these distractions!!!!
Told u I wanted to study!!! (can see my textbook??)

Day 2 : KSL City for movie -- Puss In Boots

Well the movie was so-so larrr... kinda funny and kinda cute...
but I don't see a lot of point in it...After all it's a family show, so I guess it's okay since i'm watching with a "Family Member" :P

now, FOOODDD!!! here's a restaurant at  KSL City. something similar to WongKok...

Zack's Cheese Baked Rice
Not bad not bad :D

Cheese Miso Noodles!!!! Really yummy one!

Causeway Bay 铜锣湾
Lot LG39/40
KSL City
Taman Abad, 80250, Johor Bahru

Day 3 -- Lunch with aunt and also visit to Johor Premium Outlet

Went to this restaurant call 客人来 Ke Ren Lai
My all time favorites!! Fried Bean Sauce Noodles and 3-Layer Milk Tea



Ke Ren Lai 客人来
6 Jalan Pingai, 
Taman Pelangi, 
Johor Bahru 
Tel: 07-331 2430.

At night.....went to JPO. It wasn't officially opened yet but the crowd was huge already!! It was a normal wednesday night, but seriously, I thought it was weekend. Basically it's a mall with all the very luxurious brands, from DKNY, to Burberry to Michael Kors etc etc etc The deal is that all the branded items are sold at discounted price. so yea, many people came to shop and quite a lot of them are Singaporeans.

The place is also very very nice, looks very classic and classy....

Really hope to come back soon!!! saw many cute tops, pretty shoes from Charles and Keith and nice watches.
Ipad is seriously a huge huge distraction

and omg...MUSIC BANK on KBSW!!

anyways, at night, went to Pasar Malam for FOOD HUNT!!
and this is what happens when u have a still-growing 12 yrs old cousin, look at how much food HE ahem.we.ahem bought!!! Asam Laksa, Taufufa, Bonito Waffles, Takoyaki, Otak-Otak, Kaya Ball etc etc etc

Day 5 - Starhill
went swimming, well in my case, it's playing with water instead of swimming hahaaaa.... felt like a kid
but didn't really enjoy much coz it rained.....sigh :(

some random shots...

now i know how ugly i can get.... haizzzz

very very very random :D

Thursday, December 08, 2011


It's not that I dont wanna blog. I have a lot to talk about and in fact quite a lot of photos to show. But i can't use my relative's notebook to upload the pics. I'm using an iPad now(of coz not mine la), the sad thing is u can't upload photos to blogger with an iPad, unless u buy apps like blogpress or blogsy. So yea.....damn sad, really wanna blog about my crazy days over here.....

oops, I haven't even mention where am I, I am now in Johor, well precisely Kempas, my relative's home. I'm on holidays!!!! Yes, on my own, without daddy mommy. No house chores for one week yay!!! But in fact I feel weird that I have no chores to do :( I think I miss my home.....

well so far, it's been really fun, with my cousins. Played mahjong like crazy, watched movie, ate yummy stuffs and just came back from shopping at Johor Premium Outlet. Tomorrow, hmmmm, pasar malam and then Swimming on Friday maybe???

Other than missing my family, the only bad thing is that I couldn't study at all..... iPad is really a HUGE HUGE DISTRACTION!!!!!!

Ok ok I gtg..... Bb will upload the photos ASAP :)

Love Nuffnang


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