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Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sweetheart Smells like Fresh

hmm.... Smell....
Yes, your sweetheart MUST smell good rite??
But the word "Good" is pretty subjective at times,
sweaty might be known as "good" for some people as well...
But not in my case
My Guy should always stay Fresh...

and HEY! I didn't choose Fresh because the bottle is Blue (It's only 20% of the reason)
I think my sweetheart should be fresh everyday
not just only how he looks, but the way he does things
For example he might tell you different jokes everyday
buy you special items
or maybe today he'll call you, the second day he'll nudge you in MSN etc etc...
It just gives you surprises, new and different experience everyday!
Isn't that fun?
I think a relationship should always be fresh like the first day.
Fresh veggies last longer rite?? so do Fresh relationship.
No one should feel aging when they're in love.
People usually get younger, livelier or maybe more childish (in some cases) when they have a Sweetheart.

But no matter how fresh your relationship is,
It's abit weird when your sweetheart is not feeling fresh
You'll feel uncomfortable when your other half isn't
Sweating is and inevitable process in daily life,
it might make you feel uneasy and lack of confidence when you're meeting someone
and sometimes the smell might have ruined your wonderful date!!

Use Adidas Deodorant
One for you, one for you Sweetheart
Keeps you fresh all day
it has a cooling effect and keeps sweat at bay
Feel fresh and vibrant to do anything you want with you Sweetheart!!!

My Sweethear Smells like FRESH!!

OMG Project alpha is gonna end soon.
I love all the bloggers!!!! Made me laughed and learned a lot!
Stay tuned for the next episodes at

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Something Blue * - My Must Have Blue Exam Tools

Crap, Crap Crap! Sejarah Paper BOCOR like Crap!

Actually, I'm not in a really good mood now....

I screwed Sejarah Paper today

and what is more upsetting is that
The whole school knows what's coming out, including myself
and I didn't study the given tips....

Tips is not the appropriate word...
The correct word is... The Answer
Our school is using the state's exam paper, so
All the sejarah paper 2 questions BOCOR like crap, *deng*
and I was stupid enough to not trust my friend's info
and that's the consequence :

Whatever I Studied didn't come out, Whatever I didn't Study came out.
and I didn't know how to answer

all I can do is just Crap, Crap and Crap...

anyways.... it's friday so I can relax abit for today
but I think today's paper triggered my Study Hormones
I'm gonna study like and idiot for Phy, Chem and Bio.
I studied abit of Bio
But I basically failed to remember a single thing...

anyways.... I will crap about my blue stuffs again : hehe =)

That's basically what I have on my table during exam.
It somehow turns to be an ALL BLUE family except the ruler.
Top :
Body Glove Pencil Case
Guardian Mini Tissue *I've been sneezing for basically everyday and I'm sure now my class is use to my sneezing sound*
Bottom :
Pilot Eraser
Pilot G-1
Papermate Pacer Mechanical Pencil
Pilot Frixion Pen
Pilot Frixion Highlighter
*I must say I love the Frixion Pen, You can literally rub your ink writing off! and it doesn't leave any stains, but the highlighter is abit cacat-ed in erasing.*
Whiper Correction Tape
Transparent Ruler
+ Buncho lead (which is also in blue, but I lost them yesterday)

My Bio Reference Book - Before

Tada!! Kupas Kulit edi!!
I think it will kupas one more layer tomorrow.

Oh I found this by random
It's a very very sour treat that you eat after drinking Chinese Medicine which are uber-bitter.
And I adore this coz it's blue!!

I have to study really hard now...haiz.... cannot blog anymore

Today's my bro's bday
he's having a party later at night
hope things will be fun!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Something Blue * - My Blue Mouse

elo, here comes my 2nd Random Blue object :

I didn't really notice that this thing is blue until yesterday
and now I love my dad for buying this!!

It's my Blue Mouse!!
a.k.a Formula 3D Optical Mouse
The red light will light up if you're using it...
but if you're not...
I wish the light is in Blue then It'll be PERFECT!
It's a very light(ant:heavy) mouse
slides easily
and you don't really need a mouse pad -which is uber outdated- under it.
It's USB connected
so there were times when I was playing Sudden Attack halfway
and I realize no bullets are coming out of my gun...
no "piang! piang!" sound oso...
and I just stoned there and watch my enemy shoot me back...
Yes, it means the contact is not so good....
might suddenly lost contact
and the arrow in the screen will just freeze there.
But I still love my Blue Mouse.... =)

More Blue Stuff Coming!!

Oh.... and Happy Birthday Papa...
Thanks for being my dad for 16 years and still love me so much...
I know I didn't really treat you well,
there are times that I'd talked to you rudely when you're asking me questions,
I thought you were really annoying...
But I know you're concerned of me, trying to take care of me...
and you're always the one who is tolerating my horrible behaviour
I'm sorry for being so rude...
Oh, Thanks for being my mamak buddy (coz my mom is an ANTI-MAMAK STALL fan)
without you, I might never know what's the taste of Roti Kosong and Rojak
and I'll never know watching football and badminton games are so fun!!

yea.... I just wanna thank you for everything you were before,
for everything you are now,
and for everything that you're gonna be in the future...
Happy Birthday Dad!

A random photo I took when we were in Desaru
he's so fair rite??
My dad has an ability-to-sleep-at-anytime-anywhere

Tonight I'm gonna watch Thomas Cup with my dad =)
though I know how the results would be...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Many Wiggies??

OMG... is a whole lot of wiggies
I hope they are all mine!!
Anyways... I guess there's 224 Wiggies..
What do you think??

Try your luck and test your counting abilities!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Something Blue

I feel sorry for myself... coz I'm not studying
and I'm wasting my time for this random post...
but still..... I love sharing stuffs...
I just changed my blog layout and decided to put "Rhythms and Bluez in Her Life" as my blog title...
coz my URL is afterall...

and I thought I should share more about how much I love the color BLUE

Let me tell you, I have tonnes of blue stuff....
If I see something in blue, I will definitely buy it
for example : I bought Kotex pads because the package is in BLUE.
and I love the Royal Gold tissue because it's in blue....
I know I sound like an idiot.

So for today, My Something Blue Item is :

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick
Okay i know this is not really blue after all...
But I really like the packaging of the lipstick...
it's Crystal Blue with a Shiny Surface....
Can use it as a mirror summore =)
anyways.... I love the color of the lipstick...
It's not too over but brings instant glow to your face.
and it's super long lasting...
My must have item in my handbag =)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Obessesed with Hot Chocolate!!

I'm really obsessed with Hot Chocolate these days
and I realize how much I feel sick about Vico and Milo
but they are still my must-have drink larr...

anyways.... went to Coffee Bean recently @ LCCT
I didn't see Coffee Bean for a really2 long time,
I don't think there's anymore Coffee Bean near my house
Anyways, mummy and me were waiting for my uncle's arrival
and then we saw Coffee Bean, the classy and cool coffee shop
I knew how much we would have to spend but somehow my mom was in good mood
so we ordered a Large Hot Chocolate (which is really really huge, equivalent to 3 cups)
and a Chocolate Chips Muffin

Hot Chocolate (L) - RM 12.50
Chocolate Chips Muffin - RM 5.30
The hot chocolate is super super yummy
it has marshmallows on top
and the taste of chocolate and milk is simply... indulgent
It's not too sweet, not too bitter, Ngam Ngam Hou
the temperature of the drink is just nice...
But I think is you will feel abit sick if you drink the whole large cup
My parents were very much of an anti-fan of Starbucks and Coffee Bean
coz they think it's expensive and the drinks simply sucks
but today they changed their views totally, 360 degrees...
yay, that means I have more Coffee Bean to come =)

The muffin, OMG
At first I thought it was uber expensive
but after you grab a bite
you'll think it's worth it
It's simply fragrant and the smell of vanilla and chocolate was mesmerizing
Then the chocolate chips are melted inside....
and the muffin texture is nice and fluffy
it's just very tasty larr, better than any muffins I ate before in bakeries

We love taking pics in cool places =)
but all the photos are LQ larr... coz I was using my cell phone camera
My really cute cousin who is cuter and handsomer day after day =)

Cousins Gang

By the way, something to critic...
We were trying to act cool like others in the Coffee Bean
so we took out our laptop and wanted to go facebook
The Wi-Fi there was pretty much cacat-ed
it says we can only used for a limited time
but the problem is we haven't even start using
and you already stopped us from using...
What in the world is this??

My 2nd Choice of Hot Chocolate
Cadbury's Instant Hot Chocolate
I tried it yesterday at Sahara Cafe @ Kelana Square
and it's almost the same as the Coffee Bean one
I'm so gonna buy this at the groceries later...

Random Review :
Okay, whenever you see my cousin with me...
That means there's some masking work to do...
Yes... we tried out the Nivea Invigorating Mask
Before I review, I must say this Nivea Masks Value Pack is uber worth it...
You have 3 different type, 6 masks in total!
and it cost you 12 bucks only... (= 2 bucks per piece)
Anyways, we used the orange colour packing one...
Which helps in illuminating skin for radiance
It's a cream/gel type...
and let me tell you this is one of my Most-Obvious-Result-Mask so far
first, your face is super super smooth and soft
I can't stop touching my face on the 2nd day
and it really brightens your skin, probably because of the orange extracts
even my friend thought that my skin looked more transclucent

I'm very satisfied with this one,
Rating : 8.5/10
and there's two more to come...

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Message to AIDSAware

Stop The Spread, Stop The Hurt
No AIDS, No Tears.

this message is wholly created by myself....
if it's similar to others' then it's pure-pure coincidence
Because the message is really what i want to say when I see the word AIDS.

I know AIDS is something that enters your life, and it will never leave you alone anymore.
And your life will never be the same.
Illness, Tears, Pain, Prejudice, Rejection
etc etc
No one can take in this much amount of..... HURT
No One.
Not even the people who are close to them...
Their family, friends, lover....

And all you know about life is :
Your life is gonna end, painfully.

We don't want that to happen to us don't we.
We don't even want that to get near to our friends and family.

We must stop HIV.

It sounds easy.
But it's not like we can talk to Mr. HIV and say :
"Eh you enough la, stop kacau-ing people, if not I belasah you!"

It's all about what you do, to stop the spread of AIDS.
Be Aware of your body and also others'
Protect your body and guard your soul.
AIDS is never gonna fill you up.

Stay tuned to the webisodes of Project Alpha Season 2!
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Singing Comp and Minggu Kerjaya

Yay....I know I shouldn't be blogging after my ending post...
but this is a MUST-BLOG event!!
yes.... Chinese Society's Singing Competition!!!!

okay first and foremost. I didn't win a thing.
but I think of myself as the 3rd place since there's only four finalists...
you know like the badminton games.... there are two 3rd places wan??
haha....I know it's deceiving.... =)
anyways.... I had a lot of fun...

Okay... I sang 哭砂 by 张惠妹
and 听海 also by 张惠妹

But if I said I'm not sad at all...
that's a total big fat LIE...
I'm sad not because of I didn't win...
just because I didn't sing to my standard....
Maybe I was too nervous, and the song wasn't right made me more helpless
I know I could have done it better....
and yea... I felt a bit of regret as well coz this is my final year in high school....

okay, stop the sad stuff.... Let's talk about what I earned...
okay, the consolation prize was a Chinese Society T-Shirt in M size
not that I don't appreciate it, but I already have one....
but I think I'm gonna use it someday, coz I'm getting fatter and fatter
then next, I made a bunch of awesome friends....
especially Choi Mun and Wei Shuen
this two girls arr.... super 3 8, just like me....
3 of us will get super dramatic once we are together =)
and they actually taught me different singing techniques coz I missed the training session
I love you guys larr....

then there are these awesome judges
KK, Yean, Mei Yun and Brexton (sry if spelling wrong)
who taught us how to improve our singing
I'm very sorry that I didn't really improve....
but I'll try =)

okay so.... Pics time

The Individual and Group Finalists and Judges

Individual Category Finalists (Choi Mun's not in) and Judges

One of the judges, Mei Yun
She's so pretty rite??
OMG She looks younger than me!!

Yean, Mentor + Judge
Super Hot... and I love her voice
Oh, she will be performing in The Ultimate Power Group next week
Vote for her okay??

OMG, I have a feeling that 3 of us look like college mates....
(aside from the fact that they are prettier)
Is it a bad thing? (I think it is.)

Camwhore-ed with lou po..........
and Carena's swinging foot on the right

Yea, it was a great day and now I love singing more than ever!

The past week was Minggu Kerjaya
and there was different kind of activities going on everyday

Apparently, I'm a Left Brain Dominance dude
why I use the word dude?
because guys are the big big majority in this Quadrant.

The "Stuffs" that I got from the education fair...

The IACT goodie bag that I received after their Career Talk
I didn't get it for free okay? have to answer questions de...
The reason that I wanted this bag is the notebook inside
super nice....
oh actully there's a Sunsilk Conditioner in the goodie bag too
but I gave it to Fio edi...

Guess what??

It's a pen.

A really cool quote in the Notebook.
This is Soooo True.
One of the best quotes that I'd seen.

Oh, the DiGi people came and had a personal safety talk
at the same time they were promoting their DiGi prepaid campus
which is only for the students until the age of 25
You can sign up this prepaid plan for free buy submitting the form and your IC
But i didn't sign up la, coz I'm already a DiGi user
and I'm not really an I-Can't-Live-Without-My-Cell-Phone people
(FYI : I didn't reload my phone for 2 and a half weeks edi.)

Okay I should really really study now!!

Love Nuffnang


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