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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Okay after so so many food related post, I think I shud update about my life abit, afterall it's my diary right...
well nothing much happened after Edeexcel exams
Stayed home, watched K-Dramas, ans blogging yeapz
okay as, I'm writing this, I think I'm really lifeless now :(

The reason, or I shud say excuse for me to not work and earn money, but stay home is...
well, I would like to take my driving licence, yeshh, don't laugh, I know I'm super slow :(
and then, have to prepare for my Grade 8 Theory retake, this is clearly an excuse coz I didn't really do much practice. anyways, the exam will be next Saturday, really have to Add Oil liao
and another reason, which is cystal-clearly an excuse, is because I wanna take IELTS
why excuse? coz I haven't even started registering yet...
Hope to take in Sept...

Anyways here's some random photos that I'd taken

Also One of the reasons/excuse : I'm learning Korean every friday at Korea Tourism Organization at Menara Hap Seng

The Saranghaeyo Korea Club
have to join this only can go for korean classes
Our teacher's name is Tiara, nice lady and very cheerful, teach very well :D
I really adore her korean-ish BM lol 

AhnNyeongHaSaeYo :D

Cool korea plaza, you can ask all kinds of questions and travel info over there.
there's even a piano player who plays all the korean song to entertain you.

My abandoned for duno how many years cross stitch, really hope to finish it ASAP
but ran out of white thread, will sambung semula very soon 

hehehe....cutest penguin on earth
owh forgot to mention, my another obsession other than K-Drama, It's Runningman!!!!
best Korean Variety Show mannnn!!
anyways, one of the host's nickname is Haroro, named after Pororo LOL
seeing Pororo reminds me of him hehe

owh and recently, went to Putrajaya to renew IC, 
I really forgot when was the last time I been to that place
This time's visit, was fascinating, didn't know Putrajaya was such a beautiful and cool city
All the buildings look really high end
Love the broad streets and pretty fountains that can be found anywhere
My brother call it Gotham City LOL

Government Department that looks like a hotel from the outside 

beautiful street 

 some mosque which is situated right beside the lake...

PM's Office

I like PutraJaya, there's a calmness to it, not many people, not many cars
and the building's are not too tall, can have a nice view of the blue sky
hope to visit there soon...

hehe, daddy, while waiting at the Identity Card Department

I must say, the Putajaya Office is really efficient
well I went on a weekday, so there's significantly less people, but there were many counters, so it didn't took me long to wait for my turn, and the IC is ready to collect on the next day, one day!! Not one month anymore! Really glad with this improvement. The building was very nice too, all the names of department are clearly stated on each floors, no fear of getting loss, no need to find at all. The staffs, hmm some were abit less friendly, but most were really really helpful. 

Went for 2nd self explore session again, after Korean class as well
This time, went to Pavillion first
Wanted to look for a place to sit down while waiting for the sun to be less shining
so, din think much, went for starbucks again, but luckily I brought my bottle, "Han Fan" abit...
(I seriously think I need to stop going to starbucks, spending too much money there)
anyways, I went to the outdoor one, regretted after sitting down for 2 minutes
Smoke everywhere...
I have no offense on smokers, just that I really felt very uncomfortable to breath-in all the 2nd hand smoke...
Distracted myself by reading a book and doing notes
I think some tourist was staring at me coz I was reading so slowly...
sorry larrr, my english is just suck-ish, had to check the dictionary every 10 words

Anyways, this is the main reason for me to go Pavillion.
So that I can walk the long long track to go KLCC
yeap, I was thinking of making myself walk more, immediately think of this walkway, seriously good exercise, got slope upwards, slope downwards, guarantee you lose some weight LOL
But the best part is, the walkway is air-conditioned!! Very nice to walk :D

Reach the convention centre first, then salah jalan, walk even more, so I explored abit of KLCC Park
Beautiful place...

It was around 5 something, the weather was good.
I like how everyone just sit there or stand there and admire the beautiful view infront. 

Basically I'm just staying home, being lifeless these days...
Really want to find a job, but wasn't sure how can I balance it with all the exams that I'll take.
Anyways, I might try to find part time one after my Theory Exams end...needa earn some money for travelling hehe!!!
Hopefully I'll get to travel outside Malaysia for the first time in this year, my final teenage year.
There's so many things that I wanna do while I'm still a teen. Nvm la, do step by step, I still have 5 months afterall...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hokkaido Ice Cream @ 1 Utama

Went to 1 Utama with Yian Yeen who came all the way from Sg Long hehe
It's her first time in 1 Utama, so we shopped around, sales was like everywhere, 
bought a simple black dress and a salmon color high waist skirt from Forever 21 for less than 90 bucks *satisfied-face*
Then had ice-cream teatime at Hokkaido Ice Cream

Lavender Flavor Ice cream with Waffle Basket - RM6.80
I was thinking, since it's Hokkaido icecream, then of course have to order lavender flavor larr LOL
Eating while imagine myself in Hokkaido's beautiful lavender fields...hehe
The icecream actually taste good, i tot it will taste abit weird, like eating ur handcream liddat, but no, it taste good, sweet, with the unique scent of lavender.
Waffle was okay, crunchy but I prefer Cream and Fudge's, which has a super nice baked-scent hehe..

Blueberry Icecream with Waffle Cone - RM6.80
Sour, taste like want something healthy, go for this one then
I Like my lavender more....hehe

After several photos.... Yianyeen : CAN WE EAT NOW?
lol, okok take photo later...

hehe...camwhore non stop LOL

It was good to meet up with her, coz we're not really close when we were in college, all I know is she's funny yet quiet and we seldom talk to each other. I'm glad that she actually called me and asked me out and did crazy stuffs together hehe...Glad that we're closer now. :D

Haiyooo cant wait to meet up with my college buddies!!

Anyways, there's two Hokkaido Ice Cream Outlets
1. HOKKAIDO ICE CREAM (Paradigm Mall) 
1FK-01, First Floor, Paradigm Mall,
No.1, Jalan SS 7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Lot LG 101, Lower Ground Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre, No 1,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara, 47800 PJ.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Self Explore : Jalan Sultan's The Hub Cafe Bar + Red Tea Ice Cream

Maybe I'm just way too bored staying at home
whenever I get to go out, I just feel like staying outside longer, eventhough I'm all alone
So one of the best times for me to Jalan-Jalan myself would be the afternoon after my Korean Class...
for that day, I wanted to buy some thread for my cross stitch and therefore went to Macy's at Jalan Sultan
walked around Petaling Street at the same time...

Don't know why, I just enjoy the feeling of walking by myself and seeing things around...
I forgot where exactly Macy is, in fact I thought it was at petaling street, so yea just simply walk walk and walk, round and round, salah jalan then turn back LOL Like the feeling of getting lost and just keep on walking...and then snap down some photos along the way

when I walk by these buildings, I smell something lol, nostalgic scent haha
I hope u know what I'm saying....
It's just....很有味道
yeap that time, my inner shouting comes again...."I love malaysia!!" hehe

Anyways, it was 2.30pm and yes it was so freaking damn hot
Wanted to look for a nice and cozy place to cool myself
saw this small Cafe at 5 Elements Hotel

to be honest, I regret abit after I saw down and look through the menu
basically, there's nothing that I wanna eat on the menu and it's quite expensive
yeap, I shud've expected it, coz it belongs to a hotel...
but since the place is quite cool so i decided to order something light..

Spring Rolls - RM5
took them really long to serve this
luckily it turn out well 
very crunchy and the veggie inside taste good!
Taste well without the mayonaise 
actually quite filling despite there's only 6 small rolls
Nice presentation btw

 Iced White Coffee - RM5
Refreshing...syok ahhh

I just like the feeling of drinking while looking around, look at the people passing by, there's tourist, school kids, aunty and uncles haha
That's the reason I chose this Cafe, good location hehe
in fact it was quite well decorated, with pretty lanterns and green plants

The Hub Cafe Bar
@ 5 Elements Hotel
Lot 243, Jalan Sultan (China Town), 
Kuala Lumpur

Rest for a while and continued walking around Jalan Sultan
saw a Nostalgic tea shop selling Red Tea Ice cream
*face light up* The weather was so hot, ice cream is life saving!
Btw, the shop is called Cha No Yu Tea Art

Red Tea Ice Cream - RM2.50 
yummy!!! so unique...
is like... Pearl Milk Tea Ice Cream, frozen Milk Tea, yes, frozen Chatime
really love the strong tea scent...

Cha No Yu Tea Art
No. 61, Jalan Sultan,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Continue to jalan jalan while eating ice cream...yum yum
here's some shots that I manage to take

 I really did enjoy walking around the Jalan Sultan-Petaling St area
really hope to bring my DSLR and visit there again
and I really do hope Jalan Sultan can remain..
all these buildings are treasures larr... why wanna destroy them??

Long Time No Eat Dunkin Donuts

There was this time where donuts was the HIT thing
everyone was craving for donuts
usually people mention Big Apple, J Co, and Krispy Kreme
then I will start thinking, what on earth happened to good old Dunkin Donuts LOL

That day, daddy stopped by petrol station to reload Touch N Go
and I saw the long time no see Dunkin Donuts
was thinking of buying one or two, just for breakfast
then when the staff say Buy 5 free 1, *face-light-up* cant resist it, bought 6 donuts LOL

I love the box weih....don't u think it's cute??

I bought 6 different flavors
Blueberry(Left), Apple(Middle), Maple Bar(Right), Oreo, M&M and Choco Nut
Maple Bar taste really good!
Moderately sweet, but remember to microwave the donut, so that it's soft and yummy! 

nothing can go wrong with oreo larr!!

So pretty larr this one!!
I feel like a kid again haha
The glaze is really delicious....

anyways, just wanna help promote Dunkin Donuts, personally, I think Dunkin Donut taste good, it's just that they lack variety in terms of flavors...If you happen to pass by any Dunkin Donuts at the petrol station, do buy one, I'm sure you'll love it. 

go to their website to see the list of Dunkin Donut outlets

Organic Express @ SS2

Vegetarian food again...
The one reason I love vegetarian food is because there's no bones haha, yeap, I am THAT Malas...
Usually me and my mom have very very different preference in food
So whenever she wants to take me out for lunch, she knows there's only one place to go, vegetarian restaurants...
This restaurant is quite new i suppose, mommy's friend recommended it...

Fell in love with the environment at first sight, very cozy and homey
the waitress were very friendly too
Anyways, the food..
Best Fruit Tea I've ever had
super super rich fruity taste, I'm very sure there's lemon, orange, apples and honey
the best part is there's a slight bitter aftertaste (probably orange zest) while the scent of the orange still lingers in your mouth
really nice!

This is something new to me
Buttercream Chicken
I'm serious, it taste like real chicken
It's actually mushrooms, but the texture, really do taste like chicken, slightly crunchy
The buttercream sauce is amazing, they add curry powder i guess, so there's a very strong turmeric scent, but still it's creamy and sweet... Love It! 

Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves 
Well cooked, crunchy, and I'm pretty sure they put less salt
but I still love Organic Recipe's

Asam Fish
recommended by the waitress there
Lots of veggie!!
The gravy is really really rich with flavors...I love the strong sour taste but it doesn't irritate your tongue too much, instead there was abit of sweetness to it. The fish is okay, goes well with the asam gravy.

Basically, the food there is really really not bad. But nothing much special, the only thing that will bring me back is the Buttercream Chicken hehe...Price, same as other organic vegetarian restaurants out there.Place, very cozy and quiet.Service, very good, my mom accidentally chewed the super spicy cili padi from the Buttercream Chicken, the waitress immediately brought her a glass of ice water.Obviously the ice water cant cool down the spicyness, but I appreciate her effort.

Organic Express
49, SS2/30,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
(Same row as Lobsterman)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt and Earl Grey Milk Tea

Something sweet now

1. Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt
was wandering in 1u while waiting for my parents as they shop in AEON 1u on Member's Day
really wanted to eat, but I know I cant eat too much since I'm staying at home doing nothing, so I was looking for something healthy and less carbs hehe

so yeapz, Moo Cow was there...

Original Flavor Frozen Yogurt with Digestive Biscuits and Oreo toppings
RM10.90 Healthy
well because it's very typical yogurt taste, sour and smooth
unlike Tutti Frutti, which taste like ice cream, this one really taste like yogurt
but it's not too sour, just nice
The toppings are crunchy and yummy, goes well with the yogurt. So the yogurt wont seem too tasteless/plain. 
in fact I was surprised by the amount of topping they give, it's a lot, a lot more than the ones in the photos haha...

I remember when I was eating, there will be loud MOO sounds every few minutes which make me feel like laughing haha 

Visit their Facebook Page to see the list of MooCow Outlets

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ 1 Utama
LGK111 / Lower Ground Floor
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama

Next, 2. Each A Cup's Earl Grey Milk Tea
(A REvisit)
I think I really like Earl Grey Tea, love the unique taste
so that day I went to Tesco with my dad for groceries shopping at Paradigm Mall
my gosh that place is still so so crowded, wanted to drink something but all the drink shops are crowded/long queue. Passed by Each A Cup which is also one of my fave drink shops, and realize they actually have Earl Grey Milk Tea
didn't think much, bought one immediately and in fact I was the last customer hehehe

Earl Grey Milk Tea - RM5.90
I really love it, new twist to milk tea
love the bittery taste, It didn't took me long before I finish the whole thing including the pearls.

go to their websites to see the list of Each A Cup outlets

Annie 1 @ Damansara Uptown

I'm so sorry Annie 1, I should have done a review earlier since I had already dine at your place for dunno how many times in half year's time...
Yes this is one of my family's fave restaurant to go
why? simple reason, Peng leng zeng! 平,靓,正!
Unique and Delicious food at a perfectly Reasonable price.

They are famous for their Menglembu Wantan Mee, but to me, everything on their menu seems unique and also yummy...will introduce some of them to you now

Plain and Simple
Chee Cheong Fun @ RM2.50
I love the texture, smooth but not too oily, not too dry either and there's a light taste to the CheeCheongFun itself.
It taste good without the shallots, but of course, the shallots add extra flavors and taste to it.
Love this! 

WantonMee Laksa with CharSiew and Wanton - RM6.50
Yeap the noodles are the menglembu wantonmee noodles 
the laksa is just delicious larrr, moderately spicy but have a sweet aftertaste
The slightly salty noodles goes well with it.
The noodles are great! Well cooked, not too oily, and also not too hard or dry.
Plus there's TauPok, Char Siew and yummy Wantan, really delicious.
I can finish the whole bowl including the soup!

 Teh C @ RM2.20

also, try their Braised Ribs Rice (焖排骨饭) and Nasi Lemak with Pork Curry
Their plain Soup WantonMee is also very nice!

The place well, not exactly very nice environment, but it's definitely better than any normal Char Chan Teng/Kopitiam. The restaurant takes up two lots and is usually very very full, no matter lunch hour or dinner time, but no worrries, they have the call button, you'll be served in a short time once you press the button. 

Annie 1
No.20, Jalan SS 21/58,
Damansara Utama, PJ

Roti Jala and Asam Laksa @ HoHoSek SS2

I know this place is definitely not new, but it certainly didn't cross our minds before when it comes to deciding on where to eat. But just a few weeks ago, mommy's friend brought some Roti Jala to my house, and yes my whole family fell in love with it after trying it. 

Roti Jala - RM 5
The curry is yummy! Not too spicy, but still full of flavors. Even the chicken is tender and yummy.
The best part is the roti jala's soft with a very mild taste, so yea it goes very well with the curry.
well I remember this cost around RM5 and yes it's kinda expensive for a food with Roti named with it, but it's very filling, quite worth it lar...

tried their Asam Laksa too, cost RM5.00, small one
Love this asam laksa weih, the soup is just nice!
sour, but with the sweetness of fish and onions
even the pineapples are sweet!
The noodles, well cooked, not too hard. There's quite a lot of fish and the fish taste good!
The best part is that, unlike the pasar malam ones, there's no fishy smell (腥味). which i really really like!

Oh I should mention the pohpiah as well.
I'm quite sure that the Pohpiah stall is still the same stall as the previous Mee Yoke Lim
Still so delicious hehe

Anyways, the environment is good, air conditioned, with wi-fi, the exterior looks good, with full length glass exterior, and two floors summore. Got huge TV also, you can watch football at night...

Restaurant Ho Ho Sek
No.157, Jalan SS2/6
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-7877 7745

Friday, July 20, 2012

KDramas!!! Salaryman and The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Yea I've always been a crazy K Drama fan throughout these years but evensince edexcel exams ended, things got worse haha....currently non-stop watching + REWATCHING all the k dramas hehe
anyways, watched some really good ones...
wanna share with you people...

1. Salaryman Cho Han Ji
It's a modern day adaptation of Chinese History's Chu-Han 楚汉相争 that talks about the story of Xiang Yu (项羽) and Liu Bang (刘邦)
Yes it's a KOREAN drama using CHINESE history hehe....really nice!
I really like how they make they make modern day companies as the battlefield.
Love all their tricks....even love their character

Salaryman Cast : Jung Gyu Woon, Hong Soo Hyun, Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Bum Soo
The story talks about modern day company employees working their best to achieve success, to win in competition, and also their tricks and schemes to claim their rights and status.
Hang Woo(Gyuwon) is trying to take revenge on Chun Ha group where its president caused the death of Hang Woo's father.
Yoo Bang(Bumsoo) was an ordinary employee who works hard to protect Chun Ha group, but after he left ChunHa, he starts to build his own business and stand strong in the industry despite being a small company.
Yeo Chi (Ryeowon), the granddaughter of ChunHa's president. After the death of her grandfather, his secretary came into power. Knowing that the secretary must have changed his grandfather's will, she decides to take everything back with her own hands.
Woo Hee (SooHyun) is a kind and helpful friend of YooBang and stands firm for justice.  

Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Bum Soo are awesome larr!!
They can seriously fit into any kind of characters
In this show, ryeowon is the daughter of a Pharmaceutical Company that speaks foul language all the time LOL love her character...n Lee Bum Soo, never fail to make me laugh...yet when things are serious, he's acting, 3 words, LIKE A BOSS.

hehe...someone new to me
Jung Gyu Won who act as Hang Woo in this show...
At first I kinda dislike him since he's like villain, but after that I find him really cute and I really like how he showed all his love to the woman he love. so touching.

2. The Moon that Embraces the Sun
Thumbs Up!!
super super touching story....
cant forget all the beautiful scenes of the drama
and seriously, I think about it when I sleep...serious, when I'm not thinking about something else, all the scenes of the show will just suddenly appear in my head...
I'm dead obsessed with the show.
however I actually didn't watch every single minute of the show since I was a bit too "Gan Jiong" to know the  ending, will REWATCH this soon!!

Cast : Kim Soo Hyun (Left), Han Ga-In (right), Jung Il Woo, Kim Min Seo
Synopsis :
A long lasting love story between Lee Hwon (SooHyun) and Hur Yeon Woo (Ga-In).
 very much twisted by fate, many sad events happened that pulled both apart.
But fate put them together again, but as they get closer, the more dangers that they encounter.
haiya in simple words, a very beautiful and touching love story.

Lee Hwon, the crown prince met Yeon Wu when they were young and fell in love with each other. Both were destined to be the Sun and the Moon of the country, and in fact Yeon Woo was crowned as the future princess due to her intelligence. But a few days before their marriage, a death spell was cast on Yeon Woo and she died of illness a few days later. The prince was deeply hurt and live a sad life. It turns out that Yeon Woo was rescued from the grave but lost her memories. Fate made both of them meet again and the Prince starts to doubt the real reason behind Yeon Woo's death. 
Anyways, see the photo above? yea they are the young Lee Hwon and young Yeon Woo. Must give them some credit, they are only 15 and 13 but my gosh their acting....Thumbs Up!!!
I cried so bad during the scene where Lee Hwon watches Yeon Woo being chased out of the palace.
They are seriously good weih, in fact all the young actors are good. The young Princess MinHwa, young Prince YangMyung....awesome larr!! They can cry like the adults!!

 the kids are already good, the adults of course are even better...
I love how they can just tear up without looking to fake.
seriously very touching...
Kim Soo Hyun, didn't know that he was so good...i mean like he's only 24, so young but his acting is just wonderful larr!! Really "gamdong". And Han Ga-In, I really love her previous roles in "Super Rookie" and "Yoohee the Witch" but this Yeon Woo is a very different character, so much emotions, she did really well. and she's so pretty, no wonder my brother still love you so much after so many years hehe
The storyline is good, very interesting and full of ups and downs, and it makes you anticipate the next episode. The characters are all good, still feel very impressed with all the actors' skills especially how they express their emotions and thoughts, how they try to hide something but still show it. Every character has a lot of story to tell.

 despite all the heartbreaking moments, there's still funny and cute parts and also cute characters
Hyung Sun the eunuch is the cutest! (the man at the centre)
brought so much laughter into the show.
well the main characters can be quite funny at times which makes the show much lighter and less moody.

homg dont you think Han Ga In is beautiful?
not just pretty, but Beautiful! despite her age, she's still a good match with Kim Soo Hyun hehe

I really like Kim Soo Hyun from now on...
very impressive! "偶像ahh!!!"
kay i'm gonna rewatch dream high again hehe...

well actually instead of watching new dramas, I'm rewatching a lot of dramas...
From Rooftop Prince, City Hunter
the next drama that I wanna rewatch is this one
Personal Taste 2010
just like The Moon that Embraces the Sun
it's also adapted from a Novel
this one, even though fictional, but seems very much real
not like those love stories full of ups and downs, tragic incidents..
this one is just ....real and sweet

okay I'll rewatch it when I have time, watch this if you haven't watch it :D

Love Nuffnang


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