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Monday, January 20, 2014

Kaffa @ Damansara Utama

I wrote this post 2 weeks ago but now only remember to post haha...

Coffee talk with the dear high school buddies before coming back to Singapore. 
Coffee seems to be our choice over Teh Tarik & Alcohol LOL
Thanks to the outburst of hipster coffee shops in KL, we get to enjoy a nice dose of caffeine while chatting and sharing about our lives :D
It was another great yumcha session...we just wish we could always have a cup of coffee together after a hectic day.  

Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Damansara Utama
coffee bar, with cakes and sandwiches as well. Nice ambience, vintage and cosy. 

our drinks :D

My Capucinno -- RM10
Quite smooth, no sugar needed. Coffee is moderately acidic, not really bitter hehe..

 Flat White -- RM10
love the latter art :D

Mocha -- RM12

awesome catch-up with Zhi, Yink, Daph & Ting
so gonna miss this bunch...
can't wait for the next coffee session so that we can "blow water" haha

finally, featuring Tingwei's Durian Latte Art haha

Kaffa Espresso Bar
97, Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya
Mon - Sun: 7:30 am - 12:00 am

go to their website for other locations

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Afternoon Tea @ Majestic Hotel Tea Lounge with the high school bestie

Tai-tai day haha...
First time in forever LOL
Decided to splurge for once (but obviously I splurged more than once)in this sem break, just to sit back and relax at an entirely different environment. 
Met up with the high school friend after 4 months...
Thought she will be busy with her studies and work, but this girl just go "Let's go out" the moment I told her that I'm back haha...
Nothing beats chatting with a good friend and updating each other about our lives, even better when we get to do it in the elegant way haha...
So, we went to Tea Lounge at The Majestic Hotel @ Jalan Sultan Hishamudin, KL  for a classic English afternoon tea session. Beautiful place I must say, the hotel itself has the colonial architecture, totally in white with broad windows. Going in to the Tea Lounge, it definitely looks like one of those classy and elegant English lounge, with beautiful chandeliers, comfy armchairs, classic table lamps and pretty flowers in a vase. 
Best part was the big windows, behind the beautiful drapes...that gives a view of the green lawn, allowing the right amount of natural light in. Couldn't stop saying how pretty this place is. 

Love the furniture over there, very traditional and vintage English style

So we had Afternoon Tea over there, which costs RM48++ per pax.
The afternoon tea includes a 3-Tier afternoon tea rack, a pot of English tea and also some savory treats that came later.
So beautiful!!
This is a rather different rack, unlike the usual 3 tier round plates. 
This looks so....exquisite and elegant. 

Pretty lerr
never in my life that I thought of having this view...

The bottom tier - Sandwiches!
I had smoked salmon, tuna and the round one that has bean sprouts and mushrooms inside if i'm not wrong :D
Smoke salmon rocks!!

Middle Tier - Scones!
with strawberry jam and cream
Erm, i prefer crunchy and fluffy ones
this one is more dense, finish one, you feel full instantly
Love the cream and jam :D

3rd Tier -- Sweet treats
The first one (from front) is a Panna cotta, super nice! Fruity and smooth. the second one is a very fragrant and crunchy coconut cake, my favorite :) Then there's cheesecake, choco tart and a meringue. 

Savory treats that came seperately
in a golden tray with a cover on top
when the waiter serves it, it's like "ta-dah" haha...
anyways, there's drumsticks, cheeseballs and some curry pie on the left which is very very delicious. 
This savory treats adds a Malaysian twist to English Afternoon Tea.
anyways, they served satay and almond cookies as well. 

Beautiful tea set, look at the color of the tea man....
Love the aroma.

btw, super friendly waiters
the way they serve really represents the word 5-Star
like what Fiona said, every one of them are trying to be Best Employee of the month haha
the waiter volunteered to help us take a photo.

The Tea Lounge, every half an hour or so, there will be a pianist by the piano, playing soft tunes of popular classics. Yeap, awesome experience from all senses.
It was great to have friends to talk to, laughing, while biting into sweet treats, talking while sipping some tea. 

Girl friend of the day -- Fiona
by the way, it was during new year's eve. Can't believe how time flies weih, and looking at this photo, we do look different from we first met each other. We were still wearing pinafore and having ponytails back then, but now, hair down and dress like a lady. Really grateful that we still contact each other despite the distance. We may not talk to each other every single day, but still, we have each other in our hearts and know we've gotta meet up, just listen to each other. 

Tea Lounge @ The Majestic Hotel KL
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 2785 8000

Btw, you might wanna call for reservation before going there for Afternoon Tea. 

Monday, January 13, 2014


Back to University...
just a short post here, before my new semester starts tomorrow...

One month holidays was somewhat super quick. 
It's a shame to say that I really didn't do much...
For some reason, I felt really drained when I first got back, and I stayed home for two weeks, yes you heard me, I didn't step out of the house for two weeks. I thought my holidays was suppose to be a time to catch up with friends, but turns out, all I need was just sleep. Yes I sleep a lot, but it's a habit for me to sleep at 3am. And I swear I have no way to adjust it back to the normal hours, not even during the holidays...
So end up, what did I do?
Sleep and wake up at afternoon, then eat, TV, eat TV, then computer all the way until 3am again.
As I'm writing this, I really feel very ashamed of myself.

I feel like I've turned into what my mom called "Slaves of Computer"
I could spend 5 hours on the net, but when people ask me what did I do, I just couldn't answer them what did I do on the Internet. I just spent too much time, surfing on websites that shows articles and videos that I can't and won't remember.

So after all this crapping, I'm really trying to wake myself up...and here comes the 2014 New Year Resolution
Wise Time Management with Net surfing. 

Back to holidays, hmm....
I still managed to meet up with some friends, almost at the last two weeks of sem break. It's just great to meet up with the dearest friends. So meaningful to catch-up with them. They'll complaint about their universities, lecturers, then I'll talk about how much I miss Malaysian Food, next they will talk about their future plans, their previous experiences...their embarrassing stories...hahahah
Lots of things to laugh at...but at the end, it's how they tell you that they're enjoying their life, that makes you the happiest. All of us are moving in different directions, I just feel very happy to know that, we're pursuing what we want in life, and it gives me more motivation, to continue what I've chosen.

At the same time, these friends will be the listener, the people who encourages you, people who have hopes for you as well and people who put you, as a small little part of their future. Actually the size of the part does not matter, but at least you know, they are expecting to see more of you in their life. :D We might be apart, but I'm sure we'll be together again someday...

Okays, I dunno what did I just crapped here...

Tea session with the MCKL buddies at Garden Lifestyle Cafe
Polaroids and Chamomile Tea :)

still my favorite bunch of classmates...
funny, crazy, insane.....but hardworking!

oh yea...insanity haha...

Tai-tai experience haha, with the high school bestie Fiona
still feel grateful that we could still call each other out for a long catch up session though we don't contact each other frequently. Her life's kind of an adventure to me hehe, really love listening to her encounters...

My dearest UTAR buddy!!
this girl is just so caring and so nice to talk to
love all the fun stories, gossip and experience that you shared with me

My heavy dose of laughter from the high school buddies!
This bunch, seriously I don't think they ever changed, to me, they still act as if they are still in form 5 omg...
All the non-stop jokes, insults, fun stuff hehe...

Daphney dear, the girl who stayed as close friends with me even though she left our highschool when she was form 4. 

The KL buddy!!! Miuyinn!!
the girl who never say No to go walk around with me, and also can bear my broken english haha

Coffee Talk with the highschool buddies before I fly back to SG
It was just a few hours, but I really thought we talked a lot and shared a lot about our lives, even the smallest things hehe...

The MUST EAT food!! Luckily I had time to eat all of my Mamak Favorites...
Maggie Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Roti Kosong and juicy Ramly Burger!!

another thing that I really enjoyed during the holidays
cooking my own aglio olio spaghetti

Got back to NTU yesterday...
when I was going into the boarding gate, can't believe I felt like crying when I look at my dad and mum. I guess some part of me is still the Daddy's little girl that never wants to leave the castle. I tried not to talk despite my mom was saying goodbye to me. I just turned and tried very hard to not look back. When I come back to my room, for some reason, I didn't feel much, but the homesick kicks in when I have to start cleaning the place, thinking that "Ahhhh......another 4 months here..."
Until now, I'm still pondering and questioning why would I feel so Homesick...and I think the reason is really DISTANCE. The longer the distance, the worse it gets, this is what I see from other students around me. 
I know I should be grateful that NTU is so near to Malaysia haha....but the thought of not being able to go home, whenever I want, just makes me feel depressed. Somehow I just wish, and hope and pray that my parents will decide to move down to JB haha...
but I know that's not going to happen...
so what to do? Stay strong lorr....

This sem, is gonna be a tough one, not just academics, but also the co-cu activities...
I really do not know how can I juggle everything, but I still wanna try, I wanna learn. Hopefully i wont mess things up haha...

Okayokay, time to sleep...
It's first day of school yo!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Catch up session : Brunch at Plan B

Another catch up session with the UTAR buddy
Given that I missed every single memory in UTAR while I was in NTU, just couldn't wait to meet up with her and tell her how much I treasured our days while I was still at the Long River :D

well I wanted to meet up with the whole bunch of course, but I know they are all having their sem break, and most of them probably went back to their hometown outside of KL, so I didn't really have high hopes on meeting them. But this girl actually gave me her precious time in KL after she came back from Taiwan, and before she go back to her hometown on the following day.

Really had a great time chatting with her. Even better, she brought me souvenir!! haha....damn GamDong arr...But best part was still listening to her stories, her updates, and her adventure in Taiwan. Probably because I'm so eager to travel, listening to others' travel stories never fails to cheer me up. Maybe it's my way of 望梅止渴。LOL

Anyways, we had brunch at Plan B @ Midvalley
Food REvisit here...
okay it was suppose to be a brunch haha, but we were late, so, it's lunch LOL however, we ordered the classic brunch meals.

Cappuccino -- RM8.00
to start the day :D
Love the latte art haha...blend of different colors and texture 
anyways it taste great, smooth and frothy
not much sugar is needed, the milk taste gives enough sweetness

Iced Latte -- RM10.00
Jingwen's, I like the fact that you can actually decide the sweetness for cold drinks
not many shops do that

Eggs Benedict -- RM16.00
This is the classic brunch right?
Slightly fried ham, with watery eggs
Healthy taste

Eggs Royale -- RM17.00
a heavier version of eggs benedict I suppose
strong flavor from smoked salmon
love the combination of watery eggs and smoked salmon that melts into the english muffin

So after finishing our food, we just stayed there and chat for hours. Love the cosy environment, it's like a secret place to meet up haha... Probably because of the dim lighting, every table seems to be a private space, really great for friends to chat all afternoon.

just keep on chatting while sipping water....
we finished up two bottles of water haha...
bet the waiter hates us LOL
rushed to the toilet the moment we step up haha

Buddy of the day -- Jingwen
this girl has always been the JiMui of JiMuis while I was in UTAR, always so caring and also damn ON haha
One afternoon was probably too short for us, I just love listening to all the stories, and also what I've missed after leaving UTAR. We'd complaint about our lecturers haha, and I'd be telling her how expensive things are in Singapore, then next second we'll be talking about dramas LOL 
Hope to meet up with her and the rest of GE gang soon.

Plan B
Lot G-073 - 075 Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Go to Plan B's website for all the locations of Plan B outlets:

Thursday, January 09, 2014

KL Heritage Walk 2013: Old China Cafe @ Pasar Seni & Coliseum Cafe @Jalan TAR

Can't believe we have been doing this since 2010!
Glad that this girl never say no to me, whenever I ask her for a walk.
And when I say walk, I mean really long long walk.
Glad that we share the passion of appreciating KL's beauty and also taking photos along the way. Proud to say, it's the fourth year and fifth trip. Well sorry, I didn't post about our 4th trip which was in July 2013(will definitely post photos if possible, there are many pretty photos of TheanHou temple). But you can look back at our trips, under the Photography Label.

So, we were pretty much scratching our heads on where to go for this year's trip. Coz looking at KL's map, we pretty much went to all the tourist spot. I can really draw a map on the place we've been to.

That's not all....

Anyways, we've decided to take it easy this time. This trip may not be as adventurous as the previous ones, but I think it's also one of the best, coz we really just got lost, and what we found on the way was better than what we expected. and for the first time, our trip becomes a food trip haha

Started with breakfast and walk around Brickfields. Not many photos down here, but Brickfields is truly a place with rich and diverse culture. Within one km radius, we've passed by mosques, Hindu temple, Chinese temple and also churches. It's just amazing.

Pork Ball noodles :D

at the revamped Yit Seang Restaurant
@ Jalan Thambipillay

Some of the churches we passed by

And of course, the must visit Little India street!

 went into one of the Indian jewelry and apparel shop. Just be prepared to be amazed by all the colors that comes into sight. 

check out the vibrant colors mannn

 The beautiful fountain located at one of the ends of Little India

Tried out Indian Sweets!!
always wanted to do this, I doubt you can find this at other places.
Tried 2 types of milk candy, cashew flavored candy and coconut candy.

I think they are really nice hehe
but warning, it might be too sweet
I just love the the taste of coconut, milk, and light spices...
Get them at Jesal Sweet House
No. 84, Jalan Sambathan, 50470 Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
I bought five of them, it costs RM5.20, not cheap haha

Next, we took the train to the cultural center of KL, Pasar Seni.
well nothing new this time, but I always loved walking along the streets here, coz they just give off a very rich traditional and ancient aura. The bustling streets, the kopitiams, food stalls and markets. I hope the government will stop thinking of removing any buildings in this area anymore. 

So we had lunch at Old China Cafe
Food REvisit's my 3rd time here!
Still love this place so muchiee, we were there when the restaurant opens, but it's already crowded with tourist from all around the world. Got angmo, then ppl from China, HongKong and Korea. Haha, nice opportunity to act like a foreigner eyh? 

Never get sick of this place really, the vintage furnishing, nostalgic paintings and photos on the wall, dim lighting... You just can't stop scanning your surroundings and enjoy the ambience. 

lots of photos that showcased the history of KL

Nyonya Nasi Lemak -- RM10.90
Miu ordered this, and complaint that the curry chicken is cold.
Ironic that they took a long time to serve. 
But the last time I came to visit, I really loved this Nasi Lemak, the mildly spicy but rich coconut flavor curry and also the beautiful and well cooked rice. 

Nyonya Fried Rice -- RM10.90
I ordered this one for this visit, guess I prefer this more than Nasi lemak now, coz i love the spicyness and strong flavor of the nyonya paste. Probably with lots of lemon grass and asam. 

Iced White Coffee -- RM6.80
nothing special, but it was a great chilling drink after all the walking

I would still come back, to enjoy the cosy and vintage ambience.

Old China Cafe
No. 11, Jalan Balai Polis, 
Kuala Lumpur, 50000
Phone:+60 3-2072 5915

So after our lunch, we pretty much just kept ourselves busy, by just walking along the streets, checking out some of the wholesale shops along Pasar Seni: Jewelry and Accessories, Plush Toy, Bags, Souvenir. The variety is amazing, well though we can't buy them at Wholesaler price, but the variety that they offer here, will definitely make you buy something home haha. (we weren't allowed to take photos inside the shops)

After some exploration at Pasar seni, we decided to head towards the Coliseum Cafe at Jalan TAR. Got a map from the Central market counter, but thanks to my suckish sense of direction, we took extra miles haha...but at least we still found it. But also thanks to my lousy built-in GPS haha, we got to explore more ancient streets in KL that we totally missed in the previous trips...

This is the ancient Sin Sze Si Ya Temple @ Jalan Tun HS Lee

The bridge that crosses the meeting point of Gombak River and Klang River
Right opposite of the Masjid Jamek

Well I'm sorry that I dont have much photos on our LOST track haha
coz we were basically just appreciating the surroundings, and totally turned crazy and started singing all the songs from FROZEN lol Really had fun singing with this girl haha....awesome way to de-stress.

@Jalan Ampang

Jalan Dang Wangi

It wasn't until we found the famous Yut Kee, that we realized we walked so much further than we should.

Passed by SOGO, and the beautiful and bustling street of Jalan TAR. Lots of clothing and textile shops, and I swear I never really seen so much people walking back and forth on a street with shoplots. Nowadays, you only get crowded streets at Bukit Bintang, but Jalan TAR seems to be another shopping paradise for locals, especially our Malay friends.   Almost at the other end of the road, we found the iconic Coliseum Cinema and Coliseum Cafe!!

prepare to have your jaw drop when you see them, they look super super ancient.

Coliseum Cafe
since 1921. Yes it's still at the same location, same shoplot. One of the most famous steakhouse back in my dad's generation. Dad says they really have a long history and was ran by Hainanese(nt sure about the current owner), who are the pioneers of coffee shop business in KL. Known for serving delicious coffee and chicken chop since colonial era. I must say I love the cafe from inside to outside. This place looks and feels vintage. And it's the genuine kind of vintage, not like those coffee shops who tried to artificially create a vintage environment. Everything inside the restaurant just have the aged and nostalgic mood. Some people might just label it as OLD though. 

Turkey Omelette with Fries -- RM10.90
quite nice, with fresh salad and fries
and the portion is quite big...

Cheese Garlic Bread -- RM3.90/pc
crunchy with strong aroma of garlic
but abit pricey..

Iced Hainanese Coffee -- RM3.20
Thumbs up for this, awesome! coz they always have the strong Kopi O taste and mild aroma of milk that balance off the bitterness.

here's the vintage looking Smoking Area.
The brown and maroon tones, leather chairs, yellow walls. 

The cafe serves a wide range of western cuisine, steaks are their specialty
but abit pricey
will come back when I have the money haha

Coliseum Cafe
98 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 
50100 Kuala Lumpur,

they have a branch at Plaza33
Lot PG-02, Plaza 33
1 Jalan Semangat, Sec 13
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Finally, our year-end must do. Snap around Pavillion's Christmas Decoration.
I think this year's decoration is quite a fresh idea, coz pavillion has been going with Red and Gold tones for the past few years, it's good to see how they made a Winter Wonderland this year. Snowflakes everywhere, blue fairylights, polar bears and a white Christmas Tree.

Here's some shots :

stupid selca of me LOL

really love this beautiful doll

with the buddy.

Big thanks to my KL buddy MiuYinn
thanks for walking all the streets with me
including the extra miles due to my often failing GPS system haha..
and of course, always taking time to make this trip happen every year.
See how we witness the change in Pavillion's deco for four years babe!!
anyways, the rather unglam photo at the center....haha
was certainly one of the most memorable one, where we were soaked due to the heavy rain, feeling helpless coz there's no where to go. But at least there's you hehe...the trip was still full of laughter despite feeling exhausted.

Okay, another year passed. KL is still as lovely, but of course, I wish for improvement for our beloved city. Hope I'll be seeing something different and fun next year. :D

Love Nuffnang


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