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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The JB Cafe Hop : CoffeeLoft @ Taman Molek

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And here comes my series of CafeHop in JB!!
Thanks to my cousin brother Zack, who became our driver to take us around and indulge ourselves in the JB coffee scene. I must say I'm totally shocked and impressed by the number of coffee bars in JB, in fact many of them are within close proximity. 

5 Days 5 New Cafes

Our first stop, Coffee Loft @ Taman Molek
Vince, who favors beautifully decor-ed hipster cafes, recommended this place, due to their spacious, cosy and artsy interior and exterior. Great place to hang out with friends.  

The furnishing uses mainly wood and steel components, with mainly dark brown and black hues, and there's plenty of art works on the walls, giving a simplicity and sophisticated setting. Even their cups are in black. 

Zack's Latte -- RM10.00
Latte art looks pretty enough. 
Btw the bear is just something to fix the order sheet on the table LOL

My Mocha -- RM11.00
I kinda like it, coz I'm not like those pro-coffee-tasting people, so I preferred something that's not that acidic. This one has just a mild bitterness and light milk scent. But lacks chocolate flavor. Texture was kinda creamy though. 

Blueberry Waffle with Ice cream -- RM15.00
Nothing special, just crunchy waffles with rich and sweet blueberry jam. Certainly not worth this price. 

Vince sipping her Rose Latte (RM11.00) while trying to study her ACCAs 
Joseph also had an Iced Mocha (RM14.00) to accompany his exam revision.

Yeap as you can see, Vince and young cousin brother Joseph are studying, so sorry to bother you guys during your exam period....but I guess this place was conducive for studying right?? :D

one thing not to miss, the grey and industrial style exterior
there's even a small garden by the back

Love this mega-sign
I thought it looks like something you might see on NY streets, no?

Coffee Loft
29, Jalan Molek 1/12, 
Taman Molek, 81100
Johor Bahru. 

Tel: 073617840

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