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Monday, July 30, 2007

i don't hav piano class,
went to skul as usual,
classes were never be interesting....
but i got my awesome friends.....
i'm kinda weird today,
i thought everything was wrong,
n i sort of enjoying nagging on ppl,
n i like to scold ppl too..
2moro's christine's piano examination,
hope she will do well!!
no wait, of course she will do well.
but she's kinda stress coz it's her grade 8 exam,
the exam fees, tak boleh main-main tu....
and she repeated these same lines since the begining of this year,
To my lou po, Christine Cheah Xin Hui.
yOu caN Do iT!!!!!!!
i'll pray for you!!
okay, i'm stepping in to the month of august,
you know what,
i'll find my purse with a hole,
is like so many ppl's birthday!!
friends, best friends, seniors, family members.....
well, most of them are girls.
you know la, buy present for girls,
need to be creative 1 mar....
and so many ppl,
hav 2 be different present. >.<
for those whose birthday is in august.
a happy be-earliered birthday wish for you.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long time didn't post,
okay, i'm writing this same line again......
went back to hometown last week......

Last Saturday & Sunday

I got my tortoise, hehe, every cousin of mine has 1 too.
Thx to my 'gu po' who gave me this

My cousins

My cousins' tortoise......=)

Well, nothing much happened during these days......i love the food, i ate 'bak kut teh' on delicious......but i drank the worst bubble tea in the a chocolate flavour 1.......and the bubble tea without the pearl.....damn horrible man.......bitter 1......and it costs 4 bucks i think.....anywayz......i enjoyed hanging around with my cousins.....


Had badminton match with green house yesterday, i played in mix again. Different partner, but same thing, i don't know who he is. The score? 21-7(nt sure) and 21-18. For sure, we lose larr. We should win in the match. Because the main point of the whole game is to win in mix doubles. Green house people damn licik man........they were like pretending that they argued, and shouted for which position they want for. Everything was a drama. So, we put the wrong person in every match. I'm quite upset with this, i hope that han rui didn't told me this. However, it's over.... At lesat we got a silver rite??

I had my piano exam TODAY. It wasn't really good. I don't know how i'm gonna explain this to my teacher.The examiner was a guy. Well, i did quite well when i'm in my house. But i don't know why everything was different in the examination room. My scales sucked like hell, i got half of it wrong. Maybe i'm too worried. The pieces?? Boleh tahan larh, the piano was very useful for my pieces. especially for the expressive ones. Sight reading, okay larr. Not too hard but it wasn't easy too. Aural- This was easier than i expected, but i guess there's mistakes in my counting & singing. Overall,it was a nightmare. Worse than last year. There's 50% for me to fail. Everybody, please pray for me that i'll pass. After the exam, i went mcdonalds and ate double cheeseburger & mcflurry. Then went home and do nothing. I'm quite sad. Not because of the exam. When i think of the exam fees, i felt so scared if i fail and the money was wasted. Hope everthing will be okay.

Friday, July 20, 2007

this week was a super buzy week......
badminton, marching & piano
and i hurt my finger,
i'm not sure whether i can play piano at my exam,
at least i still can type my post rite now,
well, i realized that i really loved badminton!!!
yea, though i sucked in it.
today, ungu & kuning had a dramatic match.....
during the mixed doubles.....
it was like so cool!!
eng yi & the form 1 guy really rocked......
they played like super 'yeng'
for those who saw the match.....
for sure it is memorable,
and, i go back, have noodles for my lunch,
then, went to school.
and school was kinda normal but till d last period of school.
sejarah quiz!!!!
everybody cheated, including me!!
but i still have a lot of empty spots on the paper.
before the test,
everyone was hoping pn.suaihala will give birth to her baby immediatly....
i know we were bad......but we don't know everything....
the chapter is really long...............
then came back from school.
tomorrow, guides had meeting,
so sad i can't attend,
and hanrui's having their backwoodsman session for kadet polis......
yerr.......i really wanna go la,
wanna try my twin sis's cooking......hehe
and the guides gt gadjet building....
I'm going back to my cousin's hse.....
maybe we will watch 'Harry Potter'
yea.......but i heard it was kinda boring.....
watever, i'm still the fan of the storybooks.
not gonna be onlining these days.......
i guess....
bye bye!!


Sunday, July 15, 2007


today was a long long day,
in the morning,
i had a match with ruman hijau,
i played in mixed doubles.
and my partner??
i don't even know who is he,
and my competitor??
seng yew and 1 girl,
the whole game was only seng yew playing,
no offence but the girl didn't do anything,
i did a lot of mistakes....
yea, my partner did tonnes as well.
that's why seng yew didn't smash me but him.
the score for the match?? T.T
15-3, 15, 6
thank god, at least i'm not the worst score in the whole day,
somebody scored 15-0 & 15-1
and the person who won is a purple!! yay!!
nevertheless, ungu still lost.
then i had school, freaking boring.
hanrui & i gt more topics bout badminton.
and they rampas-ed say wei's mp3....
then, we were rushing to change into our uni.
en.zol saw us & asked this and that.
then we reached there.
the gathering??
i think is a little bit fun......
well, this was my 1st time,
so i don't know how other school did.
then we played around.
CHS's cheerleaders rocks!!
i likey their uni.
adn another point of the gathering,
The Band.
if i'm not mistaken the band name is Ice-Cold Morning Band.
they were really cute & rocked!!
erin & sook ven were falling for the percussion guy. i think esther's like that also.
i heard the name is bryan. not sure larr.
and two of them act like super funny,
and sook ven just look weird.
and they were asking for his email......
and they were looking at the guy all the time.....
honestly, i didn't really see how the guy looked like but i'm sure he's really cute.
The band sang couple of songs,
like "wake me up when sept ends", "dirty little secret"
& their encore song "keep your hands off my girl"!!
the encore song totally drove me crazy. i like good charlotte.
and we had games.......and so on.
kinda enjoy but at the same time is kinda bored.
anyways.....great exprerience.......
came back and went online......

Friday, July 13, 2007

i didn't blog for a week i think......
my brother la!!!!!
everyday this and that.....
wanted to play also no use.....
the LPPS of our school had an exhibition,
they had mummies, haha.....
which is wrapped by tissue paper.......
and i saw some of them looked like cleopatra.....
well, the exhibition was quite creative,
where people pull your legs when you are walking around in the library. xD
well, cik shaiha didn't showed up today,
i saw her before school starts.
then we had history,
gosh!! quiz??
all of us cheated,
coz we don't know any single thing.
then we had free period for the rest of the lessons after recess.
me and han rui were studying history??
can't believe i'm so 'guai lui'
and i realized han rui is really my twin sister!!
though she got a twin sister too,
we thought the same thing, we spoke the same thing, we even do the same thing.
when she is pain, i'm pain too,
but there's still a distance between us because of badminton!!
fine, nothing to mention about that.
well, christine's playing with jonathan???
in mixed doubles??
me n hanrui were like.....WAKAKAKAKAKA!!!
1st thing, jonathan?? walau!
2nd thing, she..........
3rd thing, i can't really imagine how christine's gonna play in mix.
but i believe she can do it!!!!!
the second thing was the main reason we laughed!!
then we studied sejarah like mad,
and sponge beelee & bryan joined us,
they were learning chinese with us......
and they spoke kinda odd but funny.
Tomorrow's the match!!
well, i'm not sure whether i'm playing or not,
i wanted to play but at the same time i can't play well.
and my twin sis will be my opponent......she damn geng!! can cry edi la!!
anyways, Purple House will Win!!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007



It was my shoe in the middle surrounded by pink shoes.
Pink Shoes Gang.

Taking Picture with the heroes.
Saluting to the heroes......

Christine Cheah Xin Hui & Me
Dino's Attacking!!!!!!!!!!

Having Fun!!

Carena, me & Esther.

The *Hibiscus* Patrol!!

We had a hike today,
i slept at 1 yesterday, to do da name tags.
i reached at 7 something and i'm extremely sleepy.
then we started our hike,
i don't really know my patrol members,
they wasn't really team-working.
but i'm part of it as well,
i seems to go here and there without permission,
so today out patrol didn.t did a great job
but congrats to those who were taking the tests!!
here are the destinations we went through,

1. K.L Sentral
2. Hilton & Meridien Hotel
3. National Musuem
4. National Planetarium
5. National Space Agency
6. Police Musuem
7. Memorial Tunku Abdul Razak
8. Deer Park
9. Lake Gardens
10. National Monument

well, i setted the tasks,
but i have to act like i don't know because is unjust to the other patrols.
but hui qian - the patrol leader,
she's like damn smart,
and she found every single tasks 1st
i'm like, i think i'll get screwed by mun ling.
but 1 thing, the tasks i setted were freaking easy
the whole team were out of control once we reached the fantasy land,
me n esther were playing like children.
and my PL kena scold because i left the group,
i felt super sorry,
then we went to the national monument,
we had lunch there,
we were like sitting on the floor and chatting around.
then we went all the way back n ate mcD.
journey back to Taman Bahagia.......
well, it was a great hike,
n i'm quite senang coz i dun really need to do anything,
i'll upload soon!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

this blog was frozen for a few days.....
well, i'm watching heart of greed at youtube,
so no time to blog....
i'm quite obsessed with this drama,
though i watched because of raymond lam.
yesterday we had a p.puteri photographing session.
me & christine forgotten to bring black shoes,
we were like, omg!!
then we wanted to borrow from prefects.
and we walked to hanrui n hanyann's hse.
on the way, we were like saying,
thank god han rui n han yann are twins,
seriously, if not how we get two pair of black shoes??
her grandma just opened the gate without asking,
and i saw hanyann wearing da prefect's shirt with a short pants.
no offence, i'm like laughing.
we exchanged shoes with them.
They wore white shoes, white shirt n white skirt to school.
haha, but in the end, we returned the shoes before shooting the photo.
that was something interesting about yesterday.
well today,
seriously i kinda hate the teacher,
though i know is nt her fault for having teaching probs.
i just can get what she was teaching,
n we ended have another PRO maths teacher,
Ooi Say Wei a.k.a Fooi Feh Fei n a.k.a Ooi!!
All of us had loads of question to ask him,
well, he is better than the teacher for 300%
Then, Christine n i had to prepare a presentation for geo.
but in the end,
it's not our turn yet,
we wanted it to be over,
but we are nervous at the same time.
so yea.....
currently still watching heart of greed,
is a nice drama,
and i'm looking forward to 'the drive of life'
raymond lam fans must watch!!!!

Love Nuffnang


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