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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sungai Long Food Special

haizzz, it's been almost 2 months since I officially left UTAR
was looking through some photos and some of them are food pics hehe
Time to do a Sg Long Special! haha
But to be quite honest I really dun have much photos, coz usually I dun really take photos when I eat while I was in Sg Long haha
anyways, I'll try to list out all the places that we students usually go eat, and hopefully attach photos :D

I shall split them according to price range and give short reviews about their food...
and I'll attach the address and foursquare link
The underline ones are places that I really really recommend.

Category One : Economical (RM6 and below)
1. 满记雜饭 -- Mix Rice
They have the best mix rice! Many choices, and most of them are delicious. My favorite combination is always Sambal Kangkung, Sweet and Sour Lala, Steam Egg and Butter Chicken. I'm surprised that it's not on Foursquare lol...
Ratings : 7.5/10 (they dun taste superb, but for mixed rice, the taste is really awesome liao!)
Address : Along Jalan SL1/3, Opposite Kedai Makanan Sky 天下 

2. 友记大山脚鸡饭店 -- Chicken Rice
I'm a fan of chicken rice larrr, and they have very yummy wan actually. The rice is very nice, love the fragrant! Usually I order Chicken thigh + Charsiew, and can ask for soup and taugeh as well. Quite worth it.
Ratings : 6.5/10
Address : Along Jalan SL1/3, Foursquare Link

3. 美味潮州鱼丸粉 Good Taste -- Teochew Fishball Mee
If you're craving for something healthy or something to eat while you're not feeling well, their fishball noodles are perfect! Can add on various sides like Wantan, Dumplings, Foochok, Yong Tau Fu and etc...The soup is pretty nice larr and they are very generous with the noodle/beehoon serving hehe
Ratings : 5/10
Address : No. 59, Jalan SL 1/4, Foursquare

4. MZ Food Corner -- Indian Food / Mamak
Actually, depends on what you order, the food here is actually slightly more expensive than your average mamak. But since I come here for all the Roti's and Teh Tarik, I manage to keep my expenses below RM6 larr...Well the food, is average larrr, nothing bad. Their nasi campus looks nice! I kinda like their Rojak (super big serving!) Anyhow it's a very nice place to makan with your friends larrr, got TV to watch and free Wi-Fi!
Ratings : 6/10
Add : No. 2, Jalan SL 1/2, Foursquare

5. Station 2 -- Mamak
The UTAR-ian supper spot, not just supper larr, many people have dinner here as well. Cheap and actually yummy!! You can order whatever roti you like, then there's nasi lemak, maggi goreng etc etc.... My fave : Nasi Goreng which is only 3 bucks but keeps you really full!
Ratings : 6.5/10
Add : Jalan SL1/3, Behind Station One Cafe (how else do u think d name came along). Foursquare

6. Restoran Ibrahim Maju -- Mamak
I'd only been to this place for like 3 times, quite ok larr the food. But I think their specialty is tomyam, which I haven't try, so yea, you might wanna try it!
Ratings : 5/10
Add : No. 36, Jalan SL 1/2, Foursquare

7. 妙善 Miao Shan -- Vegetarian Restaurant
The only vegetarian mix rice shop u have in the area. Well I have this almost once a week. There's quite a lot of choices and most of them are delicious! I love the lotus root and also the potato curry with vegan meat.
Ratings : 6.5/10
Add : No. 28G, Jalan SL 1/2, Foursquare

8. QQ板面 -- Pan Mee
I like their Panmee most. Probably because of the chewy texture and also their soup.
Ratings : 6/10
Add : No. 28, Jalan SL 1/3, Foursquare

Category Two : Mid Range (RM 6 - 13)
1. 满天星 Sparkling Star Rest -- Chinese
The typical 大炒 standard,with all the usual chinese dishes on the menu. Like Buttersauce chicken, Steam egg, Tofu with minced meat etc etc... I like their buttersauce sotong rice, but they r so giam siap with the butter sauce sigh, while being too generous with the rice. I end up finishing the dish with plain rice haha...
Ratings : 7/10
Add :  No. 57, Jalan SL1/4, Foursquare

2. 好好食面饭家 Good Taste Restaurant -- Local/Chinese
They are quite known for their Loh Shee Fun, Wantan Mee and Charcoal -Toast Bread. I think the wantan mee is really nice, the charsiew is so-so, but the noodles r quite good! The toast also very crispy and filled with super fragrant butter! Like ah!!The environment is also quite nice larr, good place to have lunch with the whole class.
Ratings : 7/10
Add : Jalan SL1/11, Foursquare

3. 美美板面 Mye Mye -- Pan Mee
Another PanMee specialty shop, they are pretty creative with their panmee range. I remember got pumpkin noodles, spinach noodles, then when it comes to the sauce, got Chili Panmee, Malat Panmee, Curry Panmee etc...However, it's not my fave la, probably because of the flavor doesn't suit me, kinda lack in taste haha...
Ratings : 5.5/10
Add : Jalan SL1/2, Foursquare

4. Restoran Azm -- Malay Local Dish
Me and my housemate's supper spot, like seriously. We are all tomyam fans haha....I love their Nasi Goreng Kampung so damn much! and also their telur dadar, awesome combination! The tomyam soup is also very nice! Really love the food here! Usually me and my housemates will hang out here and talk about our day, and even watch TV that usually shows HBO and Fox movies haha...
Ratings : 7.5/10
Add : Persiaran SL 1 (shoplots beside the pasar malam), Foursquare

5. KFC -- Fast Food
well I dun need to comment much about this right?? It's just the finger lickin good Fried Chicken!! Come here once in a while if you crave for fried and oily stuffs hehe...
Ratings : 7/10
Add  : No 9 Jalan SL 1/10, Foursquare

6. 家乡点心 Koo Hiong -- Dimsum
The only dimsum joint in the area! The price is actually quite affordable, it depends on how much you order lorr.... they have quite a wide range of dimsum to choose from. My fave is definitely the Cebtury-egg Siu Mai and Lo Mai Kai. Btw, the service here is pretty good, very nice boss!
Ratings : 7/10
Add : No. 61 Jalan SL1/4, Foursquare

7. 大光灯猪肠粉 (Big Lantern) -- Chee Cheong Fun Stall
owhhh I'm drooling as I think of this Chee Cheong Fun stall!!!! There's so many to choose from. The sauce is superb and the chee cheong fun texture is just chewy and goes well with the sweet sauce! I love adding all the foochok, fishball, siumai....etc etc Ahhh I miss this sooo much!
Ratings : 8/10
Add : No. 43, Jalan SL1/4,(Outside a mechanic shop) Foursquare

8. 天下茶餐室 Sky -- Kopitiam
Well I will only talk about the stalls that I like in these kopitiam style restaurant. For Sky, I like their Thai Food stall very much, Tomyam Fried Rice is awesome!
Ratings : 6.5/10
Add : No. 51, Jalan SL1/3, Foursquare

9. 666茶餐厅 -- Kopitiam
Curry Mee is famous here, the economy rice is also not bad, in fact the price is very affordable! I like their pork noodles too!
Ratings : 6/10
Add : No. 20, Jalan SL1/3, Foursquare

10. 双龙茶餐厅 -- Kopitiam
The only place where you can get yummy boiled soup. other than that, there's a lot of delicious food as well. I tried their porridge, chicken-chop rice and also tomyam fried rice, which I really really LOVE!
Ratings : 7.5/10
Add : No. 25, Jalan SL 1/12, Foursquare

Category Three : Students-consider-as Splurge (RM 13 and above)
1. 台湾大米 DaMi -- Taiwanese Cuisine
My favorite restaurant in Sungai Long, way before I study in UTAR! Almost all the food that I tried here are delicious! The drinks are superb as well! I would reccommend their Wooden Bucket Rice 木桶烧 series! It's just full of flavor and lots of veggie hehe. For drinks, my fave has always been the Earl Grey Milk Tea! Do try out their pearl milk tea series as well!
Ratings : 9/10
Add : 15, Jalan SL1/4, Foursquare

 Watermelon Juice and Genmaicha Tea

 Ear Grey Milk Tea (Pot), Spring Onion Chicken Rice (Top) and 红烧排骨饭 (bottom)

 Teriyaki Chicken 木桶烧 
Thumbs Up!!
Love the sweet sauce and onions, alongside all the yummy veggie, this is a rice thief!!

2. Tokyo Walker -- Japanese and Fusion
erm, quite a nice place to have dinner with the friends, as the place is quite cozy, and it has card games and magazines. Where you can play with your friends after the meal. For the food uhm... it's not exactly delicious larr, but still quite nice. Their Spaghetti Carbonara is awesome!!!
Ratings : 7/10
Add : 33, Jalan SL 1/3, Foursquare

3. Station One Cafe -- Western/Music Cafe
One of the best chillax place in the area. The food well, I guess I don't have to comment much haha, pretty standardize lorr.... And usually we order deep fried snacks, so yea, there's not much to ctiticize about. The drinks are pretty nice! Come during weekends where there will be live performances, just enjoy the music and chat with your best friends, complaint about your day and release those stress!! Then if u like, you can play the dart game machine. It's just an awesome place to relax!
Ratings : 7.5/10
Add : 39 & 41, Jalan SL1/4, Foursquare

Salmon Spaghetti

Hot Honey Milk 

4. Secret Recipe -- Cakes/Western/Dessert
Another nice place to chill out with your girl friends. Treat yourself with something sweet to curb those stress from all the assignments and midterms. The food well, not good, like really not good. Only the cakes are awesome!!! Try Choc Cheese Berries, it'll instantly give you a bright mood!
Ratings : 6.5/10 (8/10 for the cakes!!)
Add : No 1, Jalan SL1/11, Foursquare

Flat White Coffee

5. OldTown -- Local Delicacies/Cafe
Yet another yumcha spot! Well tho Oldtown food is not exactly delicious, but I kinda like the variety it has! There's just so much to choose from. You can basically go there anytime you want. And those set lunch, set dinners are actually quite affordable as they come with drinks. And you can use the Wi-Fi over there! Nice place to hang out I must say.
Ratings : 7/10
Add : No 2, Jalan SL1/11, Foursquare

6. Kikuya -- Japanese Cuisine
This shop is kinda hidden from our eyes as it is kind of far. However, the food is actually pretty nice! The price is considered rather affordable when it comes to Japanese Cuisine. Come here if u crave for some sushi or bento, or maybe celebrate someone's birthday over here and have a nice dinner.
Ratings : 8.5/10
Add : 12A-G, Jalan SL1/13, Foursquare

The Unagi Don is delicious, but slightly small in portion :(

7. Pasar Malam (yes, splurge! no joke!!) @ Persiaran SL 1
hahahahahhaha yes, to be very honest, I spend money most while I go pasar malam!!! There's just so much to eat. My fave is definitely no other than Chau Tau Fu!! Other good stuff include : Taiwanese sausages, Mee Jawa, PanMee, Deep Fried Oyster Mushrooms, Fried Rice, Pandan TauFuFa etc etc etc

Xiao Qiu Stinky Tofu!
Thumbs UP!



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