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Monday, February 28, 2011

Food Review : DaMi @ Bandar Sg. Long

Went to Sg. Long last week for a short break
It really did feel like a break for me since I don't have to do any house chores and I can enjoy watching PPS for the whole day without any nagging from my mom like "Jiawen, don't glue yourself to the computer" or "Jiawen, your stop nailing your eyes on the monitor" etc etc....
Anyways, went to this really cute Taiwanese Food Restaurant called DaMi 大米. The name sounds cute to me. The place.....hmm......i suppose it's okay.....The doubt YUMMY!!

Taiwanese Style Deep Fried Chicken Chop with Japanese Curry served with white rice.
Gosh this is like my fave food, i've been craving for this FOR SO LONG!!!!
and of course it's really yummy, love Japanese Curry.
And erm, it's very filling too!

My cousin ordered something similar. This is ramen instead of curry and rice. 
It's really yummy too, if you want something warm, this will be perfect.

Both are priced around RM9.90
If you add another RM2.80 only
you get an extra yummy Drink and Desert of the day.

Iced GreenTea Milk
Super Nice I TELL YOU!!!
It's like putting my fave drinks together and it tastes so good, I think it's way better than Starbucks' Green Tea Latte, Sorry Starbucks...

Desert : Some Longan Desert 
I'm not very sure what exactly it is because it taste like nothing but syrup.
Yea can't comment much about this one. 
Anyways, if you happen to pass by Sg.Long, go try out this Restaurant.
It's yummy and cheap since it's located at a Students Area.

Dami Taiwanese Restaurant
15, Jalan SL1/4, 
Bandar Sungai Long, 
43000, Cheras

Yea, enjoyed my break....Sg.Long really is an awesome place.
So cooling....
Should have taken some photos of that place
The buildings have some British Tudor House and Red Brick influence....

Okay now I'm back to home and really reaLLY REALLY HAVE TO PRACTICE MY PIANO.
Okay really need to work hard.....
need to get away from distractions.....

okay that's it for today
will review about No Strings Attached
which I watched with my cousin's friends in Sg.Long last week...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Food Review : The Apartment @ The Curve

Okay here's a short review.......
Just Recently, Went to The Apartment for lunch
Right at the entrance of the restaurant, I met 2 friends who were working as hostess over there.
I asked them about the food, and they asked me to leave LOL....
But I thought I should try anyway since I've never dined in this restaurant before and I always hear people talking about the food over here.
Cute. .

My friends recommended us some dishes and here's what we ordered :

Clams cooked in Creme Fraiche and White Wine -- RM22.90
At first bite, I didn't know how to describe the taste. It's creamy but not the heavy cheesy type. The sauce has a very strong taste of herbs and you will feel a bit of the wine's bitterness lingering in your mouth.It's something really different/new/special to me so I'm not sure whether I should call it delicious or call it weird LOL. But it's okay afterall, dipping the bread in the sauce is nice. This dish is big enough for 2 person.
But not all the clams they served are fresh, lots of them were shut closed.

 For Desert :
This was strongly recommended by my friends.

Eton Mess -- RM 12.90
But it's definitely not a mess. It's Yummy!!!
According to my friend, it's baked cream, dressed with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup. I didn't know baked cream taste so good, it's like less-sweet marshmallow. It melts immediately in your mouth. Damn Nice!! It's not too sweet overall so you won't feel very sick of it. Love it Love it!!!!

Good thing that we didn't order anything else. This two dishes are enough to make our stomach fully filled, REALLY.

According to my friends and from what I observed, CLEARLY, people dined in this place for its environment. Despite the so-so quality of the food, there's still many people who dined in this restaurant. The place is quite cozy, with candles on each table. I wont say it looks exactly like an apartment but the place was intentionally decorated in a cozy and classy mood. I should have taken some photos of the place but I didn't bring my camera, those above are phone pics.

Photo Source : The Apartment's Official Website
I would have taken a photo exactly like this from the place I sat on that day.
Wanted to seat on that day-time bed but my friend said it sinks down LOL

You can check out their official website for everything you want to know about this beautiful place.
From the menu, the place, the events going on.....Go check it out!!
The Apartment
G72-74 and 152
Ground Floor and First Floor
Western Courtyard, The Curve
Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

I have one more food review and one movie review coming up!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Photos Sharing -- Job Experience

Hello Everyone!!
Just as promised, I'm gonna post some RANDOM PHOTOS that I took while I was working in Tropicana City's Carrefour as JuIcE pROmOtEr.
So, basically, the job was.......boring. It's just boring. But I guess almost every part time job that exist are boring right so that's not really a point la. Other than that....hmm.....abit tiring, just abit la, afterall you have to stand the whole day, no chair, not even a sampling station lerr.....
JoB sCoPE : Stand for the whole day, pour drinks (where there's no table/desk), serve customer
rEQuiReD skIlLs : Hard-selling skills, Aggressive, STRONG LEGS, ABLE TO WITHSTAND LOW TEMPERATURE (b'coz you'll be standing right beside the freezer for the whole day.)

The only thing I hate most about the job is standing right beside the fridge, it's so bloody cold weih, my palms turned purple and the back of my hands have tonnes of red spots. I thought my hand was gonna be frozen and fall off from my arm or something. And because or the chill, my phone can't even function anymore. Have to wait for phone to warm up-which took me like 10 minutes-to restart the phone again.

Well afterall, there's nothing much bad about the job larr.....
Right after the job, I told myself I wont be a Juice Promoter anymore. But now as I think back, there's nothing really bad about the job. You work for only 7 hours per day with one hour break for RM80. It's just standing, and serving and talking, yes IT IS REAL BORING, but nothing other than that. It was a great experience afterall. =)

So here's some photos....
The Staff Entrance where you get your pass and bodycheck etc etc

The Female Staffs Locker Room.
My Promoter Pass
The place I work. Yes, no table, no station, NOthing.
My Uniform. Yellow shirt with some oranges on the right, and has a SUNKIST logo on the left.
 I was staring at my supervisor when he gave me the shirt. Hello?? Do you seriously thing that every girl in M'sia is S size??? Please think about the fat ones like me la, in fact I have already told him that I'm an L. Thank God I can still fit in but it's seriously SUPER DAMN TIGHT, so damn uncomfortable weih.
My Fave Break-Time Food
Sub-of-the-Day and Subway's Chocolate Chip Cookie.
RM 7.50 + RM 1.30
Love subway so much, all the energy comes back after I eat this. TO ME, IT'S LIKE POPEYE'S SPINACH.
Some lion-dance programme during CNY which almost crashed my ear drums.

Yea that's some sharing about my job in Jan. I cant wait for college to start now. I think I should work for another few weeks, but it seems like they don't need those weekend sampling promoters anymore after CNY. Having a hard time looking for a job....haiz...

Next post : hmm gonna post some food photos again!!This time, it's from The Apartment, The Curve.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Review : Sushi Q @1u + Organic Recipe@Casa Utama

I'm sorry, I know I was MIA for one week
yea I fell sick AGAIN, and after all the N.Tbiotics + N.Thistamine +NT.........dunno wat
Thanks to Chinese people's good-old-incense-sticks, made my sore throat LAGI TERUK. This is really one thing I hate when you talk about going to Chinese temples. Who on earth invented incense sticks?? and Who on earth said it was vital to use incense sticks for worshiping??? I don't think any Chinese God/Goddess like to see the earth being polluted. Anyway, I was pathetic this morning, when my aunt called and I answered the phone, I was trying so hard to talk but not even a nano-micro-soundwave came out, I felt like an idiot. Hope I can get my voice back soon......T.T

No matter what, losing my voice doesn't stop me from photo-taking =)
So erm.....went to Starbucks on Saturday with cousin and sat there for like 5 hours I guess, surfing the net at Starbucks is REAL JOY! seriously, comfy couch, air-cond space, high-speed net and awesome drinks for 5 HOURS, it's just.....indulgence!!! Gosh I seriously hope I own a laptop now...

Cafe Mocha and Green Tea Latte  ^.^

after that, went to this cute, right-in-the-middle-of-the-street-sushi-bar for Hi-Tea
It's Sushi Q =)
2nd Floor @ 1u
Contact No. : 0377259485
There are other branches as well
Website :

Kawaii-ly pacakaged chopsticks!!

Here's the Sushi Deluxe Set - RM15.90
Actually, I think it looks exactly like Jusco's Sushi, taste the same too!!
But one thing that differentiates
The Flower Wasabi!! Sooo adorable!!
The sushi was YUMMY!! and for the first time I tried the RAW tuna Nigiri. I thought I was gonna have stomach ache, but Mr.Digestive System is doing well so far.  

So next day, which was yesterday...
went to Organic Recipe Restaurant at Casa Utama for dinner
Organic Recipe @ Casa Utama
B3-07-09, Casa Utama,
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama,
PJU 6A, 47400 PJ
Contact No. : 03 7729 0236, 012 319 2357
Just as the name suggests, the food over here is 100% organic and also vegetarian.
But don't underestimate it, the food is AWESOME!!

Well the drinks......
 The very popular Fruit Tea
something like fruit enzyme.
It's something you don't usually find in normal restaurants. So it's really unique and It's healthier than our good-old-chinese-tea!!!

It might seem normal to you but it's 100 times yummy-ier than you can imagine. The cucumber and sengkuang is really fresh and sweet and yummy.

So pretty right???? It's not just pretty, it's yummy and with loads of vege in there, it's HEALTHY!!

Mix Vege Pizza
again......yummy yummy yummy!! 

Main Dishes
 Asam Fish

Mahogany Tofu
really delicious, the gravy is awesome!

 Mix Vege and Lotus Root

 hehe, I don't know what is this called either.
The pot is actually yam.

 hmm this one is Gu Lou Yok a.k.a sweet and sour pork mushrooms

Okay I know I'm not really good in describing how awesome the food is,
but trust me, it's something you should try, really delicious and unique!!

See?? The solid proof of delicious-ness!!

Okay that's all for last weekend, will try to blog more often!!
Probably will post some photos of my job experience at TC Mall in the next post, see ya!! =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love Hong Kong 我爱香港 开心万岁 Movie Review + 台湾坊 Taiwan Street Food Review

In Three Words : Funny, Crazy and Happy

Movie Name : 我爱香港 开心万岁
Genre : Comedy

Synopsis :
 A swindler, Long (Eric Tsang), who conned money from all the neighbors of the housing estate 30 years ago, has now become a property tycoon and he promises to pay each of the 30 odd families HK$100 million as compensation. The condition is that all the 30 odd families must each send a representative to return to the housing estate on the eve of Chinese New Year. A mad rush ensues as the old neighbors led by Ng Shun (Tony Leung) and his wife Shun-Soh (Sandra Ng) return to the housing estate on the eve of CNY to ensure they will not miss out on the bonanza! (source : GSC's website)

Review :
It's just pure funny. Really, just that. The story line is just simple, nothing dramatic. The essence of the movie is just the comedy parts. Can't stop laughing throughout the show. They have very strong casts that delivered the comedy lines very very well. But honestly, if you ask me what the story is about, I can hardly tell you because I really can't remember it. All I remember was how hilarious were "the twins" (photo above), how hot Aarif Lee is and how pathetic Sandra Ng was during the film shooting scene with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Cheung HoYee (张可颐). But as the story goes, there's still some important message delivered throughout the movie, Family, Trust and also 人情味!
Afterall, it's CNY, this movie is definitely for you to laugh your heart out during this festive season, I'm sure you will enjoy it! 
Rating : 6/10

Here's some RANDOM F&B PHOTOS that I took over the weekend....

Try this Hainanese Tea at Restaurant Tien Pin@ss2. It's awesome!! Love the foam!!
Try their Mi Pok as well!!
Went to Taiwan Street @ Tropicana City Mall before the movie.
The food over here is just average. 
You can fill you stomach first before the movie because it's located near the cinema.

Yam Bubble Tea and Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea

Tang Tang Noodles

French Toast =)

Next, Ice cream at IScream, TC Mall
Vanilla Nutella and Strawberry Flavor at RM3.50 per scoop
*screaming*VERY CHEAP RIGHT???

Taiwan Street
L2-11, 2nd Floor, 

Lot G-11, Ground Floor

Both @
Tropicana City Mall,
No 3, SS20/27,
47400 PJ,

Yea, another weekend just passed by.
I'm starting to think that I'm very lifeless now. Wish I can look for a job now!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Really Happy CNY!!

So.....The CNY Holidays ended
well it makes no difference to me actually, since I'm still on my 3 months holiday. But the previous week was what I call a REAL HOLIDAY. 

Monday & Tuesday : House Decorating + Last Minute Shopping

Wednesday aka CNY Eve aka 除夕夜 : Reunion Dinner @ Dad's Hometown, Sagil, Tangkak.
This was like our first time taking family photo grandchildren-reunion-dinner photo in dunno-how-many-years
Photo Credits to My Brother who is not in the photo.

I never realize how big my family was until that night, we needed 3 tables for reunion dinner. The food was yummy. Thanks to my aunties and my mom who worked hard to cook this huge dinner for us!!

And of course, our CNY must have activity...
 Hehe, u know what we're doing.....
Cards cards and cards.......Black Jack 
Funny, those fengshui people predict that roosters have bad luck, but somehow, I was way luckier than I thought!

Thursday : Back to Home Sweet Home
Nothing much, stayed home and rest for the whole day
Thanks to the local TV stations for not making my day boring
There were tonnes of good shows on that day

My Fave, M'sia's first Chinese Tele-movie
Laughed so hard while watching this show....
They used all the local accents and the typical M'sia-china-apek style aka rojak language 
Made me realize how "kampung-ish" my dad is because he had been using the same accent and same words all these years....and of course, i picked up all these accents over the years, so I'm very kampung-ish too XD

Friday to Sunday : Bukit Tinggi Trip with my Mom's side relatives

That place is really beautiful, good for people who wants some peace and some fresh air.

Friday Morning till Afternoon : Went to Genting + Awana

Basketball is still the best game to play in the arcade

That's why there are people who just wouldn't leave after playing for more than 10 rounds
Yes I waited so long just to play this thing
I don't know whether they are blind or something, they JUST CAN'T SEE THAT WE WERE THERE, WAITING BEHIND
Then we talked to one of them, but still they kept on playing for another few more rounds
damn geram
Then it was our turn, they came again, asking us to let them play so that they can finish their credit
eeeesh, lagi geram, I waited for you to play 10 rounds and now you want me to leave when I only played ONE round???
But at the end we left after playing 3 games because that grandmother kept talking and talking to us, as if we won't let them play.
Then there was this father and son who occupied the basketball game machine next to us
they lagi worse, I don't know how long they were there, all I know is that the person waiting behind them is damn kesian. I really wanted to tell him to give-up waiting....

Next Yumcha + Snooker at Awana

 The Teh Tarik is the best I tell you!!!!

So does the ABC, looks delicious right???

It's a must to drink teh tarik at the terrace while enjoying the view of the golf course, it's total indulgence!
The Nasi Lemak over there is super yummy too, but apparently they don't sell Nasi Lemak in the afternoon edi T.T

Evening, back to Selesa Hill Homes
Went to the Selesa River Beach

Cool Water.......Syok Ah!!!

At night, Mahjong All the Way!!!
I'm officially addicted to mahjong now. Now I know why they say mahjong can prevent Alzheimer's Disease, your brain have to work at high speed in order to win this game!! I'm begging my parents to buy one now....

Went back to KL on Sunday and had lunch at my granduncle's house. 

Yeap, that's pretty much what happened in the past week.
Had loads of fun this year.

Here are some extra shots....

And also, some try-to-be-pro photos amateur photography
taken by Nikon D60

This is my fave photo =)

Love Nuffnang


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