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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas coming!!

Went 1u today,
with mom,
shopped around,

there's so many people!!
nice deco in 1u.

quite cute and fantasy wasn't it??
The stairs are made of piano keys!!
haha, went to shop for my aunt's Christmas present,
i cant tell what is it now
in case my cousin sis saw this n tell my aunt.
bought a handbag, it's in blue!! haha.
at least i got something for Christmas,
bought 3 nail colors as well.
At Sasa,
Blue, Black and Red.
Then went to buy sushi,
so delicious!!
i put on weight AGAIN these days!!
really love eating larr.
i wonder y there's so many people that can eat a lot,
but they don't put on weight!!
for example : Esther Lee, and Goh Joyee
they r really slim and tall!!
n Joyee (form 1) is taller than me weih!!
maybe going 1u again,
with my brother,
he says he wants to buy a tie or something,
So, that's all for today. HappY ChrisTMaS!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Month of December, The End of The Year

Merry Christmas!!
It's December. The last month of the year. It seems like time just rushed infront of my eyes. There's no way to stop it. What i'm happy about this month is, Christmas is coming!!!!! Yay!! Though i'm nt a Christian, but i still love this special day!! Lotza fun!! The Christmas songs, Presents, Deco, Candle Light, Games and Food!! So sad there's no Snow!! Can't wait to get Christmas presents. Dont know wat will my parents gimme for this year since they didn't gimme present last year. My Christmas wishlist has a length of ??? metres. So many things to own. Well, to me. As long as it is a present. It would be enough. Hehe. Still planning what to do during Christmas. Probaly going to somebody's showcase. Maybe going back to cousin's hse as well. A lot to do. I hope there will be a Perfect Christmas for me this year. Hey people out There!! Happy Christmas!! **

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Genting Trip!! TIRING!!

Went genting last thursday,
what i can say is,
Went there with my lovely cousins,
Stayed in Awana,

In the Bus
Played in indoor them park
since it was raining and freaking cold,
Euro Express wasn't operating(the most thrilling ride in indoor),
it was kinda boring,
rode on bumper car, motion master, venice gondola and so on....
In Rio Float

Mee!! C watz behind?? (In reindeer cruiser)
Santa with us!! HappY ChristmaS!!
There is Guang Liang's(Michael Wong) showcase at the time square,
He sang for a little while.
Guang Liang!!
Went to **Snow World** with Vince only,
since it was decided in a sudden,
i went in wearing short pants,
but it is nt really cold larh, still can tahan,
had lotza fun inside.
N it's quite cool since Christmas is coming.
Took pictures and the pictures costs 22 bucks oni(Normal: rm 30),
haha, gt special price from the ppl.
Snow Man!! *.*

** Snowworld**
It was so boring in indoor,
we went outdoor at the evening since it was nt raining oledy.
It was freaking cold, and the fog.......fuhyoh
All the thrill rides felt more thrilling.
Had dinner in first world,
Didnt really ride on so much, Pirate Ship, Spinner, Cyclone, Flying Dragon n.........Didn't go for Flying coaster coz nt enuf money aredy.
I always love playing around in outdoor themepark at night.

My aunt and me

In the Double Decker

Night View

Vince and me in the cable car

Went to the indoor arcade at the next day,
Played street basketball like mad!!
Haha, didnt really play last time,
coz so much pressure while looking others playing,
all also damn geng lerr.
Then go for time crisis, i didnt play for so long since 1u's game arcade closed. Played other games as well. Love street basketball!!


Guide, took the chinese 1.

Hotel Room Card

**Happy Holidays!!**
My cousins stayed overnight at my hse yesterday, they've just left.
Really feel like going there 1 more time!!

Love Nuffnang


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