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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Hi every1....well....actually 2day...everything goes normal....n....duh...juz bored la....actually, i didnt eat 4 10hours....dun say i'm on diet....1st...i hav 2 copy da malay exercise.2nd...i hav no moral period i n sonia, han rui n reshmy, cheeyoong changed place. Coz of cheeyoong's big head block 4 of us' sight. but da guys were getting more annoying. Fuhyoh, very noisy. (diz was nonsense) Then....after skool lorr. Went home...ate mah dinner. My mom wanna go out 2 buy shoes, so i hav 2 wash da plates. Then...i said: NO MONEY NO TALK. Then they promised 2 giv me 10 bucks. Of course i will pocket money finich becouse of yesterday i belanja christine cheah drinks. Thankgod luckily i got money again. Without money in mah purse was kind if weird. Haha. I luv money. N yeah, datz all 4 2day....

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