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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Uni Vince

didn't blog for more than a week....
well I was kinda busy last week
with my cousin staying with us...
and school started to be exhausting... was kind of a LOOOOONG week
had plans from sunday to yesterday...

Subject of the week
Vince Wong Yi Yuen
aka my 19-but-looks-younger-than-me-in-any-angle-cousin
or aka super dramatic expression girl...
or aka future novelist and accountant

My uncle's family came on sunday
and she applied for Sg.Long's UTAR's Bachelor in Accounting and the orientation started immediately
so she has to stay for a week
but didn't have enough clothes...
so...went shopping in 1u that day

Lunch @ Oversea Restaurant, Jaya One PJ
Shopping for shoes @ Walk In 1u

Tried a artist hat @ Nichii

and now we look like retarded and perverted soldiers....
look at Joseph(right) weih...

So Monday was Vince's Registration Day
and Tuesday, Went to Sg.Long to visit her campus area
That place is actually kinda cool....
I mean I didn't know that there's another Fraser Hill in a city
all the houses, condos and shop lots are like Old British style
got red brick and some tudor style
got Golf Course some more
and a lot of trees around...
very study feel
Night View
It look better in real than the photos...
p/s : I don't own these two pictures...
found them on she found a nice condo room, gt swimming pool summore
looks abit like english style apartment...
the interior oso not bad lorr....

Random Picture of the week: Bak Kut Teh in Thai Village ClayPot

Went to yumcha at La Manila

Tiramisu Cheese and Green Tea Cake - RM6.50 each

i love their cakes....not too sweet
Spongy texture...

Trying to act like L in Death Note
but obviously i don't look like one....eyeliner will help =)

La Manila
24 Jalan SS24/13, 
Taman Megah, PJ

Went to watch movie on Wednesday @ 1u
Robot Earrings(deeper and harder) from Vince ...
Thanks Cousin... =)

Snooker and Foosball

Dinner @ BBQ Plaza
so yummy weih
Ice Blended Lychee and Kiwi

Movie @ GSC
Alvin and The Chipmunks 2 : The Squeakquel

Please switch off your phone young lady!!

Friday : Registration Day in school...
same as always.... GG, PBC and Interact
then went to my cousin's condo to set up her table
and it took us 2 hours to complete it...

Saturday : nothing much lor... Vince went home to pack her full belongings..
and went to Chinese Tuition for the first time in this year
and surprisingly I remembered a Idiom
and I've been talking bout it till today

Sunday : Vince officially moved into her hostel
helped out abit...
and now she's freaking busy i guess....
hope to see her soon =)

And Erm..... Alvin and The Chipmunks 2 is awesome!!!!!
I love you Theodore!!!!!
The movie was really cute
and it never ceased to make me laugh
and OMG I love the shorty fat Theodore
so so adorable...
and the songs are really cute and funky
but the story line was kinda plain....
I think i like the Chipmunks more than the Chippettes
a very nice comedy-family film
Rating : 6/10

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