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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My 1st Scholarship Interview

hmm.....short update here....
Went to Sunway's A-level scholarship interview today...
well it was better than i thought
the interviewer was really nice as in she nods and says "yes yes....yes" at basically everything you said....
though i know deep down in my heart that whatever-i-was-saying was nothing but crap
but it was a good experience after all
I think I should have spoke in a more confident way
She asked me about
1. my family background
2. why on earth i chose sunway
3. what would i do if i didn't get the scholarship
4. what did i learned from my ECA's
5. what are my responsibilities as a commitee
6. why i want to be a pharmacist
etc etc etc.....

oh there was this case study as well where they gave a news article to study for 15 min
My case was the fighting videos uploaded on Youtube

I couldn't get the exact video(which is uploaded by SMK Green Road, title : Green Road Fights).....
just imagine something which is 100 times worst than this....
yea the lady asked me what would I do if I'm the principal of this school...
i crapped all my answers lol!! was okay
and i really thank Sunway Uni College for their goodie bag which has a water tumbler
and OMG the it is in blue!!!!!! My fave color.
I lost my Nike blue bottle long time ago and hadn't buy a bottle for months and now i have a bottle
super super happy.... Thanks Sunway lol!!

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