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Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Review : Sushi Q @1u + Organic Recipe@Casa Utama

I'm sorry, I know I was MIA for one week
yea I fell sick AGAIN, and after all the N.Tbiotics + N.Thistamine +NT.........dunno wat
Thanks to Chinese people's good-old-incense-sticks, made my sore throat LAGI TERUK. This is really one thing I hate when you talk about going to Chinese temples. Who on earth invented incense sticks?? and Who on earth said it was vital to use incense sticks for worshiping??? I don't think any Chinese God/Goddess like to see the earth being polluted. Anyway, I was pathetic this morning, when my aunt called and I answered the phone, I was trying so hard to talk but not even a nano-micro-soundwave came out, I felt like an idiot. Hope I can get my voice back soon......T.T

No matter what, losing my voice doesn't stop me from photo-taking =)
So erm.....went to Starbucks on Saturday with cousin and sat there for like 5 hours I guess, surfing the net at Starbucks is REAL JOY! seriously, comfy couch, air-cond space, high-speed net and awesome drinks for 5 HOURS, it's just.....indulgence!!! Gosh I seriously hope I own a laptop now...

Cafe Mocha and Green Tea Latte  ^.^

after that, went to this cute, right-in-the-middle-of-the-street-sushi-bar for Hi-Tea
It's Sushi Q =)
2nd Floor @ 1u
Contact No. : 0377259485
There are other branches as well
Website :

Kawaii-ly pacakaged chopsticks!!

Here's the Sushi Deluxe Set - RM15.90
Actually, I think it looks exactly like Jusco's Sushi, taste the same too!!
But one thing that differentiates
The Flower Wasabi!! Sooo adorable!!
The sushi was YUMMY!! and for the first time I tried the RAW tuna Nigiri. I thought I was gonna have stomach ache, but Mr.Digestive System is doing well so far.  

So next day, which was yesterday...
went to Organic Recipe Restaurant at Casa Utama for dinner
Organic Recipe @ Casa Utama
B3-07-09, Casa Utama,
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama,
PJU 6A, 47400 PJ
Contact No. : 03 7729 0236, 012 319 2357
Just as the name suggests, the food over here is 100% organic and also vegetarian.
But don't underestimate it, the food is AWESOME!!

Well the drinks......
 The very popular Fruit Tea
something like fruit enzyme.
It's something you don't usually find in normal restaurants. So it's really unique and It's healthier than our good-old-chinese-tea!!!

It might seem normal to you but it's 100 times yummy-ier than you can imagine. The cucumber and sengkuang is really fresh and sweet and yummy.

So pretty right???? It's not just pretty, it's yummy and with loads of vege in there, it's HEALTHY!!

Mix Vege Pizza
again......yummy yummy yummy!! 

Main Dishes
 Asam Fish

Mahogany Tofu
really delicious, the gravy is awesome!

 Mix Vege and Lotus Root

 hehe, I don't know what is this called either.
The pot is actually yam.

 hmm this one is Gu Lou Yok a.k.a sweet and sour pork mushrooms

Okay I know I'm not really good in describing how awesome the food is,
but trust me, it's something you should try, really delicious and unique!!

See?? The solid proof of delicious-ness!!

Okay that's all for last weekend, will try to blog more often!!
Probably will post some photos of my job experience at TC Mall in the next post, see ya!! =)

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