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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walk-Walk at StarHill

This was last Saturday where my QT just ended. Wanted to hang out with my dearest "hang gai-shopping" buddy -- Audrey San. Surprisingly, we didn't shop at all LOL Though we were very VERY tempted to. Sales were EVERYWHERE!!! Guess our resistance to shopping is pretty strong :D
Well our plan was to JALAN-JALAN, and yea, LITERALLY!! So we met up at Times Square and really started walking in random directions, passed by Plaza Berjaya, we walked through LowYat, then passed by BB plaza, then somehow we reached Jalan Bukit Bintang and started going into the Malls like Lot 10, Fahrenheit and of course, Pavillion. 

At Lot 10
 The National Geography Box LOL

OMG where are we???

erm, right in front of a Pyramid backdrop...

 Audrey San XD Always great to lepak with you!! :D

This was after we got out of Sephora....
It was raining and we didn't know where to go, so just randomly walked through an entrance which we thought is Pavillion's 
Then things around us were like, 5-Star Classy-ness things, the place, the chairs, the coffee bar, and trust me, they were shining. Then we saw this Louis Vuitton shop and start to wonder where on earth are we???
Turns out we went into Ritz Carlton HOMG

I don't know why, that place was sort-of terrifying to me. It felt like I would probably do something stupid like break a one million dollar porcelain vase or just simply tripped over a tourist or something LOL I just feel like I don't belong to that place. Escaped that place ASAP... and went across the road to Pavillion.

Well it's a Saturday, just as expected, quite a lot of people lorr...
then we started walking around at the 5th and 6th floor which, "People over there are more like us." Walked along the Tokyo Street, saw tonnes of yummy Japanese food and tried free Ice Cream summore...

well saw something interesting along the way....
 Smurfette and Clumsy

 Papa Smurf!!

Everyone was trying to take photos with'em!
How could I miss it???
hehe.....Smurf-ed XD

Actually it was UOB Bank doing some promotion with the Smurfs.
and it was really nice of them to let us take photos with the Smurfs for free :D
I swear the crowd was very very huge!
and it took me really long to just wait for my queue to take the photo while everyone else is cutting the queue.
Anyways, the one who help us to take the photo is one of staff of the event. Thank you so much!!!

Then then, meet up with another two High School buddies, Florence and Christal, who were doing their shopping in KL as well LOL
Really happy to see them!! so yea we went chit chatting at Food Republic without purchasing any food or drink from there. XD It was really nice to chat with them, I missed them so so much, well hope to see them soon, I love listening to people's college stories :D

And yea according to them, we MUST take photos first before we forget LOL

Went back around 5 something and before that, PHOTO XD

That goes my Walk-Walk at StarHill Day :D

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