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Thursday, December 08, 2011


It's not that I dont wanna blog. I have a lot to talk about and in fact quite a lot of photos to show. But i can't use my relative's notebook to upload the pics. I'm using an iPad now(of coz not mine la), the sad thing is u can't upload photos to blogger with an iPad, unless u buy apps like blogpress or blogsy. So yea.....damn sad, really wanna blog about my crazy days over here.....

oops, I haven't even mention where am I, I am now in Johor, well precisely Kempas, my relative's home. I'm on holidays!!!! Yes, on my own, without daddy mommy. No house chores for one week yay!!! But in fact I feel weird that I have no chores to do :( I think I miss my home.....

well so far, it's been really fun, with my cousins. Played mahjong like crazy, watched movie, ate yummy stuffs and just came back from shopping at Johor Premium Outlet. Tomorrow, hmmmm, pasar malam and then Swimming on Friday maybe???

Other than missing my family, the only bad thing is that I couldn't study at all..... iPad is really a HUGE HUGE DISTRACTION!!!!!!

Ok ok I gtg..... Bb will upload the photos ASAP :)

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