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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Towards the end.

okay, i think mentioned in the last post that I wont blog anymore, not until my final ends....
but as u can see, I nvr follow whatever i said type haha
turns out there's still some time to write something before this blog goes to the arctic hehe

just wanna say...OMG THE YEAR IS COMING TO AN END!!!
forgive my omg-ness, it's just so hard to believe that time passed so so fast
it seems only yesterday when I was still siting in MCKL classroom with my beta-ians, singing songs like nobody's business while lecturer was teaching infront. We talked about where and which uni we will be going after this and everyone will end up saying "haiya not sure la!!! still got a long long time maaa!!!" but blink many of us already started our uni course, our crazy journey at the Ivory Tower...
and then another blink, it's week 6 oledy!!!
all my days were filled with classes, assignments, midterms, act-nerding, fishing during lectures, daydreaming during tutorials, but glad to say, I do have a life in uni haha...thanks to my bunch of classmates and housemates who always keep me company :D

Met a primary school friend of mine on Wednesday, goodness i have no idea how long we didn't contact each other!! and trust me it felt like she was another person haha, but either the girl before, or the girl at present, she's still awesome haha ok i'll admit she's even funnier now, glad that God made us meet again in UTAR :D can't wait for our next outing hehe

ok now, just wanna share some photos that I'd taken on thursday, where me and my bunch of classmates went to Pavillion!! Fun outing haha, good food, awesome company, what more can u ask for?
snapped loads of some photos at Pavillion, beautiful Christmas Decoration this year! The lights were amazing.

Hou Leng arrrr!!!!

Beautiful Carriage

Xmas Lights!! wow Christmas is near!! 

Polaroid with the buddy.

Princesses in my class
I'm such a lucky dwarf with 7 princess hehe :D

Too bad the guys were very shy, din have any photos wif them LOL
Mission Spotted : turn the guys in my class into camwhores haha
I will accomplish it very very soon!

okay some selca LOL

yay, after exams will be Christmas!!! have loads of plans
but i needa stop thinking about them, gotta concentrate on studies first
hope i can do well :D

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