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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Bukit Tinggi & Genting Trip

At Selesa Hill Homes, Bukit Tinggi. Beautiful place. I call it 有山有水!

Happy New year Guys!!! well it's time for me to say good bye to blogging. We'll meet soon, on the 26th of January.... *cries cries* Exams are coming and I think I'm gonna die....haizzzzz
anyways, I had a great Christmas and also New Year, hope you guys have the same too!!

Went to Bukit Tinggi during Christmas
Like finally, cause I have been waiting to go there for so long, ever since I had learned how to use a DSLR properly, cant' wait to take some pretty photos over there. Thanks to Uncle who let me tag along.
I'll blog in two parts, one is for the Genting trip, the other for the Bukit Tinggi.

From Bukit Tinggi, we went to Genting Highlands, which takes about one hour plus drive.
well you think we go Genting for the Themepark?
Nahhh, I guess all of us really grew up and we are so over with roller coasters and will not pay to hurt our throat hehe So we decided to do things another way, have another type of holidays.
If you're also trying to relax, enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful scenery, but do not want to hear all the screaming and baby cries that you hear at the theme parks and arcade, well you might wanna go to places that we did.

Anyways, went to the Genting Hotel first. Just to enjoy the super cooling weather and throw yourself into layers of thick fog.

Next, to The Bakery @ Genting Hotel
Always so crowded, sells all kinds of pastry and desserts as well as hot drinks.
A cup of Hot Teh Tarik or Hot chocolate is a must have, keeps you warm :D

 Zach playing with Joseph's Teddy bear where he won it from the Indoor Arcade.

 Very Foggy....and I swear, it was really cold.

Next Lunch at Good Friends Restaurant @ Highlands Hotel
This is like the only place where you can get slightly more delicious Chinese meal with still-consider-as-affordable price.

Next, Visit First World Plaza
great place to shop other than just riding on roller coasters or playing in the arcade
but as usual the place was so crowded
We decided to go for a Euro Express roller coaster ride, for the sake of my two young cousins who just craves for excitement like how we use to.

Next, left the peak of Genting Highlands and head towards Awana Genting Resort
the perfect place to sit back and relax

Had a walking tour around the Golf Course
very beautiful scenery I must say especially the trees that made the whole place look like a scene from Twilight. Didn't know that a place like this existed in Malaysia despite our previous visits.

After our walk, we had Tea Time at the Golf Terrace (Lower Ground)
The Golf Terrace sells a variety of local food and also pastry
It's located right next to the Gold Course where you can enjoy a view of the green carpet while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Bought cakes from Flavors Cafe, located at the Ground Floor right next to the entrance.  

Delicious Opera Cake

 Yummy White Coffee

 Ordered Curry Laksa as well
as you can see, it was so delicious that everyone couldn't stop digging the bowl
I must say I'm surprised with how delicious the laksa is!!

After the tea time, we played a game of Pool at the Lounge
cost RM3.00 per game. 

Next Bukit Tinggi
To be precise is just the Selesa Resort
since we didn't go to places like the Berjaya French Village
Selesa Hill Homes :
well of course, you can't compare this to Genting right?
It's just small little resort but it's a really peaceful and serene one.
Staying in the apartment, playing games with the cousins, spend some family time with my grandma and relatives, it was already enjoyable. Then we walked around the resort, just to have a good view and fresh air.

Then we went to the Selesa River Beach
yes located right in the middle of tropical trees. Just a short walk from the resort.
It's like a recreational park, there's a series of obstacle course along the trail towards the stream which you can challenge it. Some parts of the trail is very steep and also slippery, and there's no handle bars, so be careful.

Just after 15 minutes, here we are....
All of us were so excited and kicked our shoes off immediately.
The water was icy cold....but it felt really really good after all the walking...

Somehow we were adventurous enough to not walk backwards, instead we decided to walk along the stream to find our way out. It was really fun and exciting, as the water gets deeper and there's only tall grass and weeds along the sides. It took us a lot of effort to just walk forward, even more to land because the grasses are so long that we almost fell backwards after we grabbed it.
Anyway, it was really fun. I always wanted to do something like this. you know la, my parents and my brother are not a big fan of all these outdoor adventures, my mom would probably shout at me if I went to places like this with my friend TT.TT so yea, i must thank my uncle aunty for making this real hehe...

Next, after the stream trotting...
we went swimming weeeee
ok not me because i forgot to bring my swimsuit
in my case, it was sunbathing hehe
Yes the sun was really nice, that it helped me to take so many nice photos....
I love the color in all these photos...
well other than taking photos, I was just enjoying the sun and put my feet in the water
I wished I had a book or magazine with me, it would be the perfect place to read. Yes bright sun, but cool weather.  

So yes that's about what I did during my trip.
Well I know it's only less than 2 weeks to edexcel
well you know my motto in life : Work Hard, Play Hard(er)
so I know it was time for me to play so that I get motivated to study again....
anyways, can't wait to meet up with my relatives again :D

Website of Selesa Hillhomes :

And today.....well it's new year. But It didnt really feel like a new year. I know it's 2012, but I don't find it very .....celebrating....
Probably because my exams are coming, no mood edi....
Spent hours printing the past year papers, and doing some of it. Almost bored till death.
But then, my brother bought me Java Chip and said New Year Chukgahamida LOL
well I'm not sure whether it is proper korean but I know he meant Happy New Year to me!!
Java Chip is like my fave drink mannn....this totally made my day!! I will definitely rmb this new year day!!
Thank you soo so much brother!!

I'm sure this year will be awesome :D but now, okay really gotta study....
see u on the 26th!! and happy be-earliered CNY :P

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