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Monday, August 26, 2013

Easy to Happy

well I guess I'm starting to get use to the life over here...
At first it was kind of tough coz i realize there's a lot more little things that needs to be put in effort
Tiring at the start, but now I really don't feel troubled anymore, in fact I'm learning to appreciate things right now hehe...

Of course, I'm extremely grateful to have a bunch of friends who are willing to be always encouraging me and accompanying me. Even talking nonsense seems to be the best thing in life when u r with these people. :D Hope we'll continue to count on each other :D

So this post is just a short update
first 2 weeks of the semester, well nothing much about classes
instead there were several CCA events to attend. The welcome teas, interviews and audition.
I joined choir and passed the audition!! Yay! Like a dream come true haha, for some reason, my previous schools all don't have choir team, so yea, finally have the oppurtunity to be part of it. Well I know it's not gonna be easy, but YOLO hehe

I interviewed for Malaysian Student's Association's Main Comm as well, and was given the task of Hall Coordinator LOL Hope I'll be able to bring lots of fun to people! and myself as well :D

Anyways here's some photos from the past two weeks :D

Thursday, went out with my coursemate and also group of exchange students! Awesome experience I must say, these people are so friendly! They come from German, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Romania etc etc It was my first time meeting up with so many angmo's from different countries at the same time! Really enjoyed sharing and exchanging experiences and opinions with them. Learned so much about foreign culture in such a short time. Though I'm not Singaporean, but it was still kind of fun to introduce them to local food like Satay, Yao Zha Guai, Cai Tao Kuey, Fried Oyster, Taufufa and etc. Hope to meet up with them again soon!

Hehe had so much good food that day
still I miss MY food haha

After the dinner, Holland Village!
yes very familiar right!! The moment I see this windmill, it brings back my childhood memories of watching 荷兰村 (Singapore TV Series)

But the TV series didn't tell me that Holland Village is such a happening area! Pubs and bistros along the street, with lots of foreigners and also working class. The atmosphere was really nice! It's like a place to relax after a hectic day. 

Friday, met up with my dear college buddy Sheauwen!!!!
Finally had time to meet up with her and explore the island hehe...
I'll have a detail post about our day soon. 
Basically, we went to Vivocity, Sentosa Island and also ClarkQuay

freaking love this photo, it was sunset, with the cooling breeze and also the bestie. 

haha walked around Sentosa Island and passed by the Universal Globe!
I'm so gonna go in there again some day!
Saturday Night, went to JEM with my dear friends LiMin and Pohwei
had an awesome dinner and just chillax
shopped at the supermarket as well hehe...
 These two sweet girls are the closest friends I have now
Thanks for always accompanying me whenever I'm alone
Hope there will be more fun moments coming up!

pretty fountain at JEM

and finally, OG supper!!
before that was a surprise event for our OG member Ruenn Sheng's Bday
we were suppose to rush into his room at 12am, but the birthday boy spoiled our plan by randomly appearing infront of us out of nowhere before we execute our plan. anyways, it was so funny haha...
then went supper with these people despite the late hour
really enjoyed chatting with this bunch of friends and seniors, so much laughter and joy.
Look forward to our coming outings :D

So that's about it
wuaaa just realize I still got a lot Malaysian food review belum post lerr!!!
will do it asap hehe

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