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Monday, January 05, 2015

Whisk, Outpost @ 1 Utama

Short food review
If you're craving for some really good coffee in a cozy and modern-vintage ambience, or just want to have a chillax spot after all the shopping. This is the place to go! Never had smooth and aromatic coffee in such a long time! The moment I sipped the coffee, I can tell all the difference, and it's really indulgence.

Whisk Outpost @ 1 Utama

Bub's Cake -- RM13.90
Fudgey cake with strong rich banana flavor. 
I think people who don't fancy sweet and heavy cakes will like this.
Not too sweet, not creamy. 
Goes well with the coffee!

Mochaccino Con La Nutella -- RM14.00
Whisk's Hot Mocha
Yeap instead of chocolate, they used nutella! See how the cup is lined with nutella.
I was kinda shocked at first coz I asked for a hot mocha and the price startled me. LOL
But it's quite worth it afterall, super smooth coffee. 
It might be slightly sweeter due to the nutella, but the texture is just....lovely.
I rmb I was having the omg-i-forgot-when-was-the-last-time-i-had-this expression, and my friend can't understand my idiotic reaction haha
But really, it's been a long while since I had good coffee, not that I don't like my 3in1 white coffee haha, but the taste, the experience is just, different!!   

Love the place too, it was great to just sit down with a friend and catch up, with a lil noise from the chatting of the crowd in the background haha. It's like those classic coffee shops. 

Just to let you have a look at the exterior. It's pretty.

Exactly where me and Daph were sitting. 

Whisk, Outpost @ 1Utama Old Wing
G 139, Ground Floor,
No 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, 47800,
Selangor, Malaysia.

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