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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Musical Fountain at Taman Merdeka Johor Bahru

Just gonna share some photos here!

Exam was over and I couldn't wait to visit my cousins and my aunt and my granma :D
Thanks for treating me with good food and driving us around even though it's just a 2 days trip.
Heard about the just-opened-first-ever musical fountain in JB and we decided to pay a visit right after dinner. The musical fountain is located at Taman Merdeka, somewhere near Thistle Hotel JB.

The showtimes are 9pm and 10pm. Each show is around half an hour. When we arrive at the park at 10pm, the place was crowded! Certainly this fountain is a new attraction for locals and tourists, there's barely any space for parking. Lucky enough we managed to park on the roadside. Granma and aunt watched from the car while 3 of us just couldn't wait to rush down to the lake side to catch the beautiful sight of light and sound. I don't really know all the songs played, but there are some classical music and some popular English and Malay songs.

Well I doubt this is a place that I want to go again considering the difficulty to get a parking. But it's worth watching it for once. The bright and colorful lights and the majestic splash of water. Can't really take my eyes of them.  The fountain and lights' rhythm syncs with the vibrant music, creating a lively yet fantasy-like image.

The park seems to be a nice place. Great place for people to have a short walk after dinner but I remember there were some mosquitoes though. Btw I remember there's a very beautiful bridge across the lake, but it was close. Hope they open it soon heheh...It would be nice to view the fountain show from there.

Anyways do come early if you are driving. Parking maybe difficulty to get.
Get directions from Tripadvisor & Google Map:

Hehe nice night spent with the cousins. Will update more about my short JP trip soon!

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