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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Year 2 Sem 2: Hardworking at Hardly Working

Here comes my HAMBALANG post about my forth semester in NTU!
Damnnn, it scares me whenever I realize that Half of my UNI life is GONE :(

The second semester I suppose. But maybe too much fun this time...
anyways, let the photos speak :D

So I shall start from the very beginning...
As mentioned before, there was FOC Maincomm Outing followed by the start of the term. Feeling January blue coz CNY was still 1 month away...

Malaysian Gathering
Feeling nostalgic coz this was one of the events I planned as Hall Coor. Great to be mingling with the freshies from both AMCISA and MSA.

Kpop Concert
Came to support my dear juniors and of course to satisfy my craving for KPop tunes heh!

Month for birthdays!!
So many darlings' birthday.
Birthday Picnic with Econs gang
Super fun is all I can say, siaozhabos took over the green roof! Happy Birthday to Econs gang's four Feb babies. Birthday cake for picnic haha, how cool is that?

Kuokfung's Bday
Our fung gor's bday. I rmb attacking his face with a cake. Check out the Brocoli Bouquet that Yeucian made haha.
Photo belongs to owner

CNY walk
Jalan jalan cari makan with the friends before CNY.

Earthlink's Maincomm Outing
another fun day at GreenRoof. Ate lots of goodies and we played the Wolf game under broad day light haha
Photo credits to Earthlink NTU

Limin's Birthday
Our laoren-little kid's bday at Star Vista.

CNY Night
super awesome!! The juniors really zai. They made awesome shorts and there's even a music video of heartwarming CNY songs that gave me goosebumps all over. Enjoyed max and of course, haha I enjoyed d part where I did a duet with Johnson! haiz i guess part of me still loves performing, 爱现siaaa LOL


Big thanks to Johnson who is willing to 爱现 wif me haha

Jingyi's Lunar Bday and Yeucian Bday
Birthdays again hehe
Well celebrated jingyi's lunar bday coz her actual birthday fell on CNY! Haizzz seldom get to see d girls and this was d rare chance for us to meet and siaozhabo time, of course selfie a lot la!

Then there's our super wuxim friend YooYeucian! Truly adore this girl, kind heart and friendly personality. Hope she find bf soon!

Celebrate NTU! Perks of a NTU student: free lunch, free snacks, free ice cream, concert, bull riding etc etc

Then there's the IUC Alumni Associates Dinner and also the International Alumni Dinner. Both events were organized by the Alumni Affairs Office and I was lucky enough to attend both events haha.

PC: Hongze

LOL Our inpromptu photoshoot session

Kinchong' Bday!!
Our lousai's bday!! Glad to have the whole CP team again. Lousai made us wait until midnight lor!!

Fun day making Kimbap during Korean Lesson!
It's easier and yummier than you think!

Woonkiat's Bday
CPs reunited again and this time we level-ed up the way we celebrate birthdays haha. Honestly think we could set up a company to plan birthday pranks :D

By the way my second sem still has a lot of bits, incl Earthlink events and also some other occassions that I have blogged separately. Looking back, I would say second sem was totally...out of control. Too much playing and I really neglected my studies. Tho I never regret joining any of these events but I guess they are still too much to handle and I certainly did not plan well and was too tempted to play and have fun.
And I learnt my lesson :(

I'm not sure how can I turn things around. But I suppose determination is the main key. Sometimes maybe it's good to fall and learn to pick up yourselves.

Anyways, still wanna say a big thanks to the people who created memories with me. Year 2 was really a blast. Compared to year 1, the amount of yumchas and outing doubled probably because of the new bonds formed. Just when I thought my weekends will be depressing coz Limin won't be around, I'm grateful that there's loads of events keeping me busy and also the friends who always so ON, having TGIFs, playing Sanguosha, and jio-ed me for all sorts of lunch and dinner, karaoke session, lepak-ing at Nanyang Exec Center etc etc. Haha my 4-in-Love are probably getting jealous as I say this LOL. I still love you all la and I do appreciate the effort you guys make to meet up with me as often as possible, so stop drinking vinegar please.

Saw these photos and I supposed I took them down for a reason heh, thanks for all the love from all these peeps!! Sorry for making you guys spend money, I really do appreciate all these treats! Love you guys!

Thanks to (clockwise from top left)
1. Yeucian and Kahhoe for the roses during V Day. At least V-day was less FA-ish. 
2. Brownies from Shiyien whom I always ditched her on lectures. Why u so nice I feel so bad :(
3. McD from WonderGirls! I rmb I was kinda broke at dat time and din feel like stepping out of the room due to exams. This bag of Value-Meal-with-apple-pie-summore totally cheered me up! 
4. Message cards (and snacks) from fellow MSA-ians. Was quite surprised to receive this number, and until today I still don't know the anonymous sender haha. Thanks anyway!!
5. Spruce treat by Weeminn, waseh I didn't expect u to really treat us lor. Know you #rkoi so I never thought of refusing haha. Thanks boss!
6. Exam welfare from Khaiteng and Weeminn, thanks again for bringing little joys during exam period. Snacks do make me happy heh

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