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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CarmenXTW: 悠游垦丁 Kending Weekend Getaway Day 2 & 3

During our tour on Day 1, the ocean at Kending is just so nice and we couldn't wait to have our legs dipped in it. Really was looking forward to our Day 2 in Kending with water activities and just enjoying the sun (and get totally burnt) 

For Day 2, we spent the whole day at 南湾 South Bay which is the main beach for water activities. 
Loads of people over there and the waves at South Bay was really high and strong. Screamed a lot during the water activities haha. We bought a combo package that costs 450TWD which consists of 3 water activities, including JetSki Ride, Banana Boat and a ride which I don't know its name haha. But it's something similar to banana boat but scarier as the waves will throw u up floating in mid air, while it dashes across the ocean at high speed. All I did was shouted all the way haha....  

We spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling at the beach and battling with the waves haha

Breakfast at Panini 帕尼尼

Owhhh yeahhhhh, here we come!

A jump shot is a must
Forgive my belly fat haha...

At sunset. 
South bay was in gold :D

For Day 3, we visited a few more attractions and we were lucky to have a kind taxi driver who showed us more places than we intended to. Really enjoyed all the sights. Well there are some places where I did not take photo of. I'll tell you why later in this post haha

1. 船帆石 Chunfan Rock 
A place known for its fine sand. But the sand are actually protected and thus restricted from entering. It's another shade of blue sea over here. 

The rock has a Pinocchio nose heh 

2. 最南点 Southernmost Point
Well most people might have thought Eluanbi was the southernmost point of Taiwan but the truth us, this is the real southern point. Loving the deep blue sea and rocky grassland over here.

3. 风吹沙 Fengchuisha (Direct translates to Wind Blow Sand)
Similar to LongPan Park, it's a small area for great sight of the ocean, except that the wind here is so much more stronger and sand really got into my eyes! If you love colors of the wind, this might be the place haha

No way for a face shot coz the wind would just send my hair flying like seaweed. 

4. 佳樂水 Jialeshui
A scenic spot designated for tourists to observe natural rocks formed into different colors, shapes and patterns. There's a guided bus tour where the guide will explain and point out exquisite rock forms and shapes. Some in the shape of a frog, one in the shape of Taiwan map etc etc

See that face? 

Forgive my Cui face

After Jialeshui,
垦丁出火 Chu Huo -- A Place to see eternal flames on the ground due to natural gas that seeps out of the rocks. It's recommended to come at night so the flames are much more obvious.
飛來石 at 關山 Guan Shan

And that's all the places we went in Kending!! It's truly a great place if you love nature and enjoy taking down photos of beautiful scenery. The beach was also a great for young people to get your dose of adrenaline pumping excitement. To be honest, I think I spent a little too much over there, so would like to suggest a few places while you can skip the rest and save money.

Baisha Bay, Cape Eluanbi, Maobitou, LongPan Park, Southernmost Point and Kending Road

Actually, that's not all the story...
1. Losing my phone
Yes, the trip sounds quite fun and perfect but still I managed to ruin my day (and others') with stupid mistakes. At Day 2, while we were playing at the beach and taking photos, I dropped my phone without noticing it at all... Yep where did I drop it? Yes right at the beach and God knows how many times the waves splashed on it. Thought I lost my phone but some part of me remain hopeful, hoping that someone actually picked it up and the phone is alright, my photos will still be inside, no need for a new phone. And miraculously, the staff at the beach really picked it up!!!!
But DAMNNNNN, the phone was spoiled already :(
Felt really sad and totally hated myself, why am I always this careless :(
As if I hadn't wasted enough money, now I just have to overbudget again haizzzzz
So yea people, take good care of your phone or just lock your phone at d locker if you r going to the beach. Or buy a waterproof case.

2. Getting drunk and Hangover
On our 2nd night in Kending, we actually went to a club for drinks. Well it's not really a dance club la, it's more like a pub with live music, and there weren't many people. So I suppose that means I'm quite safe with my friends. I'm not sure whether it's because losing my phone ruined my mood or some circuit in my brain tripped, I thought it was perfectly fine to get drunk haha...and so I drank quite a few rounds of cocktail. For the first time, I know how it's feel like to get drunk LOL! I actually welcomed that haha coz YOLO maaaa.... My head was heavy, cant feel my legs well...walking all wobbly. Did quite some embarrassing stuffs including swaying like a fish and spilling drinks and of course threw up a lot. I felt kinda proud of this memory to be honest. But little did I know the effects will be so strong till it extends to the next day.

While we were sightseeing on Day 3, I threw up most of the time. Couldn't really enjoy all the sights at all. Felt kinda bad for my friends as they have to look out for me and I wasn't able to join them and help them take photos. (I didn't get to eat the yummy dumpling they had for lunch as well) Threw up all day and wondered when will it stop. Thank God it stopped at night and things gt back to normal.

Anyways still think it's quite an experience haha, coz I was always curious about what happens in our head when we're drunk LOL. Finally understand and it's not that bad of an experience actually, except the hangover part :( So yea, I guess I shall conclude that I will not get drunk anymore, one time is enough haha...

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