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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Try liao oni know

Seldom talk about my hairstyle but today's a special one! Rmb i told u guys about having fringe? Guess what, after many hairstylist telling me no, i decided to cut my own bangs hahahahhaa
And.... yes they were right. Bangs are not for me haha
but just gonna share my failed bangs here cz for some reason I just had this odd sense of achievement when i snip the first strands of hair hahaha
Aiya i guess it's really belum try belum tau, 不试一下也不死心 lolllll
Now im not sure hw im gonna fix this mess, it would be embarrassing to go to d salon with this dog-bitten kind of bangs lollll
Haha my mom said it's hideous but at least she complemented my courage hahaha

Not sure it's good or bad but...
Sometimes, when you want something so badly, even when the rest tells you no, the one percent chance is still worth fighting for. #whatilearnfromcuttingmyownhair lol

It's recess week nw. Gotta slack for another two days.

Ps: this is the best photo i can manage to take without the bangs looking weird haha

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