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Sunday, November 06, 2016


Dedicating this post to the people who made my 23rd Birthday special.

Well I never think that friendship is only real when that person celebrates your birthday, but if they do, you do know that these people do care about you :)

To be plain honest, after four years, you kind of know who stays and who don't. I know it very well that I'm not a very nice person to deal with haha, so wasn't expecting much. On the other hand, I dread birthdays coz my parents will be asking me if there's anyone to celebrate with me and I always had a set of lies in my head to tell them or else it kills me when they start the "it's okay, you still have us" kind of talk. Grateful that I don't have to lie to them coz there's still people who do wanna make my day special woohoo. And many thanks to people who wished me even though I did not put my birth date on FB.

Living on earth for 23 years, not sure if there's any meaning to celebrate but it's a time where I really feel I've grown up. Not sure by how much, but I feel like I can finally accept the fact that I'm an independent adult. Last 2 years, I'm still like a whiney little kid, enjoying college life, outing till late night, join this join that, trying to live a happening and fulfilling life but beneath those was a fear of growing up, fear of the realistic world, fear of a life with uncertainties and the fact that I am going to be alone to face all these. But in the past year, I'm grateful that God has given me so much strength, showed me to awesome people, giving me great experiences. Of course it wasn't all smooth sailing, I've cried a few times, but the falls really do make me stronger and ultimately reminds you that nothing is too bad that you can't live with it. And to add on, I have a loving family who supports me, friends who sends their kind words and give you help when you need it. It's the last birthday in Uni, and graduation is coming soon, if there's any reason to be sad, I guess it will be saying goodbye to this bunch of friends T T Not sure if we're still gonna be as close as we are now, but I'll always treasure the memories we had, every joy you guys gave to me hehe... Thanks people!!

Early Birthday Dinner with the Wonder Girls @The East Bureau, will be doing a review with more photos soon. Great night out with the girls with Real Talk haha. 

It was a joint celebration with our prettiest mummy, who we both have the same birth month. Had a delicious Matcha Tiramisu Cake by Ma Mere Boulangarie@Marina Square. (Can't help but to notice I'm so bald)

In case you didn't notice, it's Off Shoulder kinda day. 

Few days later, this bunch surprised me again on my birthday. Thanks for spending the time to treat me coffee and cakes! Simple things to make me happy. This bunch has been with me for every birthday I had in NTU, feeling grateful to spend the last one with them too. Love you all long time. 

Followed by surprise visit from The Brow, I swear I really didn't expect you all to come (and hence the cui face). You guys must be so busy at this period. and they brought gift summore omgggg...Really appreciate it :) Great doing a short catch up with the bunch. Finals and Job Hunt jiayou arrr!!!!

The must-do, but we're missing Yeucian here :(

Also, special thanks to ShiYien and Kahhoe for the early surprise! Really got heart ler, thanks for taking the time :) Btw it's a MoonBall this year, a continuation from last two year's Pokedex Birthday Card haha. Moon Ball is for Jigglypuff LOL Kinda suit me don't you think, round and loves to sing :) 

Once again, thanks to the bunch and also people who wished me. Not sure what I can do for you guys, but I'm always hoping the best for you all. To my Uni friends especially, hope everyone prepare well for Finals and for the ones on job hunt, I really pray that everyone finds the perfect door to the future! To my granma, uncle, aunties and cousins in JB! Didn't forget you all lar, thanks for providing me a second home whenever I wanna escape Pulau NTU. Thanks for letting me Eat, Play, Sleep so well at your place haha. Really means a lot to a person who can't go home often :( 

And to my mom, it's your 受难日, thanks for tolerating this evil kid who always make you cry for 23 years. My dad, I know you don't say it, but thanks for pouring so much love and treating me like a princess through your actions. My brother, thanks for taking care of dad and mum while I'm away from home, and being the silently supportive figure on many little things, hope you realize your dreams soon! Just hope you three continue to stay healthy and be happy! 

Haizzz now wan see 背影 oso difficult...

Oh yeah, my way of celebrating 23rd hehe, uploaded a cover video for the first time! Can't say it's really a cover though, coz it's not a song that I can sing well haha, but more like just to use this song to share some motivational message to people around me. It's a song by Soda Green 苏打绿 named 你在烦恼什么 What's Trobuling You? Every line of the lyrics gave me so much motivation. I guess at 23, we are all entering a phase with lots of frustrations and challenges in life, just hope my friends can stay positive and live life with joy! 

From the song: 时间从来不回答,生命从来不喧哗, 就算只有片刻我也不害怕。
(Time passes without turning back, Life goes by without a sound. So do not fear if there's only one moment left.)

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