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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Thank you, Convocation

Haizz after convocation, it's like waking up from a sweet dream :( back to mundane life but oh well, there should always be special events in life to keep you motivated. throughout our ordinary days.

And it's not right to not pen down this very special day.

Part of me kind felt like convocation shouldn't be a big thing, afterall I have completed my studies months ago, I have already started working. Whatever that is worth celebrating is already in the past. What's the big deal of convo? The only reason why I look forward to convo was just because I get to have two days off work hahahhahahah. But oh well, as pointless as it seems, as tiring as it seems, as superficial as it seems, I am grateful of this day.

On a fine Thursday, woke up in the morning, triple-checked on my robes and invitation card, with flowers and balloons in my hand, my feet on my favorite pair of pumps, head out the house, thinking about meeting my family and friends, thinking about how to not pokai on stage, thinking about the moment. Was all smiles when I met up with my parents at the dimsum building, manage to show them around and took some photos over there. Then it's the ceremony at Nanyang Auditorium, the place where we first had our Freshman Welcome Ceremony, where we wore the academic dress as well. Time really does fly. As if the ambience wasn't enough to bring back memories, there was this graduation video that had tears welled up in my eyes. It was a girl, visiting the many places in NTU and it really struck me that I'm never gonna be sitting in those tutorial rooms anymore, I'm never gonna be listening to all the knowledge from the smart folks and I'm never gonna be hanging out at the canteens with friends. It's never going to be the same...  But oh well after that, the inevitable part of convocation comes: the certificate presentation. God will not let me have an easy day, my pumps decided to stretch its mouth at the very last minute. Was praying hard in my head that my shoes won't fall apart and I will not trip or do anything silly. And just as I imagine, that moment on stage happened in a blur. I can barely remember anything tbh. After that, sorry to my fellow graduates but I really fell asleep haha. When it's finally the end, time to make good use of technology and just grab whoever you know and snap photos.  

Being away from home, I have heavily relied on this bunch of coursemates for a lot of support, both emotionally and intellectually haha. They are the reason why everything is okay, nothing can be bad with them. From sharing tutorial answers to random chats over lunch. Thanks for all the help and company. My life would have been so damn dull without you guys. 

Really hope more good things will happen to this bunch of kind souls. 

Also grateful to have met this junior (along with others who weren't here) in university. Friendly and fun people whom you can share your thoughts with. 

another group of friends whom I had known since the beginning of university. 

The Taiwan Exchange bunch! Though we may not be the closest friends, but I truly am grateful for the memories we shared. Exchange life is something that I'll never forget. 

Winnie the FYP group mate!! Missing Bryan who is enjoying in BKK now. I thought my social circle was pretty much stagnant but these two awesome peeps came into my final year. I really appreciate the conversations that we had, especially all the 交心 ones haha. And so much funny stuff to talk about. It's amazing how we became so close,  hope for the best for both of you!

The MCKL buddy T T 
words cannot express how gamdong I am to have you here. Feel so guilty that I didn't attend yours. But what's more, is realizing how much you have put into our friendship. Thanks for always being the one to jio me out every now and then and also always tolerating with my attitude haha. And of course to Vienna who couldn't make it, thanks for sending your kind wishes! Grateful for our occasional meet-ups in SG, you guys are also support-team! 

Finally of course, the people whose love formed the very foundation of me. Even though there are times where the walls get shaky, there were also times where the walls broke down, but I never lost myself because they will always be a part of my existence. I know I have taken your love for granted. Despite putting studies, work and friends in between us, you guys never gave up to hold me tight. Thanks for staying healthy and safe, thanks for trying to take away all my worries. Studying away from home has really shown me the power of family. Love you all so so much and I cannot imagine how would I survive without you, my Daddy Mummy and Gor. 

Finally, praise the Lord for this wonderful journey. If my family was the foundation, God would probably be the music in me. You can't see it, but you can totally hear it and feel it. Thanks for listening to all my prayers and blessing all the people I care for. Thanks for always assuring me that life is good and there's nothing to fear of. When I was weak, thanks for always finding a way to tell me I'm strong and I have the power to be happy. When I was evil, thanks for encouraging me to be kind. I hope I am living the way you want me to and I promise I will try to be a better person. 

I'm a lucky girl.
You know part of me keep telling myself: "Convo oni maaaaa" "Walao everyone oso got degree larrr, daisaiii arrr" "There's nothing to be proud of." But after convo ended, I went to bed with all the playbacks in my head. It wasn't just about getting yourself a "sand paper", it was a journey that has shaped my perspectives to life and people, an important gift to my very existence. These four years have taught me how to be happy more than the previous 20 years in my life. Whatever external or internal force it may be, there has been constant knocking down of my walls and I'd learnt to pick the pieces up on my own. Building brick by brick with loads of happy and fun memories with the people I met here, decorating with interesting experiences and knowledge about the world. Totally received much more than what I asked for. I'm grateful for this opportunity, and once again, Thank God for making this happen despite the odds.

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