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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Month of January- Really busy
i thought this month will be d only month for me to relax........
but i'm wrong......
School reopened, meetings, homeworks, tuition, piano n other works....
haiz....really no time to relax....especially this week!!

16th of Jan - Had tetanus jab, it wasnt really pain.... But da next few days were suffering man!!

17th of Jan - Hari Pendaftaran. I joined interact club this year. Of course i'm still in cn society n girl guides as well. Stay back for afternoon's registration. So glad that there r much more ppl joining guides comparing to last year.

20th of Jan - Had band practice at my hse.....well it's nt really band la....
practicing a performance for pn.phua's farewell......I'm singing.....nervous!! nervous!! nervous!! Christine n me had a lot of fun!!

22nd of Jan (today) - Audition for pn.phua's farewell. Thank God i sang nicely. N thank God we passed. Well actually.....everyone who went there passed. haha.....but i'm still vry happy. N da head prefect said our selection of songs r great!! (FYI - 3 songs out of 4 songs were chosen by Me!!) damn happy!! Well we faced some probs before da audition. Da cf keyboard wasnt working!! N it's still nt working until now!! I duno wat pn.carol is going to say. Thank God we have another keyboard. But it makes dat oni Christine played da keyboard. Da teacher want us 2 add in choir team.... 2 be honest, i think dat da effect wont be so nice if we add choir team. Anyways.....Hope God will bless us on dat performance day, where there will be no probs at all.

Having cn society meeting n practice 2molo. C, even holidays also hav 2 meeting. haiz........

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