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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Year, A New Start

School started today.......MorNinG!!
I'm truly sleepy coz i slept at 1 sumthing last night.....
N it's just so wrong i have 2 wake up so early.....
Mom made breakfast for us,
n went 2 school......
Saw my friends........n i'm damn happy.
My class is at da last class of da block A's 2nd floor,
n it's da furthest 1......hav 2 go up stairs summore.....
n da class was full of books, papers, this, that n rubbish!!
n we have to clean all of them,
n those things r da teacher's 1.....
damn geram......
i'm sitting wif Christine,
have Daphney, Michelle n Choon Yink behind me n Yinn Yinn infront.
N there's this new guy from Ipoh sitting beside Choon Yink,
speaking of that, 2day we r really funny.
That guy is William's cousin, His name is Kah Heng(i think).
I really pity him weih,
he kena scold teruk-ly by Pn.Harminder becoz of dying his hair,
n it's like da first day he stepped into a new school.
Then we tried to be friends wif him larh,
but we were juz so weird,
i think he probaly thinks dat all of us r idiots.....haha
but i think he feel more fun sitting beside Choon Yink la.
Our form teacher is Pn.Liew,
man, she is just so nice (maybe i will change)
she just understand how we think.....
I think she'll be a good maths teacher.
Yea, we have to start studying by 2moro.
Hope everything will be alright this year.
Though i'm kinda unsatisfied with diz class.
But i still believe God'll know what to do next.
Had tuition in d afternoon with Esther,
is kinda boring at d begining coz Mr. Goey is talking bout PMR stuff,
then we did a karangan, gt tayangan gambar,
Me n Esther laughed a lot........haha

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