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Monday, May 19, 2008


Thomas Cup Finals 2008


i watched da match yesterday,
though Maylaysia din win
but i'm damn happy China won
it was a great match!!
The 1st match, Lin Dan vs Park Sung Hwan 10:21, 21:18, 21:8

I'm really impressed!! N also feel proud of Lee chongwei
coz he is d only guy who won Lin dan in da whole tournament.

The 2nd match, Cai Y & Fu H F vs Lee Y D & Jung J S, 23:25, 16:21

Good Job Boys!!

The 3rd Match, Bao Chun Lai vs Lee Hyun Il, 28:26, 21:11

The first game gave me heart attack, u c da score!! I damn gan jiong u noe!!

The fourth match, Xie Z B & Guo Z D vs Lee J J & Hwang J M, 21:12, 19:21, 21:12

You Guys won!!!!!

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