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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cameron Highlands Trip

Went to Cameron High last week,
from sunday 2 tues,
our hotel is Strawberry Park,
but there's no strawberry anyway.....

The map of Cameron Highlands

We went to the Cameron Bharat Plantations 1st.
Green Carpet of M'sia, nice rite??

Then we went 2 d Time Tunnel. I heard dat it's a new attraction.
A lot of 60s n 70s stuff inside.

Hahaha.....I'm tauke.

Where to go ler??

It's actually at da end of da tunnel, behind us is da strawberry farm.

Happy Family

Went to auntie's friend's house in Cameron. Her house is so beautiful.
Ate steamboat.
N it's hyper delicious man!!

Went for shopping before having steamboat.
c, so many strawberries, but none of them is real one!!

I din use a single cent in diz trip.
All sponsered by my relative.
My mom forgotten to giv me pocket money.
Thanks a lot to them.
Well, we din really go much places, because it was raining.
So sad rite?? n lagi sad thing. I din get to visit BOH plantations.
It's closed on Monday. Damn sad. I love BOH tea a lot!!
Came back home on tues.
n dat day was so fun. A lot of funny things happened dat day.
malas to write down.
On the next day, i went to johor bahru wif my cousins.
my parents have to attend a wedding banquet on sat.
So i follow my uncle go back 1st lo.
Keep watching drama n playing computer wif my cousins.
On sat, i attended a church wedding wif my cousin n aunt in da morning.
Hehe, it's the wedding of Stanley Chew & Chris Tee!!
The bride is actually my mom's cousin.
so followed my aunt to attend da wedding lorr.
The bride vry leng lui, the groom vry leng zai!! haha!!
n they r so sweet on that day!!
i smiled n laughed like crazy. I'm really happy for them.

At night, went to their wedding banquet lorr.

Eat until vry full!! By the way, that night was really nice.
N another thing that is important,

dat day is actually my parents' 21st Wedding Anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary dad n mom!! *31st of May*

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