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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Back to school

Went to Malacca yesterday,
with my parents, my bro din go......
Went there for shopping,

The Stadhuys Building(spelling correct ar)

Took this in da car with my phone. Not clear.

Melaka changed a lot weih, (looong time i din go there)
I feel like da bandar melaka is so much better than pj,
so beautiful, so clean n so fun!!!!
I love there weih.
Went to Makhota Parade to shop,
my mom bought a lot of things,
she bought bags, clothes n shoes......
i bought 2 shirts only,
actually i saw there's a lot of nice one,
but my mom dun let me buy so much, sad.....
canot buy shoes also coz i already bought 2 in jb....
my dad did nothing but walking around n help us carry our stuffs,
we shopped until 6 sumthin,
then went to a nyonya restaurant to have dinner,
is a must to have nyonya food in melaka rite??
n let me tell u,
it's hyper delicious!!!! had chendol for desert.
n we actually wanted 2 go back to m.parade
coz there's still a lot 2 shop,
but i believe if we go back,
for sure my mom's purse is gonna have a hole,
n i kesian my dad also.....
but mom says she saw a bag dat she really like,
so went back there lor,
then we go for sight seeing around bandar melaka for a while,
da night view of bandar melaka is soooo nice!!
so sad i din bring my camera,
there is so much to have fun there,
so sad i hav to leave........
i'll go back there someday......

N today is da last day of hols,
going back 2 school tomoro!!
My friends, i miss u all so much,
but i'm afraid of getting my geo n chinese exam results,
anyways, cant wait to go back,
but for sure i'm gonna hav monday blue.......
hehe.....c ya tomoro!!

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