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Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

When I saw this three words.....

It reminds me of N'snyc's songs in their No Strings Attached Album
My faves will be Bye Bye Bye and It's gonna be me....
anyways.... as you can see their album concept was related to Puppet Shows
The cute and sweet looking toy with strings attached so humans can control their movement....
I think the first puppet I'd seen was Pinocchio

And I know how Pinocchio hate it when his hands and legs were tied with strings by Mister Geppetto...

Nobody likes to be entangled and controlled by someone....
let alone long and irritating wires??

Let's imagine, If Pinocchio is Facebook-ing

do you think he will like it when thick, long, dangerous and messy connecting wires are tangled and wrapped around his computer and himself?

Imagine Pinocchio is using You-Tube, watching Susan Boyle

do you think he will like it when the video is so laggy because the connecting wires are going on and off, and messy... and It's very potong lorr

Then One Day....

Pinocchio sees this image on some newspaper

"Are you saying that this is a WIRE-less modem?"

Yes, of course it is....

I'm sure Pinocchio will take Mister Geppetto's knife and cut off the wires around him
and he will start telling his friends about how awesome this product is

and of course his nose won't turn longer

Because he's not lying, It's dead true.
You get high speed connectivity without a single wire....
That's P1 Wimax's Wiggy Wireless USB Modem

And after that, Pinocchio goes online with No Strings Attached and live happily ever after.

Yes..... Project Alpha Season 2 was launched and the premiere is getting closer and closer....
so don't miss the 1st episode on 19th of April yea!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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