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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's Tuesday!!!
okay, tuesday is just another normal day...
I'm still waiting miserably for time to pass...
Anyways, Last weekend, my cousin came after not seeing her for more than a month
So as usual, we bought masks for ourselves to enjoy our weekend nights LOL
After all the standing and serving at my working place, a mask is just so awesome to cool down and relax abit..
We tried masks from this new brand (it's new in M'sia i think)
My Scheming, 我的心机
and again, the packaging of the product caught my eye
It's just so cute and they have all these unique mask like Milk, Rose, Herbal, Pearl, Mint, Sakura, Marigold, Camellia and Caviar instead of just old school GreenTea/Lemon/Lavender or Aloe Vera masks....
and erm I just found out from the web that they have Sake Mask too!!! Weird, but cool!!
And not to forget, it's quite affordable as well...
For now, You can only find it in Watsons
I bought it for RM6 something per mask
the eye mask is RM4.90 (if I'm not mistaken)

So I tried.....
Crystal Whitening Brightening Eye Mask
Dark Circled was certainly a big problem for me
This eye mask is in the form of gel patches which is super cooling and soothing!!
Love it, and I can see small brightening effects after the first use.
Yes, this is better than any other eye mask that i used.
Though the effect is not very obvious, but at least there is....
And my eyes felt better, not that tired...

Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask
Again no major effects can be seen.
But I'm not saying that it's bad, cause I just like how these sheet masks helps in soothing and relaxing =)
The one thing that I like is that the essence of the mask can be easily absorbed
After peeling off the mask, you don't really have to wipe off all the residue 
and you can feel that your face absorbed all the essence...
That's why I love this brand sooo much!!!

Check out their facebook page.

Hehe this will be my 2011 planner
It's Kiss Me Heroine Make 2011 Diary
which my brother gave me
It's a free gift from a ladies' fashion magazine.
Yes you heard me, my brother bought a ladies fashion magazine LOL!

That's because his dream girl is on the cover!!
Keiko Kitagawa from the Jap series Buzzer Beat
she's so pretty right??
I love her too <3
Love the magazine as well, 
Fashion magazines that my brother bought were always nice, I'm impressed...

Anyways I love the planner,
though I'm not a big fan of pink and princess style
well at least I don't need to buy one....
The first 2 pages

Monthly Planner

The last page

I checked out this brand 
and again, their packaging is soooooo eye-catching
Their Mascara is their star product
Oh Gosh, I think I'm starting to like the Princess Style concept LOL!!
Anyways, check out their facebook page too!

Hehe, Introduced 2 cute beauty brands today, 
gotta go, bye!

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