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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orientation Camp -- Pure Awesome!!

Let's see, how long was I away again???
2 weeks... and sorry about that
Really couldn't find extra time to blog, plus I don't really know what to blog about, I bet you dont wanna hear all my complaints about my whole stack of home works and assignments and lab reports....
Anyways, I've got some photos to share :
It's from my Orientation Camp last weekend
Had loads of fun and yes my group won!!!
Our group name was Pink Tigers by the way, cute isn't it?
But don't mess with us haha....
Really had a great time in camp, my group members are awesome people who are really sporting and fun!!
Not to forget, my group's facilitators who made us stronger with their extra support!!
There's so much to talk about...
from the beginning of the camp where we were playing games with the facilitators in the bus, to the very end where my group laughed and jumped in joy after knowing that we won....
It's all AWESOME!! *snap*

Really glad that I didn't change my mind about going to camp
I kesian those who didn't go, they missed out a lot of fun....

Pink Tigers with Poker Face

Yon don't mess with the tigers, Pink Tigers, Rawr!!

In the bus

Awesome friends....

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